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Hatfield Overload Squats .. No hands !! 😱😏
This was 112kg / 246lb
Lucky I had @primevallabs pre workout "Adrenal Rush" to pump me up !! ❤️ This was my first time doing this movement ✅ It was created by Fred Hatfield aka "Dr Squat" 💪 By holding onto the rack I found that it really overloaded the legs and eliminated a lot of lower back strain 💯 It kind of felt like a hack squat machine but with a bar 👌 It's definitely going to become a new favourite to build the legs 🔥 This was recommended by @jailhousestrong 🙌
PreWorkout ➡️Adrenal Rush
Available @spartansuppz
Discount STEPH10 👌🏼 www.spartansuppz.com

The only difference between these photos is a couple of hours, a big delicious brunch, and a "less flattering" angle. Both unfiltered and unedited. Both me. Both real. Here's to loving ourselves at every angle and remembering that social media is mainly a place where people put their "best foot forward" so to speak. There is nothing wrong with that -- of course I typically choose to post photos I think are flattering. But I do so assuming that everyone knows we ALL are human and no one walks around looking "picture perfect" 24/7. Don't compare yourself to me or to your friends or to photos you scroll past online. Find the beauty in YOUR body and remember, there's NOTHING wrong with ANY angle of you or me.💛 www.kelseywells.com/app
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Life is too short to wear boring clothes.✨

Yo les Ours ! Quels sont vos compte préférés sportifs et pourquoi ? On a tous une ou plusieurs inspirations que ce soit physique ou mental , j'ai trouver les miennes en : @hannaoeberg qui à un très bon équilibre mental entre le sport et la vie , elle n'est jamais dans l'excès . Les nanas " #NOPAINNOGAIN #onVaAlaSalleMêmeSiOnAlaChiasse #memeSionestmalade #memesiyaunouragan " non merci pour moi . Bref , je kiffe cette meuf Car elle est naturelle et saine . J'aime aussi @vitoriagomes pour sa shape et son ptit sourire de coquine qui fait rêver . Jamais dans la vulgarité 💋 j'adore @alexia_clark pour sa motivation et sa simplicité ! Un corps tout Fait de muscle et hyper forte même si toute fine ! Et biensur mes goals physiques @tamradae , @michelle_lewin 🙌🏼. Et vous les loulous ?? ___________________________________________________________ 🎥YOUTUBE : victoireMUA
🥝🍋-15% de remise avec mon code victoireFSG chez foodspring.fr


Do I miss my long hair? Let me think 🤔 NO, NEVER, NOT THE LEAST BIT 😜I love my short hair and don't plan on growing it out any time soon! #sorrynotsorry

"Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles" ❤
My little girl made me so strong, because of her I've made the right decisions. I raise her on my own, yes sometimes it's so hard. But I give her all the love in the world, and work so hard to give her the best life. She deserves the best 🙏
I've asked her yesterday shall I start training for the next competition, she said yes mommy I want another trophy! She already got my 9 trophies 🙊🙈 so my next competition is in October #benweiderlegacycup
Outfit details : Gradient Legging Graphic White & ATHENA X Tank 2.0 Black. 25% off no codes needed! @bodyengineersofficial

"My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned, and that's okay." @beingisbeautiful 
I read some comments that mention wisdom. Though my social life and weekend bedtime reflects that of an 80 year old, I can't say I have any of their prudence. At first glance it may seem like I have some insight, but it's an everyday practice of pulling together all of my heart strings, discarding fear, leaving stigmas behind, believing that positive energy can always stand tall, and learning to have grit... not to quit. From that description it sounds more like a tornado than a tranquil sea of clear insightfulness 😂. Not wisdom, just wisening up to letting go and LIVING.
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"WORK OUT because you
NOT because you
HATE it." 💕
Hey liebe Leute 😊
Bild von einem super Workout letzte Woche, diese Woche habe ich ja rest, da ich auf Seminarfahrt bin (hab ich ja noch gaaaaarnicht erwähnt 😂).
Viele Mädchen kennen es bestimmt, dass man trotz hartem Training nicht ins schwitzen kommt! Zur Zeit baue ich immer mehr Supersätze in mein Training ein 😍 man hat ein viel intensiveres Workout, kommt schön ins schwitzen & hat noch Zeit für Cardio hinterher 👌🏻😋
Sehr zu empfehlen 😌
Später kommt übrigens ein neues YouTube Video online 🎥🤗 Meinen Kanal findet ihr in der Bio 🌸


Last nights back pump. 💪🏾 My strongest day, next to leg day. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just love back day so so much.
Facebook Page - "Chris Rossano"
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I'm looking to take 10 more clients to start in July! If you are looking to lose weight/fat or gain lean muscle and energy! DM me for more information.

I love this city ❤️

The sweat is real!! And this was only the warm-up! 2.5k🏃 Upper body donezo💪💦💦 Does anyone have a saw so I can hack off my arms for a bit?!😂😣😣 Real strength is not just one's condition of muscle but a tenderness of ones spirit and passion. Dreams and dedication are a powerful dedication.

#TastyTuesday : right after a run, I like to grab an acai bowl. They are amazing & taste like desert.

@ameemay doing a #pdwristedgegemini tonight 😍

"If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L stands for: First attempt in learning" #Tuesdaymotivation #positivethinking#fashiongirl#gymfashion#fitchick#gymlover#hustle#justdoit

This week started our Dermatology module and today we finally got to do some hands-on learning! We learned how to perform punch biopsies, excision biopsies, and scrape biopsies. These might be performed on malignant, benign, or questionable looking skin lesions to extract the specimen and send it to a lab to be analyzed. You know you love medicine when this kind of stuff is exciting to you! 💉🏥👩🏾‍⚕️

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