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Your wings already exist...all you have to do is fly!
Several times a week I get comments or messages from people who have gotten into a rut of unhealthy habits and they don't now how to get out of it. My first suggestion is always to write down some goals right away and then make a plan to reach them. This plan should include how many workouts and what type you will do each week, what you will eat to have the proper nutrition to reach your goals, and some target dates to reach them. Then, start following through with your plan immediately. Clear your house of unhealthy foods, find workouts on the internet to do or go to the gym, be consistent and don't give up if you don't reach your goals as quickly as you hope.
You have your wings my dear...you just need to fly!
BTW...stay tuned for a clip of my crazy jumping around on the beach to capture this picture!

Check This Out!!! My friends @primalmuscle are giving a 25% discount when you order online at primalmuscle.com and use Promo Code:DEAN25. This stuff is the bomb!! I'm burning fat, and creating lean muscle for my #fitby50 goal. Get yours today and get fit!!!

Just doing my thing.☺️ #fitby50 #liftsuelift #GRRRL #GRRRLPOWER 👊🏻💪🏻👟👟

Let me tell you a little secret...I ate too many carbs this weekend with all the festivities celebrating my anniversary. I was on such a roll, that I literally almost took my husband's head off when he tried to eat some of my hot sourdough bread served with brunch (Don't try to take bread from a woman who never eats it! ) But, you know what, I did a little ab check and it's okay...no damage done. You know why? Because this is not a daily occurrence for me. This is a special occasion, need to have balance in life moment. Do I eat carbs normally? Yes, but I time them around my workouts and limit them to fruits, veggies, and gluten free whole grains. I'm also going to make sure I make good use of all those carbs with a serious kick butt workout today! Knowing when and what type of carbs to eat can make all the difference in the world meeting your fitness goals! Have any questions hit me up with a comment!

Clean Eatz has to give a shout out to @basbury4185! His 90 day transformation is extremely inspiring. Keep up the great work! It is the time of year for change. With the new year quickly approaching, resolutions are being made with some of the most popular resolutions being losing weight, getting fit, and trying to be healthier. Being healthier doesnt mean you to have to change your entire life all at once. Taking baby steps and each change day by day is the best way to reach a new healthier lifestyle.
90 day Update on my life transformation! Ok here is a side by side comparison after 90 days of eating healthy with CleanEatz of Huntington. I missed my goal of 60 lbs in 90 days by 1 lb. but that will not discourage me . No pills no fad diets no gimmicks just clean nutrition and exercise. #fitby50 #cleaneatz #lovinlife #determined #10,000steps

Feeling proud! I completed Murph, 1 mile run, 100 pullups( jumping) 200 box push-ups, 300 squats and 1 mile run! Completed in 47:58 #blackbarcrossfit #thisismyear #thisismyear#fitby50 #murph #lovemygymfamily

Inaugural Keto Pizza! I CAN have my pizza and eat it too, and stay in ketosis! Loving this Keto way of life. Fathead dough recipe is the best. #kickingdiabetestothecurb #keto #FitBy50 #ICanDoThiswithGodsHelp

Working on my bridge. #words #sunday #fitby50 #healthylife


Ever feel "stuck" with your body? After weeks of "down dog" and I'm beginning to see some shoulders again! Don't give up if the results aren't coming as quickly as your expected. Slow progress brings on lasting changes. Keep going!

Great work @healthybyfifty 👍🏼 Such an inspiration 💕
Instead of HIIT today I did a 15min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible - without compromising form).
Just set your timer for however long you want to workout - today I only had 15 tmins - and just keep repeating the circuit until the timer goes off.
DON'T FORGET - warm up beforehand, cool down & stretch afterwards!!
1. 10 burpees
2. 20 jump squats
3. 30 jumping jacks
4. 40 ab cycles
5. 50 mountain climbers
6. 60 high knees
I did have to take a few breaks for water! .
Let me know if you try it!
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Anyone else have to clean out their photo gallery on their phone after trying to take a selfie? I feel like maybe it's a generation thing, like only if you were born after 1985 does this come naturally. 😀😀😀
Working on a requested resistance band workout today to post. Any other request, let me know!

So... despite new pup exhaustion today I did my early morning mini HIIT workout followed by sun salutations for a cool down, cycled to work and back and then did an upper body fb30 strength workout. When washing my hair tonight I could hardly lift my arms! .
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The luck can start showing up any time now. 🍀. #workhard #projectmanager #travelwarrior #fitby50 #healthychoices

Alarm clock went off at 5...I 54321'd but hit snooze ☹️...5:17 and my body told me it was time! So I rolled out of bed, headed to my closet (where my workout clothes were already picked and laid out 👍) and got dressed. I may not have my "54321 done" perfected yet, but I'm working on it 😍. I knew I needed to get my day started the right way. I slept in yesterday (my rest day 😉) and wasn't about to miss pushing play. You see I have a group of women counting on me to lead them 👭! And we hold each other accountable EVERY DAY to keep pushing towards our goals. Having someone pushing you can make all the difference in the world when you are reaching for the stars. I used to workout for me, and I still do, but my why has grown so much since started my journey. Now my why includes so many others, from my family to my challengers to my teammates 💕. If you want your why bigger than your whine than find a group of likeminded women to help you find it. And if you need some, we've always got room ☺️

Do you see how healthy and sensible this meal plan is? And most women trying to lose weight might be at a lower 1400 calories a day. People get excited about Keto thinking they can eat cheese and bacon with license to overindulge but if you look at this simple day below, you'll see one meal has nuts for fat, another meal has oil, and another meal avocado. Cheese and bacon are totally fine to eat on a Keto diet, but not daily OR once a day only and in smaller amounts.
Make sense? And when you combine 4-5 oz of protein with fats, you will be satiated longer and find you're eating less. Ketosis is also a natural appetite suppressant. And the energy!!!! It's amazing!

I personally start my day with Ketones, they are not only an optimum fuel choice for brain AND body, they put me INTO Ketosis making it simple to stick to ketogenic eating!
If you have questions, I'm here for you. I'm your Ketone Advocate! .
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Boom 💥

Do you see a difference? There's not much of one, at least not that you can see. There is one year between these two pictures, and, although you may not be able to see much of a difference (other than my hair a little longer 😉) I know I can. I am stronger, thanks to some kick-butt strength training programs, but I am also stronger within.

Transformations are more than physical, they start from within. You can't change what's on the outside without changing what's on the inside first, I share this with my challengers often. Today I have more self-confidence and I am more motivated to continue on my journey than I ever have been. I no longer push play because I "have to", I push play because I "want to"! There is no better feeling being comfortable in your own skin, even if it is 48 year old skin ☺️! No, it's not easy, and I am reminded of that each day. But it's WORTH it when I am able to achieve my own health and fitness goals, AND help other women do the same.

There truly is nothing more rewarding than hearing the words "I upped my weights this week", "I'm getting stronger everyday", "one day at a time", "I can do all things", "I'm so in love with Beachbody", "In 2 weeks I can tell such a difference" are just SOME of the recent comments I have gotten from some of the amazing women in our support and accountability group 😍

I never knew my cup could get so filled by just sharing my own journey and inspiring others to do the same. I am truly blessed that becoming a coach has helped me to grow in more ways I EVER thought possible. And you know what? I ain't stoppin anytime soon. God gave me gifts, the gift of my body, the gift of my soul and the gift of compassion for others. So, by golly, I'm gonna keep treasuring ALL of my gifts!

❤️❤️❤️Don't miss your opportunity to join us for 5 Days to Cleaner Eating❤️❤️❤️ ❤️We are headed into what can be the most unhealthy time of the year and I want you all
to have this information so that you can make better choices for your health. This is a free group! ❤️We will share recipes, work-out tips, and a shopping list to help you make "Cleaner" choices.
❤️Message me for more details or to reserve your spot!

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