Just looking at things. Care for a drink?

chest/tri/delt day. throwing in some tricep rope pushdown for some tricep isolation.

remember to keep your arms tight by your side, chest up, back straight, then lock the arms out and hold. focus on only moving the forearms for maximal isolation.

Can it be you? Yes it CAN. 4 years ago I decided to make some changes in my life and take control of my health. I was almost 200 lbs when I had my son and after that I would lost some and gained more. I kept telling my OB GYN it was baby weights. Well I’m a nurse so I should know better. I have strong family history of heart disease and being an icu nurse I’ve seen many patients younger than me died. I was a single mom for awhile and I knew I had to take care of me so I could be there for my kids. This journey hasn’t been easy. It’s been ups and downs but you know what you will never see me give up or be that person on the left side ever again. Health and fitness became a part of me. It’s my lifestyle and I chose to live a well balanced life. It’s not that I can’t eat hamburger, desserts, pizza etc believe it or not I do. That’s why it’s all about balance. You have to put in the work to get the results. Consistency and dedication are the keys. Remind yourself of your whys. So YES you can do it without taking diet pills, surgery etc.

Pull Day 1 Week 12:
* Weighted Pull Ups / Muscle Up Practice
* Hammer Strength Pulldowns
* Dumbbell Rows
* Lateral Raises Superset Plate Front Raises
* Dumbbell Hammers Curls
* Face Pulls
Took a break from recording just to put my head down in the check and get work done! Really on the grind now 12 weeks into my return weight lifting journey and my diet/cut. I can feel my energy being a little less now, my strength is there but not what it used to be. The mirror is looking good, slowly but surely the diet is working its magic.
The staple movement of all my back workouts is weighted pull-ups. The main warmup exercise as well as one of my heavy mass building exercises. A few body weight pulls up 3 sets of 8-10 reps, following with 4 weighted pull ups sets of 5 reps.
Also practicing my form and technique how to perform muscle ups. May not solely focus on building my back up, but just a cool movement to do and show off with lol.
A nice little twist I threw in with a superset of dumbbell lateral raises and front raises with a 35lb plate.

Don’t just take. Give, even if you only have a little

BBQ rib, grilled shrimps, steak and grilled rod and tilapia. Let’s the meal prep begins

Dinner anyone? Lemon grilled cod and salad

When you hear someone say “free food” 😂 #eattoperform
And when you realise - 24 days until you leave for Uganda 💪🏼
#teamUSA #roadtouganda #wunckampala2018 #USAnetball #FISU

205 lbs for 6, 3-inch deficit. As if my ROM wasn’t big enough. 🦒
Thanks @swillyfit for the super cute @virusintl outfit❣️
@threshold.hq @kindafitkindafat_apparel
@johnsvisuals @joshseeberger

Slow handstand push up

Beautiful and breezy run today, felt really strong well throughout so I’m happy i can handle these longer (for me) distances. Shoutout to @jackrabbit_original and @jackrabbitwestsidenyc for the awesome RUN NYC shirt. Happy to be showing my NYC pride 🗽

Working sets up to a top set of 315x3 deficit 2”. Tryna work on my double hook grip now my hands are 100% again. #fitasian #deadlift #hookgrip #asianaesthetics #raw

Happy Tuesday... walked my kids to school this morning 25 min there and back 😆 but it was nice. Then fasted cardio at home follow by chest and delts, and ab challenge. Im so sore and can’t barely move 😝😝😆😆. *
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Still sick today and not feeling my best at all.😢
But somehow I still made to the gym.
Couldn’t do much as I really felt drained and tired after medication.
➡️ my new must do compound exercise—Bulgarian split squat ❗️
I have noticed my weakness on my mobility and stabilization muscles, so I start to add some unilateral workout/ single leg workout to my leg/glutes day routine.
I start with light weight here and progressively add more weight after each set. ‼️key point is— push the weight by your front foot heel, don’t pass your knee over or behind the foot. ❗️You should feel the stretch of your glutes when you squat down, and do it slowly!🍑🍑🍑👍👍👍
Thank you @c_dot_fit and it was the first time we tested out the movi freefly in the gym. 🤗🙈🐥
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