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Not that abs are the most important thing in the world or anything, but I was feeling a little sad with not being in the gym the past week and feeling a little lazy and yucky then I realized I can still see some baby abs while carrying a baby at 4 months 🤰🏼 So I won’t complain lol

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9 & 1/2 months pregnant and that yoga flow is feeling oh so good.🙌🏼🙂 It was quite a relaxing workout with the rain beating down too.☔ Happy Friday friends, stay safe.💙

37 weeks today and my workouts have officially gotten "easier!"😃 By easier I mean, easier to bend over and I can breathe better.😜 Baby must have lowered down a little.🙌🏼 Staying active has honestly been the BEST possible thing during my pregnancy.🤰🏼 It's helped me stay fit, healthy as possible and has definitely helped my mood stay stable.🙂 Ask Jerry, even he says, the pregnancy has been "an easy one."😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Honestly though. It has been a beautiful ride and I am SO excited for the next adventure with his arrival.💙👶🏼🌈

Chisel Agility - no equipment - 35 minutes - 302 calories.😃🔥 I did have 36lbs of added resistance though.🤰🏼😜 .
✴I don't workout because I have to. I workout because I CAN!🙌🏼👏💪 #9monthspregnant

11 weeks today! Baby is the size of a fig! Baby has doubled in size since last week! No wonder I can't seem to eat enough food lol
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10 weeks today!! Baby's heartbeat was 184 yesterday and I got to see 10 little toes!!! Most of my workouts this week have been teaching dance and walking the Beagle!! #10weekspregnant #10littletoes #1sttrimester #fetalheartbeat #fitandhealthypregnancy #pregnant #babybump #pregnantbelly #pregnantdancer #pregnantcoach #fitnesscoach #fitpregnancyjourney #beaglewalk

Independence day workout with my 8.5 month bump!❤🇺🇸💙 Feeling totally refreshed after taking yesterday as my rest day and then sweating it out today.😃

1st trimester workout with autumn. When I first found out I was pregnant this was a piece of cake but it gets harder each week as my baby grows and takes all my energy!!! #firsttrimesterworkout #getstable #prenatalworkout #fitpregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #fitandhealthypregnancy #8weekspregnant #pregnancyglow #teamac #fitnesscoach #onlinefitnesscoach #beachbodyondemand #homebasedworkout

I'm feeling freaking awesome after those 35 minutes!😃 I'm pretty sure it's an equal combo of sweat and sparkle.😉 Probably more sweat though.😜 33 weeks and still crushing my workouts to the best of my ability.💪 When your mind believes you can do anything, THAT is when the magic happens.🙌🏼 #mindovermatter #effortnotexcuses #BELIEVEINYOU

Yesterday may have been rest day, but these beauties arrived and I'm PUMPED for today's sweat sesh!😃 The magic in the tub has been an absolute staple for continuing to work out during my pregnancy.🙌🏼 And approved by my OB, of course!👏

Yup, still pregnant🤰🏻
#38weekspregnant to be exact!
Still fitnessing... #sorrymom

Had a great long walk in the sunshine today followed by a little upper body workout, and now babes and I are ready to eat!
Save the workout and try it! Pregnant or not, it was good! 👉🏽4 Sets of each all done as a super set of two, 15 reps ▪️Hold squat row
▪️Bicep curl to press
▪️Lunge with straight arm press down
▪️T raises
▪️Sumo squat to upright row
▪️Banded pullapart
▪️Triceps band extn
▪️Chest press

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Today I GET to work out.🙌🏼 I am grateful that my body is strong enough and healthy enough that I have the privilege.🤰🏼

I am not ashamed of eating Ramon noodles for lunch today. The me a few months ago, would have been. But here’s the thing; yes, I’m pregnant & yes, I’m going to have a healthy & fit pregnancy. BUT I’m not going to eat salad, fruits, or veggies at every single meal because “I’m a coach & that’s what I should do.” ✋🏽 I’ve been eating 2-4 healthy meals a day (ONE including my superfood shake, that I cannot live without) so one crappy meal is okay. (Not that I plan to do this every day but..you get my point) So other preggy mommas out there, don’t beat yourself up because you feel like you’re not eating healthy, do the best ya can, and don’t let other people bother you about it. #12weekspregnant #healthylifestyle #fitandhealthypregnancy

Going into the week with a kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit!😍 I mean really, is there any other way?!🙌🏼 Time for a shower, snickerdoodle superfood shake then it's night 1/3.🌛🏥⚕
Happy Monday!🙂

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