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I'm baaaaaaaaack 🖐🏻 it's been awhile, hasn't it?
My life has been absorbed with finishing up my senior project so that I can graduate in April, and this account got pushed to the side.

I have been itching to post again but haven't had the motivation to post anything, so I just didn't. I was feeling uninspired and discouraged, so I didn't think that there was point.

But I've been listening to A LOT of @bucciradio podcasts recently, and I'm feeling a 🔥 I've never felt before.

I realized that I have a PASSION for helping others. I want to change people's lives. I want to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

I'm going to use this platform to document my progress, both physically and mentally. I want to be as transparent (buzz word) as possible because I want to help others who are going through what I've been through or what I'm currently going through myself.

Expect to see some more of me. Because I'm BACK. 🙌💙

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Gemüsefrittata (Low carb)🍳
🥒 40g Putenbrustfilet/ Schinken (optional)
🥒 50g (Tk-)Brokkoli
🥒 50g Zucchini
🥒 150g (Tk-)Bohnen
🥒 40g (Tk-)Blattspinat
🥒 2 Eier
🥒 2 Eiklar 🥒 1 Lauchzwiebel
🥒 Gewürze nach Geschmack (bei mir: Salz, Pfeffer, Kräuter der Provence, Curry und gaaanz viel "Rührei Deluxe" von @spice_bar) 👉 Wurst/ Schinken, Zwiebel klein schneiden und kurz anbraten 👉 Bohnen, Brokkoli, Spinat, Zucchini hinzugeben, nach Belieben würzen und mitbraten 👉 Eier und Eiklar miteinander verquirlen, über das Gemüse verteilen
👉 bei 180Grad Umluft für ca. 20 Minuten im Ofen backen
Macros: 304 Kcal, 11,3 c, 33,7 e, 13,1 f

Auf das Rezept bin ich bei @johnnys.fitfood gestoßen, man kann das Gemüse selbstverständlich nach Belieben variieren/ersetzen und damit #leckerindenfrühling mit @fit_alexis, @dani_fitlifestyle und @vitanatura_plus starten 😀

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Baby spinach, grilled organic chicken breast and pomegranate salad, with sesame dressing. DM for #recipe .
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New promotional products! Loving them 😊

Some of this weeks action with Thaiboxing for kids and teens, and private lessons in the rings. Been a good week 👊

Every day that passes is one step closer to where we are going only if we know where we are going! I set sail without my map and ended up shipwrecked all because their was no coordinated destiny. Our chest have no choice but to grow - we are consistently telling them to develop with our actions - and our destination is the pro card. It’s really tough to lift improperly when the machine is fixed...however it’s possible so be sure to push chest out, retract scapula, bring elbows under chest as if pushing a car with no gas, engage core, widen legs for maximum stability, push weight, resist with the eccentric movement, translate yourself inside the muscle, now push while flexing muscle. #BreatheLife #Fireinthewater

What's your favorite bar in your city?

Happy Friday! So apparently there’s this IG thing called #fridayintroductions ?? I’m kind of a recent convert to IG, & it’s probably safe to say I’ve full on caught the bug for it now, but I’m still catching on to all the fun IG “things”. I’ve been soaking up introductions from everyone else the past few weeks & I figured it was probably time I introduced myself!
So hi! I’m Amanda • Jesus is my jam • I’ve been married to my very best friend [Caleb] for nearly 10 years • I’m an adoptive mama to two: 5yo little man + 1yo baby girl • I’m into natural health, fitness & living, basically all things “crunchy” • I love to cook & bake, though don’t do nearly as much of it as I’d like • we are venturing into the world of homeschooling as our little man will start Kindergarten this fall • Chocolate is my weakness, I feel lost with it • I run a thriving Young Living business from home, or wherever we choose to be, & feel blessed beyond measure by that unexpected gift of freedom for our family.
Most days you’ll find me soaking up everyday joys with my fam, it’s my favorite place to be. We are currently in a season of drastically simplifying as we are making plans for an epic family adventure that I can’t wait to see unfold & share all about here!
If you’ve read this, I am completely honored! I’d love for you to introduce yourself as well! I’m loving all the amazing new people I’ve met here already!
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• fajas de pollo con chile pimiento y cebolla a la plancha • berenjena • pepino • camote horneado •

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Best city ❤️

🌟April 2nd, le 2 Avril 🌟

Are you ready to change your life for better?To love yourself ❤ than you ever did before? To be healthier than you ever thought you could possibly be ? To crush your goals? To lose some pounds and commit to a life changing journey?

Then je t'invite dans mon prochain défis. On va faire 30 min d'exercice physique chaqu'un dans le comfort de sa maison.
On va suivre un plan alimentaire qui va te garantir une perte de poids 🙌. Ça va être dur mais en même temps amusant de le faire en groupe et d'atteindre tes objectifs 💪. Commentes le mot "ready" ci-bas 👇pour plus infos ou envoie moi un message privé. Je vous attend impatiemment 😍😍😍😍. Je viens de faire 10 mois et franchement je ne sais même pas vous dire comment je me sens dans ma peau. Je suis juste trop reconnaissante pour les efforts et la discipline que j'ai mis dans cette aventure.
#betteryou #challengegroup #busywoman
#busywomen #healthyfamilies #fitandhealthy

Morning Starts in Mantown! The ocean is the locals playground 🏄‍♀️😎And home is where the waves are 💙

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