This is all just intrinsic motivation for me right now.
I’m going to make this look average!

2 plates - 20 reps, Hammer Strength High Row - light weight.
3 plates next time.

240kg Quad-Focused Hack Squats!
Following this set, I deloaded 50% of the weight and done a set of failure!
Only the first exercise in!!🔥

Last set of Leg Presses today!
300kg x 15, hoping for 20😬

The most incredible place I have ever been, and can’t wait to go back one day!
The goal is to be able to call NYC home soon.

Upper Body session ✅
Rounded off with a few sets of standing cable flyes!
No pain in my right shoulder today, so presses and flyes were the best they’ve been today!
Tightening up daily, hovering around 78kg, with strength as high as ever!
Land Law exam tomorrow; followed by hamstrings!
- Stick around, bigger and content coming soon👀

Modified Lat Pull-Down: - I either use this to activate my lower lats at the beginning of a pull session, or as a finisher on Lats! - Under arm and keeping full muscle-mind connection on the Lats at all times, flaring out my elbows, so that the full stress is on my lower lats😁

Heavy cable resistance chest press from today’s Upper Body session!!

57.5kg (each arm) X 3 DB SLDLs - just before my grip gave way during this set!

First exercise from Hamstrings earlier:
Usually keep the weight lighter and focus on the negative phase of the reps for 12-15 reps

Went a bit heavier on the standing cable flyes earlier to finish off Chest. You can see the difference in my shoulder height throughout the movement, which is always hit and miss for me when I’m training Chest! I’m also able to squeeze my left pectoral right at the end of the ROM, whereas you can see my right pectoral cannot fully complete the ROM!

Last set on Back today. 3 plates Hammer Strength High Row - Really going to bring out my back this year!
Weight down again for this morning’s check-in, a 2lb drop to 77.6kg upon waking!

Completely blowing my Quads, 3rd exercise in!
10 reps of leg extension, increasing the weight by 1-2 each time until you reach a weight you cant hit 10reps with, then drop back down! 😬🔥

Last set of these inverted Hack Squats earlier! 4th set in and 220kgs!
Maximum control around the 90 degree area to focus on quad contraction!

Bringing that upper back detail out!
Flare your elbows out and squeeze your shoulder blades together and execute a slow negative!

Another NYC throwback, as I’m currently ridiculously jealous of @rhysaustin1 for going there. Note to anybody going to NYC, don’t cycle on the streets...

A quick few Lat Pull-down reps earlier..

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