So apparently today was a pretty important and significant day for New Beginnings Holistic Therapies.
I just thought that it was typical Wednesday night group meditation and that what made this specific Wednesday special was that we were celebrating the Summer Solstice. 🤗🙌🧚‍♂️🦋🕉💐☀️

Little did I know that one of my best friends, @slimjen and @omarmrice would surprise me by celebrating the one year anniversary since moving into my new workspace. 🎉🍰💃

One year ago today, on a Wednesday evening, I held my first group meditation at 2138 E. York Street where we also gathered to meditate and celebrate the energy of the Summer Solstice. ✨
I couldn’t have known on that day a year ago that after spending nearly nine years in a unit a few blocks away, I would be laying the groundwork for what would be one of NBHT most successful years to date! ✨
I made that move with such trepidation and uncertainty. Of course I would like to admit that on some level I knew that everything would work out fine, but I didn’t.
I was unsure of whether I could continue to maintain the flow, energy, activity, and support that I had cultivated over the years. But, not only did all of those things continue to prosper, so much more has manifested to reality!!! ✨
I am beyond grateful for the continued support of my community of light workers, spiritual seekers, healers, and likeminded folk alike. My cup truly runneth over with joy, love, happiness, and prosperity due to your ability to trust in my ability to hold space while guiding you to find your own inner truth and freedom. ✨
So, here’s to more laughs, more tears, more “meditation after-dark sessions” 😂, and more kick-ass growth to New Beginnings Holistic Therapies!!! ✨
It is because of YOU that my vision of expansion continues to become a reality that is closer than I could have ever imagined! #thankyouthankyouthankyou l

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Sea horse. Available to tattoo, DM to book an appointment. Would love to do this one in full color. #seahorse #tattoo #tattoos #bobbytrefz #bobbytrefztattoos #art #artmachine #artmachineproductions #amp #philly #fishtown #sketch

Forgot to post this a few weeks ago. #fishtown is now #cattown #philadelphia #cats #mural #friday

This is a goddamn piece of art. Thanks Paul Hammond @paulehammond for educating Miner Street engineers and customers by loaning holy grail instruments and recording gear since 2000.

Another exclusive Patreon episode has just dropped! Join us as we discuss telepathic aborted fetuses, serial killers that consume live rats while eating marmalade, a child vampire rock-star eunuch who drinks from the breast of a 60 yr old, and giant ancient crabs compelled to kill by the moon on another segment of “Where the Books are Buried”. #wherethebooksareburied #books #bookstagram

@nickafiorentino did an amazing job setting up my Martin acoustic. It plays like a dream now. If you need instrument repair or maintenance make sure to use @minerstreetguitarservices #guitar #martinguitar #fishtown #phillymusic

I don’t even know what this is.

Dude. she wasn’t even that ugly

#fishtown #nyc #philly

Meal for ☝️tonight @kensingtonquarters everything was amazing. I love this place!!! #fishtown #phillyfood

Time change! 5-7pm at the Piazza. June 21, 2018

We will begin the 108 Sun Salutations at 5pm.
#philadelphia #piazzaatschmidts #yoga #summersolstice #dhyanayoga #yogamala #108 #sunsalutations #fishtown #northernliberties #nolibsyoga

Heard there's gonna be a #Georgian restaurant opening up soon on Frankford in #Fishtown but until then I gotta cook my own #chakhokhbili et al. Love this cuisine for emphasis on fresh healthy ingredients. @wporchestra as house band? Can we make that happen?

First flower box done. #succulents #fishtown #curbappeal

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