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From the vault: A massive #Leatherback (one of the biggest I’ve seen, 1,000 lbs +) swims in the shallows of #JunoBeach #Florida, with an entourage of remoras and an estimated 4 ft. #Cobia. Over the years, my maniacal pursuit of leatherbacks has resulted in many flops and failures, but also a number of memorable encounters and rare photos. If they were easy subjects it wouldn’t be fun. Enjoy and protect. ©Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com #Nikon #fisheye #seaturtle #PalmBeach #pelagic #dinosaur #ocean

An eastern diamondback rattlesnake I found last night out in the glades. These large and impressive venomous snakes once had a bite mortality rate over 90% in old Florida before modern medical care was easily accessible. That being said, for what they are capable of doing, they are incredibly shy and want absolutely nothing to do with humans. Many people think that if a rattlesnake is rattling at them the snake is saying that it wants to attack, it is actually saying the complete and total opposite! it is giving you a warning to let you know that it is there and it does NOT want to bite you but in fact let you know of its presence so you can avoid it. Think about it, if it wanted to bite you why would it be announcing that it's there? The snake is saying leave me alone and don't make me defend myself. It's also important to note that the majority of venomous snake bites in the USA are young men with a little alcohol in their system, as in they are provoked bites where they are harassing or tying to kill the snake. If left alone they will leave you alone. Photographed with a Canon 80D, 10-17mm fisheye lens. If you enjoy my photos I always read and appreciate comments, also feel free to share and see more at my website www.ChrisGillette.com #viper #venomous #venomoussnake #snake #reptile #rattlesnake #easterndiamondback #florida #everglades #southflorida #herping #fieldherping #glades #respect #coexist #wideangle #fisheye #fisheyelens

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