Smiling because I’m finally done reading Crazy Rich Asians (“CRA”). Voyeuristic, vulgar, brainless, the book reads like a Hollywood script and trashy gossip magazine simultaneously. Personally, I think this book was written for the middle-aged Singaporean Chinese socialite homesick from constantly jet-setting and who has too much $$$ and time on her hands 😂
There’s been a lot of hoo-ha online over the movie but I think the two very divergent camps can be described as follows:-
(A) People who think CRA is the Singapore equivalent of Black Panther.
(B) People who think CRA shows Singapore in a bad light.
To me, I think the book paints a fairly accurate depiction of the elite. It obviously doesn’t represent the average S’porean and any moviegoer would be able to see that quite clearly. After all, this is a book about the #firstworldproblems of the super-rich who live in ivory towers (or rather black and white colonial-era houses), not a book about life in the heartlands.

Admittedly, this is also quite a tiresome and politically incorrect book. There are quite a few instances of casual racism which I won’t repeat here, but it is common to hear/experience such blatant racial discrimination. In that way, I felt that the book was realistic - it showed our ugliness. It showed our warts and all, not just shiny Marina Bay Sands or immaculate Gardens by the Bay.

I counted in this 500-plus page book all of 1 Indian female character and 1 Malay female character, both of whom are extremely wealthy and only appear for a few sentences. Again it’s frustrating, but that is also something that should be highlighted - the lack of proper representation in the media. I don’t think it’s far too different from your Channel 8 drama or locally produced mainstream comedy movie (neither of which I fancy). Flip through Tatler and you’ll see that the majority of rich people here are undeniably of a particular ethnicity.

I guess the ire drawn and the desire to boycott CRA is not entirely misplaced, but CRA is a book that can be easily misunderstood - what is the underlying message? (Continued in comments)

Oh dearest Mabel. You make me have to redo eyelash infills so much more frequently. Stop attacking my lashes! 😂
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Out with the old & in with the new (Literally just traded in my 2016 car for the same exact 2018 car for the stupid new carpool sticker 😂😂😭) #CommuterProblems #CaliforniaLiving #FirstWorldProblems #2018ChevyVolt

With humidity hitting 100% in Dubai even my humidity spray isn’t coping! #humidity #hothothot #summer #Dubai #UAE #wheniswintercoming #firstworldproblems #beauty #hair

I was really having a decent day, you know, gettin’ stuff done, planning to come home and do schoolwork, then I went and slammed my finger in the door. 😝🤭😭 So I’m feeling sorry for myself, and typing is hard. I don’t think I can work guys 😆 #firstworldproblems #hurtslikeabitch #hubbysaysitsnotbroken

Imagine losing your roof above your head overnight, all your belongings , your livelihood. #perspective #takingthingsforgranted #firstworldproblems #gratitude

Everyone seems to be laughing at my pain. @carlsjr you were supposed to make this better. #firstworldproblems #sadboy909

Throwback: The first of many boat problems the seahorse endured. Doesn't look like we're that far from land..but with a motor that wasn't working, no wind to sail, and only a dinghy to push 18tonnes safely to anchorage..it was indeed a far way to go..despite the blazing hot sun, the boys managed to rescue us..go team!!!

Riddle me this...why is there a power outage when there is no bad weather?? #firstworldproblems

I have to walk in the rain couldn't it have rained today when I don't have to go to work?
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The sad feeling when you’re too full for dessert... and you’re sitting in front of the cake case #firstworldproblems #deliciousnessoverload #hatterandthehare

Love the music, but the libretto?😕 #firstworldproblems #stillbeautiful #stillgrateful #opera

I just want to talk to a real person so they can tell me they can't help me 😂#thestruggleisreal #firstworldproblems

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