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A cheers to myself. Put a lot of hard work and late nights debating if I even wanted it that much. Day filled with lots of sunburn and waiting, but proud of what to me is a little accomplishment yet an accomplishment nonetheless. I will become bigger and better. #cyclebreaker #firsttograduate #alongwithmysister

While I barely managed to finish my initial year of college, you achieved something amazing! 누나, congrats on graduating from College!! You're done with your B.S.! Here's to being unemployed! #firsttograduate #illbetheresoon #proudbrother

Congratulations to my soon to be wife for her greatest accomplishment. FIRST in her family to graduate from college. I am beyond proud, beyond happy, and full of emotions knowing how hard she worked to receive her college degree. Her journey wasn't easy. It was throughout her journey that put into perspective how lucky I am to have a woman full of dedication and drive to succeed. As she has mentioned, this is only the beginning, and I can't wait to be part of the rest of her accomplishments. I love you sweetheart. #graduate #classof2016 #graduation #firsttograduate @ctina02

Summer 2016 will mark 4 years of getting the opportunity & true privilege of meeting Cynthia Gonzalez at the Lion's Corner at LMU with my mom. She, along side Margie Benito, the LMU Latino Alumni Association, and the LMU Latino Community, helped transform that "maybe" into a "Si Se Puede" in reference to my college education. Congrats Cynthia on the next chapter in your professional career and personal life. Thank you for your commitment and love that you have bestowed upon so many LMU students like myself, both in past, present years and also in the years to come at your new job. Thank you for serving as an inspiration and mentor. Thank You for your commitment to the LAA Scholarship. ❤️ #LAA #lmu16 #FirstToGo #FirstToGraduate

They raised me, I'm forever indebted. This degree was for them. ❤❤ #firsttograduate

One and only time I'm receiving bouquet is on this special occasion. Thanks sis & bro for the lovely bouquet. Soon, both of you will be putting on regalia too and I'm waiting!
#40thupmconvocation #firsttograduate #bba #ib

CONGRADUATION asoo Vanessa Purnawan,S.Mn.
Good luck for the next level of your life @vanessa.purnawan ~
#graduation #college #highschoolfriends #firsttograduate #managementbachelor

I have so many photos but I guess I'll start w/ this one 🎓 #firsttograduate

So happy for my sister ❤️ She got the alumni scholarship , a award for academic achievement for her magnet and a silver tassel , could not be anymore prouder of her 💕#firsttograduate #justwaitingonthebigday #gosissypooh


Remembering my graduation i was the first but not the last ❤️let's keep on going #classof1881 #firsttograduate

So today.. 1500 hours later.
I have graduated. I'm on to some amazing amazing things! And I just simply cannot wait to see what life has in store for me. Thank you to all who have supported me through my vision that many didn't and still don't understand . I love you guys, the very few of you 💕
#thegrindneverstop #graduated #1500hourslater #hairstylistgraduate #fifistylz #fifistylz #fifistylz #stylmepretty #stylmepretty #proudofmyself #clappingformydamnself #firsttograduate #offtoamazingthings #ididit #avedaalumni #avedagraduate #licensedtocreate

This is the greatest woman I've ever known. As much as I pride my success--I know that all great things in life take support. Even with support, it takes believing in yourself. Having faith in yourself starts with people who believe in you, especially when you have doubts! Thank you for hustling as a single mom through all hard times---even when the odds were against us you succeeded. You've taught me strength, persistence, dedication, not to ever make excuses and pushed me toward my dreams!!! I have always admired your intelligence and sacrifice. I love you mom, idk what I'd do without you. #singlemom #bestmom#firsttograduate#xavieruniversity#deanslist#gotitfrommymama#smartwomen#independentwomen#educationisthekey#degree#success#iloveher

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