🚨Flaws in the new flooring
🚨Careless workmanship in the kitchen
🚨Shocking electrical wiring
🚨Doors that don’t work properly
🚨Mismatched metals
🚨HVAC system suffers during construction
🚨Safety features that aren’t safe
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In celebration of our last day of apartment and loft living and a great 31 week OB appointment today (where Baby Freddy 2 is measuring right on track and had a heartbeat of 144 bpm (that sound never gets old), I stopped at Stan’s and indulged. We have just ONE sleep left in our loft and tomorrow night we’ll all be laying our heads down in our HOUSE! The countdown is almost over! #31weekspregnant #babynumber2 #growingbabyfreddy2 #gestationaldiabetes #stansdonuts #bestdonuts #firsttimehomeowner #ourfirsthome #thefinalcountdown

The JOYS of homeownership! Here are some reasons I love owning a home: 1) I can CREATE freely! I can paint, remodel, destroy, add, subtract, build WHATEVER. 2) Space! I have 3 whole bedrooms and 2 full baths and my mortgage is only $100 more than the rent was on my 1 bed 1 bath apartment!🤯 3) YARD SPACE. My dog loves his backyard. The lot is big enough to fit another house! Want the luxury of owning a home? Call me today!🏡💗 | 6785770274 |carleywilson@kw.com | #closedbycarley

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Before, during and then after! Still so much to do! #firsttimehomeowner #yardwork #summerbreak #littlethings #progress

Closed both sides! Thanks to Brett Dickey for exceptional service! Congratulations to this first time home buyer!

RESULTS!! We are transforming mindsets, habits & credit profiles!!

There is no telling when the Bank of Canada is going to increase their rates again. And if they do, the banks will follow. If you are even remotely thinking of purchasing this year, I suggest securing a rate hold. It costs you nothing and it lasts up to 4 months. Meaning if rates go up you have secured a lower rate. And if rates are lower the banks will honour you with their current lowered rate. All in all, you can save money on those future mortgage payments! 🏦🏡

I went to the gym this morning.
☀️ I spent about 15 seconds in total traveling to it
☀️ I didn’t have to smell all the sweaty people working out next to me
☀️ I soaked in some vitamin d
☀️I got to breathe in the fresh air
☀️ I still got my heart rate up and burned calories
Time is so precious, why waste it traveling to the gym when you can get it done at home?!!!
{now let’s go put Zach’s laundry in the dryer 🙃}

We drink this same smoothie almost every morning but sometimes guys, you gotta eat chocolate chip pancakes #feedyourlife 🤷🏻‍♀️. We invested in a Vitamix and I’m telling you, it was one of the best moves, appliance wise, we made. Not only does it step up our daily smoothie game but also our weekend patio drinks! This amazing machine makes hot soups too (but let’s not talk about soup right now cause it’s summer, ok?) I would highly suggest tossing this product on your must buy list or wedding registry, you will not be disappointed!

**GOOD SIZED HOME** 2 Bed, 1 bath home located in Westernport, MD. This is a good size home but repairs and updates will be needed. Great potential! For more information call Daniel at: (914)-418-5737.
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Don’t settle for these rental rules. Are you ready to own a home? Yes, your credit score DOES matter, but with the right work and dedication that can be repaired and fixed. Contact me to get started. #localrealtor #homeownership #firsttimehomebuyer #firsttimehomeowner #saygoodbyetorent #marylandhomes #realtor #marylandrealtor #marylandrealestate #homeswithjaye #lighthousehomegroup #localcreditrepair #creditrepair

It’s hard to believe that in one week’s time this will be our new home @pthenry23. The process hasn’t been easy - the stress and emotion we’ve dealt with over the past year has been overwhelming at times - but I’m pretty proud to have gotten through it together (without tearing each other’s heads off). 7 MORE SLEEPS 🎉 (but for now our house still has the chicken pox)

FINAL INSPECTION ✅ Our house looks like it has the chicken pox. Our stress is gone, but there is a lot to fix up which is frustrating. So, the good, the bad and the ugly from today’s inspection.
THE GOOD 😄 We hired a building inspector and thank god we did. Best decision we could have made. Overall, the house is looking great and we are just so excited to be in and be through the worst of it and on the home stretch. Things can be fixed, so we are trying not to stress too much.
THE BAD 😑 Our error list is pretty long. Most of it is pretty minor- ie mainly all paint related, a few chips, etc, but it all adds up and there is A LOT of work to be done in the next week. Some things I just shook my head at, as if the tradies just half-assed it and think we won’t notice. Like the fact they only sealed around the front half of the toilets. The carpeting looks incredible but there are gaps at the corners. The caulking outside between brick looks like it was done in 5 seconds and is not even at all. There are scratches on so many of the windows (which is actually pretty major......). One whole shower head flew off and broke when Henry turned it on. The list of fix-ups goes on.
THE UGLY 😡 We were left with a handful of pretty ugly surprises. First, we were told our brick pillars aren’t actually going to be rendered, and that it’s “not in the contract” - yet it is in the official plans, and they aren’t even bricked properly to a presentable level. Second, our outdoor alfresco is supposed to be concreted - it’s on the plans, and we were told we were getting it - but they have said it’s not in the contract and that would have been part of the slab. BUT when we emailed head office a few months ago checking on this, we were told it would be poured right near the end. Third, our splashback was supposed to just be along the back, but they’ve now designed the glass to also come out along the sides which was not to plan. This was discussed with our sales guy so. many. times. We even changed our power plugs because of this. But this one actually isn’t clear enough in the contract so we will probably lose this one. (continued in the comments below...)

Realtor Life!
Getting "pop up" gifts ready for my clients!! I'm just going to "pop up", say Hello and drop off goodies! Getting ready, I might be heading your way!!!
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Just sitting on my deck, watching the thunderstorm roll in. #yacolt #firsttimehomeowner #countryliving #thunderstorm

It may be small but I took down my first tree today! And learned that it's an invasive species and all over my yard. 🙄 Goodbye thorny tree and all small thorny trees.
#FirstTimeHomeowner #IdentifyingPlants #gooddaytoworkoutside

Ahh, I’m so excited!! 😬 I’m officially a homeowner!! I have my OWN house!!🏡The keys are in my possession! 🔑😜 I feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to have this accomplishment. I want to give a special shoutout to my realtors Dawn and George Guillory from Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway @cbkg_realestate! If you are in the area and are considering selling or buying a home I highly recommend them! They are amazing and want the best for their clients! [not an ad..I’m so serious! Lol]🤗👌🏾🎉🍾 #homeowner #firsttimehomeowner #firsttimehomebuyer #independentwoman #sold #solanocounty #vacaville #coldwellbankerkappelgateway #cantwaittodecorate

We FINALLY have carpet in the basement again! It’s only been a couple months. 🙃😩 Oliver is stoked. 🙌🏻
#gettingourhouseback #firsttimehomeowner #cat #breakdancingcat #oliver #meow

Yesterday we had the privilege of doing an antique finish on this fireplace. What do you think?
#antiquefinish #whitewashedbrick #fireplacemakeover #whitewashedwalls #allinadayswork

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