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How tiny how pure, miss my nugget this small. #oneweek #afterbirth #firstthanksgiving #rhodeisland

First Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍂🍃 of course wearing the biggest bow 🎀 I could find 😍👌
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#firstthanksgiving #turkeyday #babygirl #babybow #accessorize #babyfashion #stylishbaby

From November 22, 2017
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Emmy says {YIPPEE•HOORAY} because today is her 1st Turkey Day 👏🏼🦃🍽 #MyLittleButterball #FirstThanksgiving

Headwrap: @razzlewraps
Onesie: @shoppdp

Mom said that we needed to go shopping for thanksgiving so I decided to take matters into my own hands and chase a few turkeys at the park. But I guess the little hairless crawling turkey I caught wasn’t her preferred kind. I don’t understand, he was round and looked 25lbs, just like mom wanted. 🐶🦃 #happythanksgiving #myfirstthanksgiving

#germanshepherd #germanshepherdpuppy #germanshepherdlove #germanshepherddaily #dogsofinstagram #thanksgiving #thanksgivingpuppy #firstthanksgiving

This little girl is the best thing that came into my life. Best little girl anyone can ask for!😘 I miss You & I Love You...So happy to have been and still be a part of your life #ZarayahFirstChristmas #FirstThanksgiving #FosterBaby #SheBrokeMyHeartWhenSheLeft #Autism #HighFunction #MyFirstBabyGirl❤️

My first Thanksgiving!! I’m stuffed!!!

Week 34 Day 1 & 2. I’m a pretty busy person. I do a lot, always have and probably always will. These two days though, almost killed me. I had just taken the kids the day before to all four Disney parks by myself. I started the day by cleaning the RV and getting ready to drive since it had been sitting at the resort for over a week. I’m also doing it all by myself for the first time. I drove the RV to Disney World Blizzard Beach and we played there until it closed. My mom called me while I was in the shower and said go outside now there is going to be a rocket launch. Saw the engine reentry (half dressed and a little scary with mascara alllll over my face) but I saw it! Said goodbye to Disney World after 8 days in the park! We drove to Costco, loaded up on easy food since our generator is out and we can’t cook then drove to St. Augustine. The next day we went to Castillo de San Marcos had a great learning experience, saw where they had the first catholic mass and the first thanksgiving. Drove around a little in the oldest city in the United States and then head up to Jacksonville. We ironically met friends at “Friendship Fountain” went to a museum and then intended to just take a ride on the sky train. Some random passengers told us that there was an art event happening that night and to get off at this one stop. It was so much fun! We saw street dance performers, artists and then my favorite stop of all...Sweet Pete’s. I guess this candy store has been on the show The Profit. It was the coolest store ever and everything was amazing!! I had such a wonderful time with @favored.and.free and her kiddos but home girl was tired and I was parked in a museum parking lot in downtown and it was past 8pm. So when in doubt, go to a Walmart parking lot and that’s exactly what I did, and then another and another. I was going to the gym the next morning and tried to park there and couldn’t...finally resorted to a truck stop half an hour south of town and I didn’t care (my parents did, but that’s another story)! I don’t know why but this city did not allow overnight parking anywhere. Have I mentioned I did all of this with no hubby and all in two days?! #thejewelledlife

Goodmorning and happy gobble gobble day
#thanksgiving2012 #firstthanksgiving #happythanksgiving #turkeyday

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