Here we are ! 🖤

Merci beaucoup @juliedocteur pour ce magnifique tatouage et pour ta gentillesse.
Thank you so much @juliedocteur for this amazing tattoo ! .
#tattoo #firsttattoo #blaclwork #blackworktattoo #godess #snakegirl #creepygirl #skull #gothictattoo #occult #mythological

Two lines to indicate mourning. Two lines to honor the loss of my great grandpa and my stepmom Lisa. #firsttattoo #slavetotheneedle #loss #love #family #caffineandkilos

Went to get my first tattoo and fell asleep 😂😂 then woke up with this 😍😍

This just happened! I love it! #firsttattoo Thank you #jasonsalinaz

《And finally, she got her beloved ink》
September 21, 2018
@blacklotustat2gallery had a flash day and I took my chance. I wanted to get my first tattoo done there and I saw the oportunity and took it. I've never been happier. Because 1) I FINALLY got my ink and 2) because I got to meet @lydiabruno13 and realize how awesome she is (She's actually amazing and gorgeous and I love her) But she made my dream come true in such a beautiful way.
Everyone should totally go to her for your future tattooing needs.
I've been dreaming of this for years and I've never been more happy with everything. I almost cried while I got it, not because it hurt (I mean it did obviously), but because I was FINALLY getting a tattoo and I've waited so long to get one.
#firsttattoo #blackloutus #tattoo #rosetattoo #fianlly #art #ink

Sometimes being an adult means knowing you want something but waiting 6 years to have it. Sometimes it’s about going out and getting a tattoo for your birthday. Luckily for me - today was both. —————————————————————
My father’s signature meant a lot to him - it was the written equivalent to his handshake in a world where a mans word was his worth, and deals were struck by handshakes alone. His signature was also one of the most mourned losses during his fight with Alzheimer’s. Today, as my first tattoo, I have one of his last signatures he was able to pen to paper. —————————————————————
Dad - this is the best thing I could have gotten for my birthday. Now I can truly carry you with me forever. Gaines - thank you for making such a monumental event happen. This is a present I will forever treasure. #firsttattoo #guardianangel #happybirthday #foreverloved

I love you I live instead of you
#tattoo #wirsttattoo #firsttattoo

Suuuper stoked with this first tatau piece given by the talented uce @taupoutatau_andy from @taupoutatautattoostudio 🔥 #samoantattoo #samoan #tatau #firsttattoo #freshink #inked #neeink #calftattoo #samoanpride

I wear this proudly on my forearm so that whenever I forget who I am and how I should be treated, I can look down and always remember. I’m a mf queen. 👑 #firsttattoo #sorrymomma #royalty

3.24.18 Tell Me You Love Me World Tour DC
7.24.18 When I found out you overdosed
9.24.18 My very #firsttattoo
When I found out what happened, I knew this had to be my first tattoo. @ddlovato, you were one of my first inspirations growing up. I’ve been following your career for over ELEVEN years. I can’t imagine my life without As The Bell Rings, Camp Rock, Sonny With A Chance, Princess Protection Program, The X Factor, Glee, Simply Complicated, but most importantly, your music. I’m happy you are still okay, and I’m praying for you every day hoping you get better. Demi, I love you so much. This Lovatic cares about you dearly, and I don’t want anything else to happen to you. #Lovatics #LovaticsForever ❤️🖤
Thank you to Hunter from @alleycattattoo for the tattoo!

I'd like to present my new sheep buddy, courtesy of @ashleyantolin at @adornbodyart thanks for giving me my first Ashley!! #firsttattoo #sheep #sheeptattoo #blacksheeptattoo #freshtattoo

Venerada em muitos países, como a Índia, a China, o Japão e o Egipto, simboliza a criação, a fertilidade e, sobretudo, a pureza espiritual.

É simbolicamente associada à figura de Buda e aos seus ensinamentos.

Reza a lenda que, quando o menino Buda deu os primeiros passos, em todos os sítios onde ele pisou nasceram flores de lótus

A flor de Lótus também representa a beleza e o distanciamento, pois cresce sem se sujar nas águas que a envolvem: a sua raíz está na lama, o caule na água e a flor está voltada para o sol.

Na filosofia hindu, ela encerra em si o segredo da beleza interior: " viver no mundo, sem se ligar com aquilo que o rodeia". Para os hindus, a flor de lótus simboliza o crescimento espiritual – aparece um lótus dourado na mão esquerda de Buda, representando a pureza e o esclarecimento.

Por nascer no lodo dos lagos e das lagoas e chegar à superfície da água como uma flor pura e limpa, que se abre como um sol luminoso, a Flor de Lótus representa a capacidade de evoluir, através da escuridão e das dificuldades, até alcançar a luz do sol e florescer.

#firsttattoo #flordelotus #lovedit

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