Snow in northern Sweden, photo by our meteorologist @markusmanty! / Repost @markusmanty with @get_repost
First snow in Swedish Lapland ❄❄🍁🍂 #abisko #abiskonationalpark #lapland #swedishlapland #visitsweden #firstsnow #pajala #sweden🇸🇪 #mountains #mtvsaa #forecaweather #lumi #ensilumi #ruotsi #lappi/

Colder days
❄️💙❄️ I have signed my contract for Finnish Lapland 🎉
no official start date (I signed the last week of November #excited ). I should know more next week as it looks like my flights will be booked soon!
SHITS GETTING REAL!!! I'm going through heaps of pics trying to make some room on my laptop in prep for endless Lapland photos while things are relatively quiet.

I arrived in Canada two years ago today! So I am totally loving going through these rocky Mountain pics ♥🇨🇦 What a rollercoaster it's been! I arrived in Montreal and went straight to the botanical gardens (thats always where I start a trip, somewhere calm)
I got overwhelmed with jetlag and emotions, I realised I had survived the shit storm the previous 2years had thrown at me,
I was a 32, sat alone in a beautiful botanical garden, surrounded by flowers in the sunshine. Grinning cheek to cheek with tears running down my goofy cheeks.
I was free, and about to breathe in the world and make a new life for myself.

So grateful for my journey, humbled by my experiences. Real life isn't pretty as instagram, 2 years before this moment I couldn't get out of bed for weeks, my whole world crashed down slowly around me... I can't find the words to say the details ... I had to start my life again from scratch.

I remember thinking endlessly about Canada, I swear the Rocky mountains called me from thousands of miles away!
They had the cure for my heart and soul, they give me perspective, which I am forever grateful ♥

We make our own path if we are brave/crazy enough to do it. 📷 Athabasca falls, Alberta 🇨🇦

Danse de la joie !!! Ça va sortir les skis cailloux 🕺 #arechesbeaufort #firstsnow #pourvuquecadure #dansedelajoie #savoie

Ensilumi ❄️💙 we love it, mut tykkäätsä? #firstsnow #barsoolo #separempijuottola

Highest mountain of Sweden: done ✔️ (*pls. don’t tell anybody that it is only 2000m)

#kebnekaise #easternroute #östraleden #winteriscoming #firstsnow

울란바타르 #첫눈
진짜 춥다아아아
낼 현지어 학원 못 가요?? 🙊🙏🙏

Цас орлоо... .

Anhnii tsas geel huuruul zurag daruulsan tsas ni garsangui ee❄️#firstsnow#winteriscoming#staywarm#mongolia🇲🇳

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