He was so cute :’)

I miss my concerts :((((

#day283 #Durbanboulevardrun #firstime and I enjoyed it. Was good to see so many people exercising #fitisthenewskinny #notmanyskinnypeople but I was outrun by quite a few fit people. I wish we had something like this in Joburg #communalexercising
I’m always in awe of the beauty of the ocean #healthyrespesct
#gettingitdone with @nikerunning @nikewomen @nikesportswear

We had a sweet afternoon out with new friends today. Change is hard for me, even good change, and I often struggle to put myself out there for new friendships. I make excuses that I'm just too tired from mothering or too busy, but really I'm just afraid. Mom dating is no joke! And then almost always I am so happy to meet new ladies and their little ones. I love hearing bits of their stories and seeing babes run wild everywhere, and today was no exception. So thank you to all the sweet ladies who welcomed one more tired mama in today. It may have been such a small thing to you but it was such a sweet thing to me. It can be so easy to stick with our set community, comfortable and known, but I love the joy that comes from opening yourself up to new friendships and I want to pass that on to my wild ones too ♥️

Привет! Давай познакомимся!
Меня зовут Настя и мне 15 лет. Я хочу фотографировать то, что мне нравится и писать то, что мне хочется. ;) Я решила начать все сначала, потому поняла, что делаю то, что мне не по душе. Поэтому давай вместе перевернём лист и напишем первое предложение новой истории⚡️

Alguien ya vio el video de Polaroid???, diganme qué les pareció?, les gusto o no?. A mí me encantó pero me pone realmente triste el saber que Liam puede tener más fama como los demás, pero nosotras lo dejamos de lado, ellos se merecen lo mejor, está bien que ahora a muchas no les guste, pero tenemos que hacer algo para que Liam sepa que también nos importa, que lo amamos como a los demás, porque él es en único que da esperanzas del regreso de 1D y es sólo ahí donde todas salen diciendo, lo amo y blablabla, por favor comenten su hermosa opinión-Dul💚💙
#LiamPayne #Onedirection #MITAM #Directioners #Payne #polaroid #Stripthatdown #Firstime #Liam #bedromfloor

Here we Are #firstime

Selam😘 Kızlar size @watsonsturkiye den aldığım kapatıcıyı taktim edeyim☺️ #firsttime markası ilk defa aldım bunu ama çok yumuşak ve etkili bir dokusu bulunmakta günlük kullanım için ideal gözaltı morluklarını gerçekten kapatıyor denemenizde fayda var😉 teşekkürler @watsonsturkiye
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First time with Canale. The taste is sticky, outside crispy inside soft.
#canale #french #firstime

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