Today, we made it through a parenthood right of passage...our kid’s first ER visit. June clocked her head pretty good and they wanted to get X-rays to rule out a skull fracture. June was a freaking cherub the entire time we were there. Legit, perfect angel baby patient. 👼🏻 All was good with the X-rays (thank goodness🙏🏻), but you know I was huffing on my valor, spraying everything down with thieves (because hospitals, yuck 😷) and rolling some frank+copaiba on the knot on her noggin like the oily mama that I am.💁🏻‍♀️ I love that I have my oily toolkit to help me get through these bumps in parenthood...and maybe a glass/bottle of wine. 😬 🍷 #junipermaefirst #firstERvisit #hopefullythelast #wildchild #eighteenmonthsold

I scared Mom and had my first ER visit this weekend at 1am. Apparently I’ve been a little too active after Mom took away my manhood. After a few more staples, I’m all good! ...don’t tell Mom, but I’m really loving all the extra cuddles she’s been giving me! #neuteredlife #firstERvisit #puppylife #gsd #gsdpuppy #pupsofinstagram

First...everyone is okay!
Second...one more 'first' to check off the list... ER visit. ❤️ Everyone's favorite way to spend a Sunday night. 😂
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There’s absolutely no feeling in the world like your children’s pediatrician telling you that you need to pack a bag full of chargers, and food and head to the emergency room just in case you’re there for the long haul.
Baby boy is OKAY, but holy crap do I have some processing to do. I was hoping when we “checked in” and were waiting for a security escort, that any one of the nurses would take a look at him, send us home and tell us we didn’t need to be there- but that wasn’t the case. Seeing all the sick kids was heart breaking.
All the while making what will probably be the first hospital trip that my toddler semi remembers, a fun one! Saying things like, “look they have flowers in their room!” And, “wow, the ambulance is bringing that sick boy in with his dad bc he needs to be seen like your brother is being seen”. I mean, is saying those things even appropriate? Life at any given moment is always teaching.
Even more so, making sure Jon and I are both our kids’ rock through this, is so hard. Who gets to stay with the baby in the room to comfort him as they suction out all the snot? Who puts their game face on and goes for a “fun” walk with the toddler?
AND THEN, having to make the decision of what route to go in terms of treatment plan. Straight to medicine or trust their his little body? More on that later.
But fuckkkkk, what a day yesterday was. •

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“You should see the other guy!” Fourth baby and first ER visit and stitches. This girl tumbled down our stairs with a KEY in hand! 😇 Her guardian angel was working overtime because she only suffered a sliced eyelid. Three stitches in less than three minutes plus one popsicle and she was ready to party! No sedation needed. So thankful for the medical professionals I call friends who helped us out and for the doctors and nurses who took exceptional care of us. #zbeans #babysblackeye #firstERvisit

Crankin cats, rippin thumbs #firstERvisit

This design is perfect for today because Lulu and I were at the hospital until 1AM. I love that I can wear jewelry that tells my story! ☕️ ☕️☕️ Little Lulu is fine. She swallowed a magnet and the pediatrician had us go to the Emergency Room. She was the happiest and smiliest person in the ER! #momoffour #tiredasamother #firstervisit #nursesrock #mommyandme #storytellingjewelry #ikeephappy

My poor baby. Spent the morning in the er with a nice head gash (swipe right for gory pics 🙍🏻‍♀️) he took it like a champ and walked himself out of the er and across the hospital waving at everyone along the way. I know this will be the first of many medical emergencies and I’m sure each time they will probably take it better than I do! #ajjrcase #boymom #firstervisit #glueinsteadofstitches #toughbaby #mylilchamp

Well, we made it four years and one month without a trip to the emergency room! Poor guy has a few broken blood vessels in his eye. #ezrazachary #ezragoesboom #firstervisit #brokenbloodvessels #mylittletrooper #boymom #lifewithaboy #hesgoingtogivemegrayhair

No better way to start out my Mother's Day weekend then to spend Friday night in the ER with this dude😔

Poor thing is a little miserable today and his sisters can't stand to look at him. Hopefully a relaxing day home with mom and dad with give this peanuts all the feels and make him feel better!

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If you had a hard time telling the twins apart, well here’s a dead giveaway. #copelandkay #golfclubtotheforehead #firstervisit #nostictches #glueditbackup #stronglilgirl

It finally happened... 🤕
It's been a rollercoaster of a day with our big guy. Fell out of bed this morning complained of hip pain so we went to our Peds. He was cleared to go on his field trip to Dell Holmes where he fell backwards and hit his head. Another Peds visit and ended at the ER with 2 stitches.
This kid is trooper and so brave. I am grateful it wasn't worse, that I have an awesome support system at school so I could leave immediately, and insurance to help take care of him.

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So this happened yesterday. 😣
#stitches #firstervisit #boys #stillcutethough

#milestone #firstervisit #hesfine panicked over a high fever and I think our thermometer is not very accurate 😑

This looks like the face of a little girl who never again wants to go to the ER for shoving something in her ear, right?? Yeah, she had me fooled too. She put a rock in the left ear at daycare yesterday so I got to spend the night in the ER with her to get it fished out... I just got a call that she evened things out and the right ear has a rock now 🤦🏻‍♀️ Chris, come get your kid. This isn’t Zibilich behavior 🤣🤣 #firstervisit #jesustakethewheel #girlifyoudontstop

A year ago today ..... That day was so scary, thank god @tyslice23 and @3l3n1_ were there with us. From that day on Tyler has called #AndreiCade #RobotFinger thank god it’s all healed and the nail fully grew back. #FirstERVisit #MyPoorBeeb #SmashedHisFingerWithARock

Odin beat Heath by 4 months with his first ER visit; I guess I have a lot to look forward to with these boys 😍 #miniestmetzler #firstervisit #nostitches #justlotsofblood #latergram

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