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Urban basic 🏙️ Some simple outfit ideas from a day at the office that will work for date and party 🌃

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Should a man pay for a date? Should a couple go Dutch on the first few dates? And is it inappropriate for a man to send a woman an invoice if she ignores him after a date? I discussed all of that in a fun convo on HLN’s “Across America with Carol Costello” with relationship expert @DamonaHoffman. #HLN #TV #Dating #DatingAdvice #relationships #FirstDate #Ghosting

Leaving a piece of my ❤️ in Texas. Went on my first date.... she was a whisky drinker 😍 and a little shy ☺️

They held hands as they walked through the sea of people. With the waves of voices filling their ears not letting them hear each other. One was sad. While the other didn't mind. All the wanted was the love of their life to be with them. Going carnival, winning them a teddy bear that they so desperately wanted, going on ferris wheel even after being scared of heights. The night was young but it slowly turned dark and lights from the streets shined brightly. They stood near a wall of flowers as they looked into each others eyes deeply almost falling into each other when their lips met. A small and slight brush was all that it required. And they both knew it then
A romance was born..... #BAP #bangyoungguk #firstdate #firstlove #firstkiss #sunsetpink #teddybear #carnival #flowers #pink

So I've been given the task of deciding what to do for a first date. He's suggested not a drink or meal but something different.... Although left it to me. Any ideas? #firstdate #firstdates #dates #lookingforlove #love #internetdatingsucks

That moment when your corsage perfectly matches your prom dress, your guy's tie, AND the Ferrari. @stmichaelbr

Sure yesterday was our wedding anniversary, but today we celebrate five years since that first date at @laurelwoodbrewingco & @oaksbottompub.lompoc #wellthatwentwell
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My next date in I dont know, the year 2020. Dont come unprepared. 😂😂🤣🤣😅😆😀😂😂#funnyvideos #funnymemes #datinglifechronicles #hisfacethough #stopplayingwithme #firstdate 🍳🍳

April 24, 1998 the universe aligned two souls to meet. 20 years later, these soulmates have been on the wildest ride of life together. When everyone told us what path to take, we didn't listen and we carved our own. When everyone told us we wouldn't make it, we said let's show them how far we will go. When they said I was following a boy, I said I was following my heart. When they said you are just kids, you don't know what love is, we said love is the only thing we know! The journey we have been on has been filled with endless amounts of adventures, countless memories, a million tears of pain and a million and one tears of joy, laughter to the wee hours and tummies hurt, and talks so deep a knife couldn't cut them. We've only begun our life journey with each other. I'm so proud of where we came from, what we've become, and where we will go. #happyfirstdateanniversary #rideordie #moderndaybonnieandclyde #bff #soulmates #20years #20yearslater #sidekick #marriedlife #memories #memorylane #love #truelove #thehills #est1998

“I bailed on having a third date due to my overload of studying and assignments that were due. At the same time I had no desire to see him, so I think I was making excuses such as school. He then took the initiative to tell me that he knew I would be stressed out and that he booked me a massage.”
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One of the sexiest things about a woman is her confidence - Cheers to that! Here are 3 confidence tips. 1. Check your mindset- mindset is key so if you are constantly telling yourself you aren’t confident you will continue to feel that way. Start saying “I’m am so confident in who I am”. 2. Take time every day to honor your unique beauty. Often women wait for outside acknowledgement of their beauty but the really path to beauty is FEELING it first. 3. Walk as if there are diamonds dripping from you. This always makes me slow down and feel super sexy!

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