My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it 🍰
I'd venture to say this little one is of the same opinion too! 👌
Wishing you the happiest 1st Birthday little Blair! 🎉
Cakes are special.
Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember.
It's all about the memories.

Did you ever have a traditional family recipe or signature birthday cake flavour when you were growing up? In our household everyone had their own special request birthday cake flavour. Dad always goes for the Classic Devils Food Cake with chocolate icing, Mum is partial to German Chocolate and it better have coconut frosting, my sister always begged for an Amaretto Divine cake with crunchy toffee bits while my little brother was content with a chocolate sheet cake with either white or chocolate buttercream depending on the year. My most requested birthday cake was a coconut cake with toasted coconut frosting 🥥
Thinking about all this cake is making me hungry! 🎂 Tell me about your traditional or favourite birthday cake below👇

Just delivered this order to a sweet mom to display at her daughter’s First Birthday party. What’s inside? That will be revealed soon...but not before the party! 😁

My heart could EXPLODE!! A full year has passed behind the first time these two came to Harmony Hill. Jules has come SO far, proving she is SUCH a little fighter with spunk and a personality like non other. And Luke...well he captivates EVERYONE in his path with that stunning smile of his! It was WONDERFUL to see you all again, Fawn, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your two littles for their first birthday photos!

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Is your little one turning one?! Have a theme in mind? Check out my bucket list for a possible discount!! ⠀


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It's been busy here lately! I LOVE cake smash sessions and twins are double the fun! One-year-olds are the most unpredictable of all the ages I photograph. Some laugh, some cry, and some just stare at me (maybe I get a little too goofy!) These two were so funny and did the complete opposite of what we all thought they would do!! Aren't they the cutest!!! He didn't like being dirty and she just wanted to eat cake! 😂

Thank you @cardboardsheek for the fun letters!! I love how easy they were to use!! #cakesmashsession #twins #twinsofinstagram #motherhoodsociety #boygirltwins #twinsareone #twinbirthday

Almost Fridayyy!! And for us that means the last day of school and the start of summer!! Today I enjoyed my last day of work solitude. I had this one year old studio session and spent a quiet afternoon listening to audible books and editing with my coffee in hand. This is seriously my happy place. ☕️ 📖 📷 Wish me luck, or better yet send up some prayers as I gear up for the days that lie ahead of me... 😂 #sendhelp #summertime #workfromhomemom

Happy first birthday little one!

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