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Words from Robert Simmon, one of the data visualizers at NASA's Earth observatory who put together the "Blue Marble".
"As it turns out, much of what one might assume about this beautiful image is not true. It isn’t actually a photograph of earth. And that blackness surrounding it? That’s not space, either. Images of the earth may seem commonplace, but there are actually very few pictures of the entire planet. The problem is all the NASA earth-observing satellites are in low-earth or geostationary orbit, meaning none of them are far enough away to see a full hemisphere. The most familiar pictures of the entire Earth are from the 1960s and 1970s Apollo missions to the moon. As realistic as it looks, the image is a composite of four months of light data collected in 2,300 km (1,429 mi) wide bands as NASA’s Terra satellite orbited from pole to pole, and the earth rotated beneath it.
That data was then stitched together and applied to the surface of a digital ball, then modified in Photoshop". So there you have it people, they admit that it’s not a photograph, but a sophisticated visualization.
They use Photoshop blur to get the atmosphere effect. They collage clouds together using Photoshop’s clone tool to cover gaps in the satellite’s coverage. And that black area around the earth is not even the void of space.. It's just a background of black color that Simmon pasted the earth on top of. Simmon says this is common practice, and most actual “photographs” of the earth, including the Apollo images, present the planet on a black background.
Without these alterations, the image wouldn’t look very earth-like. Simmon says he based his manipulations on reality, “in the sense that I’ve looked at a lot of imagery to see how thick should that be, how blue should that be.” “It’s more hyper-realistic than realistic."
So they openly admit there are numerous fakeries in the "globe" images but flat earthers have nothing? Do you think we just make up things as we go? Don't you globers get it? A pathological liar isn't going to confess when he gets caught. They're going to continue lying because they know how stupid people are. #flatearth #wakeup #firmament #globeearth #nasa

2nd day of recording! Tracking the opening track for the album, Autotroph. Making progress #newmusic #studiotime #firmament #newalbum

The new Straight #Pleiades Poesy Band + the #Firmament Band, both originally engraved by @sufoster 🖤✨🌙

Уже несколько дней наблюдаю за утренним небом.
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Bold lights in the distance, closer inch by inch
Make peace with yourself, accept fate, and do not flinch .
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This amazing #Earths
#Firmament ... And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from thewaters which were above the firmament: ... Genesis:

Hoffe ihr habt den Sturm gut überstanden !
Ich war heut den halben Tag unterwegs , von Arzt zu Arzt - und ich darf ab Montag wieder Sport anfangen 😍 mir zwei leckere falsfel in der Sternschanze genehmigt und zu Hause gelernt und gekocht 🤗
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