Talofa Lava! Due to unforeseen circumstances, We will NOT be holding our annual Si’a Le Afi Maui Fireknife Competition this year. We are however very excited to announce that we will be holding the 1st ever Tournament of Champions Fireknife competition in Waikiki next summer 2019. This invitation-only competition will host current champions from various fireknife competitions around the world who will face off for one night to see who will be crowned as the Champion of Champions! This is one of the major events that will coincide with Tihati Productions’ 50th anniversary. A celebration of producing the highest caliber of Polynesian entertainment in Hawaii for the past 50 years!

Si’a Le Afi Maui fireknife competition will resume again in 2020.
Toa Samoa, maliu mai a! Si’a mai le afi! Siva ailao afi Samoa! Vi’ia le Atua!

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The fire knife dance. This is my heritage. A beautiful part of the Samoan culture. To me the fire embodies the spirit. That warrior fighting spirit. Till the end. I used to perform this dance as a teenager. Putting the soul into this beautiful display of culture. This is the passion of the polynesian people. To emblazon the stage with the warrior's tempest in a fiery display of dazzling light.

Growing up I always wanted to learn more about my culture. My dad is black. My mom was samoan. Internet wasnt what it is today. I asked my mom why she never taught me her samoan language. She said that my dad never wanted her to teach me the samoan language. That was something that always bothered me, to not know the language of my people. I learned about the fire knife dance because I was lucky enough to run into a female soldier who was a polynesian entertainer. I was grateful for that.

I think the greatest way to weaken a people is to not teach them about their history. To not empower them by knowing their culture and how powerful they really are. I was always passionate. I always knew I was naturally strong, and that I have that warrior's spirit. But its like I was silenced, because I didnt know the warriors language, I didnt know the dance of my people, I didnt know the very essence of what was me.
But im going to change that. Im going to order a fire knife next month and start practicing again. Im going to start learning more about my culture. And when its time, im going to light that knife on fire and tear the house down #samoan #black #polynesian #hybrid #fireknifedance #culture #love #passion #language #warrior #warriorspirit #tough #unbreakable #soulonfire #essence

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