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Specializing in fire claim investigation for over 27 years. Certified, full time fire investigators. We are ACS Investigative Services.

It will be 5 years since I lost my Arson K9 unexpectedly. Thanks to @jenbayer79 for helping make this a reality! #EOW #arsonk9 #fireinvestigator


Save me! 😵 #fireinvestigator

An undetected exterior fire burned the back of a Parker home while the occupants slept inside on Sunday night. A neighbor dialed 911 which prompted a large response from SMFR. First due Engine 46 deployed a 1.75” attack line and quickly extinguished the flames before they could extend inside the house. The occupants safely evacuated and no damage to the interior occurred. - - -
#smfr #southmetrofirerescue #housefire #structurefire #residentialstructurefire #firefighter #firefighters #firefighting #fireinvestigator #quickknock #parkercolorado

2 hours of BJJ this afternoon to remind me to keep going and get after it.

Short Saturday workout. Junkyard dog hurt way more than I thought it would 😳

Fully accredited. #fire #fireinvestigator #educated

One of my favorite shirts I’ve had for a while from @doughnutsanddeadlifts and watch D. O. G. S. Donuts for dads was this morning at Lexi’s school followed by deadlifts at @crossfitdurable. So the shirt seemed appropriate.

Have you seen the all-new Fifth Edition of Fire Investigator: Principles and Practice to NFPA 921 and 1033? Free sample chapter ➡️ Link in bio

Shoes shined. Pants pressed. Game on. Stay sharp, you’re not only representing your agency, but you’re representing yourself.

Top left 2010
Top right 2012
Bottom left October 2017
The top two represented weight loss. I joined Crossfit, did a “paleo” type challenge, lost 40 or so lbs. I lost fat. But I lost muscle too. I remember how crushing it felt that my back squat went down after that. *
I like to be strong. I loved (and still do) love strongman training. I wish I could find a place that had that type of equipment. But I used strong as a crutch. As I gained weight back I definitely gained muscle. But I’ve gained fat also. *
I finally said enough is enough. I need to be diligent with tracking my macros. It’s been a terrible cycle for me. I have some success for a month and then stop tracking. *
Well no more. I have made some goals for myself. Very challenging ones too. So the work began and will continue.
Some people don’t like my videos. Some people have said how motivated they get. I’m glad they can help people get motivated. But the real reason I post them is it helps be be accountable. Accountable to myself to stay on task.

Helping instruct the next group of fire investigators #vdfp #vfma #fireinstructor #firemarshal #fireinvestigator #passingknowledgeon

Back in the gym today! Front squats and pick a skill work. Haven’t done fronts for a while so I went lighter than I likely could have. I wanted to get all reps in as designed. I picked farmers carry to work on my grip strength.

A little fun today. I love sleds and tire flips. Was trying for a 30 minute emom. A few phone calls that I had to take stopped my timer so I just kept going until I couldn’t.

Saturday Sweat Sesh

I made a commitment to myself about a month ago not just for New Years because I don’t really believe in “New Years resolutions”. Dialing in my macros. Lifting and make training fun. I go to @crossfitdurable as my schedule allows. Other times, I’m getting after it at work.

Today’s work.

Wrecked. Today’s workout wrecked me.

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