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~ i was so close to giving up 🤧
~ my audio ~ #firegrprc

2016: hot
2017: hotter
2018: hottest?
[old edit that I tried to post when my ig was broken and never remembered to repost lol]
audio ib: cupofth

i'm gonna miss them so much :'( 💖

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lullabies 🌙
— dt ysk
— ik its really late but pls don't let this flop
— i forgot my watermark so if you steal you die

i was feeling soft today so i made this edit for all of my close friends. i love you all so much, words can express how much you guys mean to me. thank you for being there for me when i needed you<3
dt. @multidor_ @smileforbts @attekei @not.madisonbeer
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without namjoon, there would be no BTS. thank you for everything, king
dt: bridgetteeeee // @darlingtaehyung
smh this looked better on AE // #firegrprc

by your side
- okay i love svt so much i got into kpop bc of them so like i just felt like i needed to appreciate them more and im proud of what they've accomplished <3
dt: @wasianizer ily

love me some new york steak 😜
ib/cc: @ceiestial (cc adjusted)
oac: @hemloxx
you guys can let this flop bc it's scrappy and instagram ruined the sound quality ofc

First kpop group i stanned and they shall never be forgotten!
Dt: @submissivesana @starrgguk @taeshyejin
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I know this is a simple edit but I.love.them.

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My part in @jeonhyuk collab🙆🏼

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wig | aib @terribleaudios | 1 effect ib @jungle.x #firegrprc

Ughh i love youngjae
.do not own
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130617 ♡
dt. favties, ilove you all
♫ something like this - coldplay
cc. ?? / [videostar]

Taehyung's voice is so soulful and touching 🦋🥀 .. Watched this on YouTube and I felt blessed so I wanted to edit him cause I felt inspired ..
dt ; @seirovine I'm so happy you're alive and I love you ❤️ ..
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ac ; @alecswolf


for Evelyn💕 of course + all yoongi stans

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they've achieved so much within these four years, gone through so much hardships while being trainees and look at them now. not from one of the big three companies, and they've made it so far. i just love them and i honestly don't know what i'd be doing with my life if i have found them cause they make me so happy daily.
footage: bts
audio: by your side
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without namjoon, there would be no BTS. thank you for everything, king
dt: bridgetteeeee // @darlingtaehyung
smh this looked better on AE // #firegrprc

's Post [dont repost]
I do ;)
I'm really proud of this edit, I tried moving borders and I'll probably use it for many edits🤧👌
Dt: myself bc taE 🗣👋
borders ib: Mimi <3

>> Day 7 : Min Yoongi
Yoongi is one of the unappreciated smol beans which I don't understand honestly .. He's very talented and so amazing and humble . His rapping is so skbsnsks literally my weave flies off every time I hear him rap . Yoongi suffered anxiety and depression back then but the fact that he can express himself through music is amazing . Making music and producing helped him get out of his comfort zone oh and the members also helped him get through it ❤️ Suga inspired me to be savage haha jk he's the GOD of savageness no one can surpass him anyways I used to suffer anxiety and depression but somehow I can relate to Yoongi and when I watch videos about him I instantly smile . Bottom line Yoongi is one of the reasons I'm here and I couldn't be more thankful . I love him so so much And I wish to see him succeed more and keep fighting ! -
#audios #bts #btsweek #minyoongi #yoongi
Special dt; @jeonfrey thank you love for inspiring so many people and I love you very much 💕
Also dt ; @papikth my other inspo and also because you Stan Yoongi so much
Another dt; @celestiful I love your edits and this also goes for you because you're the only person I know that really really really loves Yoongi so much ( #firegrprc c #artrc1 #insiderct #estheticgrprc)
ib/ac ; jeonyeolfx

everything will glow for you ⋆

for assley! I love you so much and you deserve the world. I hope you like this babh❤️

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[ program: video star ]

⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ —
happy jungkook day!! ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀
please protect our maknae at all cost ajhshshs
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don't wanna cry — afterlife
ac vyuaa cc emmy's edits

i've fucked up a lot of parts in this and some parts didnt render properly rip
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Edit.mp4 ..
>> Day 6 : Jeon Jungkook
Words can't explain the major love I have for this boy . Last year in November I came across Bts and the first person that caught my eye was Jungkook honestly . I was obsessed with his smile and charisma that made me want to research Bts as in a whole . Throughout time I learned how to love him and his insecurities . Jungkook taught me that even tho you're a shy person and not very sociable you should follow your dreams . He's indeed very talented and very humble. Being the youngest hyung can be hard sometimes cause you aren't able to do stuff that the older members can but that doesn't affect our Kookie. Thank you for making me smile and full filling my ears with your angelic voice . I love you ❤️ -
#audios #bts #btsweek #jungkook #kookie (#firegrprc #artrc1)
ib; @yunghowell

It's so different editing real people instead of anime ;w; but here it goes #messietrny1 #firegrprc

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