Cheers BBY! Boston ➡️Tampa #noshoesnationtour

Lamar Jacksons visit with the Patriots 2 weeks ago left them impressed and Intrigued. Pats are showing alot of interest

Nothing to post today so 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

“Captain Comeback” Harbaugh

All these retirement rumors 🙄😴😴😴 I fake news is a thing 🤷🏼‍♂️ but ill just keep my opinion to myself 🐸☕️

What do you guys think? Personally i think it is a great choice

@espn @sportscenter these are my top 10 favorite sports memes. #1 Roger Goodell needs to pay attention to this one. He needs to start fining the refs for all the calls that they blow. #2 the same can be said about Cam Newton. #3 it's true what they say, Roger Goodell has ruined the league we all once loved and has turned it into the no fun league. #4 yes, believe it or not the Cleveland browns used to be a good team during the early NFL days before AFL/NFL merger winning 8 league championships from 1946-1964. #5 the meme says it all, roger Goodell needs to put an end 2 the stupid National anthem protest. #6 is there even a small chance that anyone likes Roger "good 4 nothing" Goodell? #7 has the best of all worlds, it has a bit of a fishing theme, it's about football, & it's funny. #8 sums up soccer and hockey pretty well, soccer players pretend to b injured & hockey players pretend not to be. #9 sums up a typical sibling rivalry story. And finally #10 in case you can't read the meme it's Anthony Davis and it reads, "I don't always use the internet, but when I eyebrows.", and I mean have you've ever seen Anthony Davis? He's got that weird unibrow thing going on. He probably fooled everyone w/ April fools prank shaving it off. #MemeMonday #FireGoodell #SportsLife


Happy Birthday Bill!!!

LB James Harrison has announced his Retirement after 15 seasons. What an absolutely amazing career! @jhharrison92 it was a pleasure having you here

Greatest Of All Time! 🐐🐐🐐

Dang! I wish I saw this yesterday. Still to good not to post. 🔥🔥🔥
Go Pats!! 🏈❤️💙 ________________________________________________ #gronkspike #rogergoodell #firegoodell #onto2018 #roadtosb53 #notdone #onemore #patriots #patriotsnation #tb12 #tb12sports #newenglandpatriots #patsnation #pats #goat #nfl #patriotsfan #patsnation #patsfan #tombrady #gronk #gronktastic #lfg #fridaythe13th

Who is exited to see my man @jeremyhill play??? I am 😤💪

It’s a great day when the Executive Director of the NFLPA comes to talk to your class about current issues in sports. It was a privilege to talk to DeMaurice Smith and an awesome experience

According to reports,The Patriots are the team most interested in drafting QB Lamar Jackson

News: NFL teams will no longer be wearing Color rush uniforms on Thursday night games.

Patriots are meeting with Orleans Darkwa today

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