Update on Dorsett.

Captured #photo during Sunday’s #packers #redskins game. Play occurred prior to Clay’s sack, where IMO it sounded like the whole stadium stared down at the field in incredulity. #fixit #travelgram #packersnation #gopackgo #gopackers #greenbaypackers #aaronrodgers #nfl #nflfootball #football #footballseason #sports #sportsphotography #nflrefsareajoke #firegoodell #nikon #nikon_photography #footballplayer #fedexfield #footballgames

Kansas City was an awesome place, wish we came out with a Win and a healthy ACL but what can you do. And we only got kicked out of one bar. #ninernation #firegoodell #arrowhead #WeMissJimmy #larrycomesout2018 #lifeofmarty #blackjack

I'm 100% behind @claymatthews52! The only football I'll watch and pay attention too is my fantasy team from here on out. The @nfl needs too get a grip on reality that this is a contact sport. It's so hard for a defender too not land on a QB. Also when someone picks up your QB and throws him on his head and no penalty...COM'ON MAN. CFL is tougher than the NFL #firegoodell #FlagsForQBs #CanadianFootballIsTougher

No Eric Rowe, hopefully Jason proves to be a future starter

Laser focus

The latest on gronk almost being traded before the draft.

Eric Rowe (Groin), Trey Flowers and Patrick Chung (Concussions) have been downgraded to OUT for tomorrow night’s game

Would you take Kaepernick?

As long as he can keep his mouth shut and doesn't cause any distractions then yeah I'll take him. He's much better than Hoyer that's for sure but he's good for a back up.

This is deadly 😤😈

Before you answer this question I have some stats I wanna show the who think that he will be nothing but garbage.

From week 13 to 17 of last year when he came back from suspension.

WK 13 VS Chargers: 4 REC, 85 Yards.

WK 14 VS Packers: 3 REC, 69 Yards, 1 TD.

WK 15 VS Ravens: 5 REC, 47 Yards.

WK 16 VS Bears: 2 REC, 19

WK 17 VS Steelers: 4 REC, 115 Yards, 1 TD.

The only game he really did poorly in was the bears game where the team scored 3 point total. Other than that, solid stats. May not be as amazing as they were in 2013, but good for being out if the league for almost 2 years.

On that note, I think he will do good things here. As long as he stays sober and shows up and stays healthy. If not, he'll get cut and we only lost a 5th round pick that the pats never cared about anyways.

What are your thoughts? 🤔

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@flash looking good in pats gear bro 👀🔥

Happy birthday @bumpnrungilmore! Gilly Gilly

This is gonna be🔥🔥🔥 cant wait to see these two play together 👀

My analysis of the week 2 loss vs the jags.

On offense, they didn’t fire all their guns, and here’s why I think this. Gronk was only targeted 4 times. Although this wasn’t for all game Ramsey was in fact 1 on 1 with Gronk when he was split out wide. Brady saw it on many third downs and chose not to go there with the ball, instead going to Dorsett or Hogan. As exampled by many playoff games in the past, if Gronk is one on one, no matter who is covering him, Brady will throw it his way. Even if he is double covered, which he was in this game a lot, Brady will go to Gronk when they needed him. But the didn’t because they didn’t want to get Gronk killed in the game. If Gronk gets hurt by a dangerous defense like the Jags got, in week 2, you have many more problems going forward. I believe they were managing Gronk in this game to keep him healthy.

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Trade now agreed to: Patriots are sending Cleveland a 5th-round pick and if Gordon isn't active for 10 games, Patriots get back a late-round pick from Browns

I told you the jags were going to win. They are the same if not better than last year and we got worse. Everything I said in my preview post happened besides out defense stopping, anything. 😤

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