Just finished my #nekosakura from #fireemblemheroes commission! There were a lot of fun parts to this, including dip-dying and pattern stamping!
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My current arena team and also my most invested team I'd say!
Sophia is just great. With her defenses I can trust her usually to at least survive and with her high attack she can dish out some nasty damage! 41 Defense and 43 Resistance when attacked by melee? Nice.
Soren's debuffs are great when it comes to increasing survivability! I like TA3 for a sure fire way to deal with blue units, and QR to take care of the fast blue mages such as Delthea who can give me lots of trouble if I don't take them out quickly.
Robin is a Robin. I like the double Spur Attack combination with Rally Attack since it works beautifully with my more defensive playstyle. I can just lure an enemy in and have Robin buff the unit they're targetting with anywhere from +4 to +12 Atk!
Summer Leo is the Res Tank and the Res debuffer with Res Ploy. By standing behind Sophia, any unit attacking her head on suffers -5 Res. Combine that with Soren's -7 Atk/Spd, Robin's +4-12 Atk, and S!Leo's Rally Def/Res... the enemy won't have a good time to say the least. Plus he's just great at taking out mages, and can deal a nasty Iceberg.
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I always change my team but this is the one I’m currently using
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Main team but they are actually best girls and some of my favorite characters (not pictured Catria and Tatiana) #fireemblem #fireemblemheroes #feheroes

Dear Nintendo please give us a summer banner with Shadows of Valentina characters instead of what you were probably planning😉❤️ #fireemblemheroes #fireemblem #fireemblemfates #fireemblemawakening #fireemblemechoes #fireemblemmemes

I can say many good things about Heroes Amelia!
Amelia has incredibly high BST (169-170 if I’m correct, Res is a superboon), and is a fantastic Green Axe Armor. She has notably good Spd for her type, and all her other stats are good with the exception of Res, which can still be patched up. Because of Amelia’s bulk and spd, she makes an amazing tank and offensive unit, as well as a good user of Armor March (which she comes with).
Our first build is for budget players, it’s centered around making use of Amelia’s high Spd to ensure a double that results in a brutal 1-round Ignis proc, assuming the enemy counters. Not much to say, it’s generic yet effective for little cost.
Next is your whale build meant to maximize arena score, although the +10 certainly isn’t necessary. Making use of the Res superboon, Amelia patches her Res stat and becomes a dual tank with good Spd and Atk. Distant Counter allows her to Counter from any range, and Quick Riposte and Bold Fighter allow her to double on both phases regardless of her or the enemy’s speed. It’s expensive yet oh so good.
Lastly we have the typical Brave Bold Fighter armor. This set is done better by Christmas Chrom in nearly every aspect, but is certainly far from bad. Bold Fighter allows her to quad every single time she initiates, and initially, she will have a 2 charge Bonfire, meaning she will hit, proc it, if the opponent’s still alive they’ll Counter, and then she’ll hit, and proc a second Bonfire. Not much lives this.
Overall, Amelia has remained among the best Axe users in the game and is incredibly diverse yet effective. Absolutely invest in her if you can.
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one last post before i probably end up passing out bc sleep....i’ve been going through the older tracks to video games just in general and honestly there are some nice ones in there. i mean they’re nothing like the tracks in a game like echoes, but they still have a nice sound to them. (also as a sidenote alm looks really nice in this art and celica doesn’t look too bad either)
[video from MasterEnex @ YT]

My Tiki, she's definitely one of my best units. Gonna be honest I don't really like fury but, it's all I really got y'know?
+def -spd
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Took some time, but here’s the highlight for Amelia as a unit in Sacred Stones. Amelia is one of the three trainee units in the game alongside Ross and Ewan, starting as a recruit which can branch into either the Knight line for a General/Great Knight or the Cavalier line for a Paladin/Great Knight. As the game only has one other Knight, Gilliam, it’s recommended to go to a General from Knight to end up being a faster version of Gilliam by endgame. The Cavalier line is already so overloaded with amazing units like Seth, Duessel, and Kyle, and Amelia’s bases + growths don’t help her stand out in the Paladin/Great Knight line, so it’s highly recommended to not go that route.
Being a trainee, she starts with absolute bottom weapon ranks in E lances, but has many chances to grow as she progresses. What weighs her down (literally), is her horrible constitution, making her hardly able to wield an Iron Lance properly initially. Later on her high Spd makes this less of an issue, but it makes her a pain to train initially as her firepower/hit chance/avoid/literally everything is bad, especially without using grinding. If you want to use her, immediately have her use the Speedwing as it will help immensely.
Bases are obviously awful, but the trade off comes in her great growth rates. If you want to struggle with Amelia, her growths are a bit above average for Spd, Skill, Luck, Def and get better as she climbs through the Knight line. She will end up as a tanky, accurate, and speedy Knight with good luck, but will likely be slightly weaker and physically bulky than her competition, Gilliam.
Overall, Amelia is either gonna be one of your best units or hands down your worst depending on your playstyle. She becomes really good if you take the time to grind her up (this is the case for EVERY unit, but especially for trainees), but this implies you’re using grinding in Sacred Stones, an already very easy game. If you play what I consider the proper challenge, Difficult + No Grinding, she will be horrible as her join time is in a poor place that makes her unable to effectively level up and become good.
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