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Monday’s aren’t that bad... just think about it this way, instead of dreading Monday morning, use it as a time to start fresh, think of something inspirational, or start a new habit, or even make it a day where you eat healthier. If you think about the beginning of the week on a positive note, it will change your whole attitude and make the whole week itself easier to handle.

Whether you're in training for an obstacle event such as @tough_mudder or @truegritaustralia, want to break away from the average gym to get fit or just have an afternoon of great fun and physical activity, then @sabasecamp is for you!
The obstacles that SA Base Camp provide are extremely challenging… it’s a massive warehouse just jam-packed with hardcore obstacle fun. They have different sized warped walls, plenty of hanging and swinging obstacles with rings and bars. Peg boards, walls, ropes everywhere.
Tackle 18 different obstacles designed to give every muscle in your body a complete workout. If that's not enough then a large area of olympic-class free weights and gym equipment is there to give you that extra burn.

Always killing it @laularocque Thrusters x15
KB swings x12
Box jumps x9
Sled x2
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AFLX is a new and exciting game created by the AFL to showcase some of the most thrilling elements of Australian Football to attract new fans. It‘s fast paced and will be played on a rectangular field with seven players on the pitch and three on the bench. AFLX is an express form of the game, with explosive action, 10-point super goals, last-touch out of bounds and non-stop action. Do you like the concept?

31 days till the Arnold Sports Festival Australia. The Health and Fitness Expo is the biggest of it’s kind in Australia offering everything from the latest and greatest gear and apparel, fitness tech, healthy food offerings and the latest in supplementation. There is over 40 different sporting events and over 10,000 professional and amateur competitors. The three days is jam packed with activities for all sports lovers, families and fitness fanatics alike. If you’re in Melbourne between the 16th - 18th of March, definitely head over to the Convention and Exhibition Centre and show your support for the industry.

Das einzige was fetter ist als unser Sound ist deine Mutter!

Australian consumers have the opportunity to make their voice count and determine the best products and brands in the Australian fitness and supplement industry. Make sure to cast your vote and help decide the best supplements in Australia!
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Static and dynamic are two stretching techniques that can help you maintain flexibility or prepare your body for a vigorous activity and help it recover. The main differences between the two are in how and when you perform them.
A static stretch involves stretching your muscle to a point where you feel a slight discomfort, but not to the point where you feel pain. The stretch and your position are then held with no movement for a period of time. For optimal results, it is recommended that you hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds and perform it three to five times. It's best to perform static stretches after an activity, when your muscles are still warm.
Dynamic stretching is a technique used more by athletes. When you perform dynamic stretches, instead of holding the stretch for a period of time, you repeatedly move your joints and muscles through a full range of motion. This will elevate your heart rate and increase body temperature, which allows your muscles to move more efficiently Dynamic stretches are most effective before an activity or athletic event because they help prepare your body for the specific movements.

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