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Fucking done with losers using me for money. Get another suga daddy!

Oh baby

Ya me queda esta camisa que antes estaba toda floja :D
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NO MAKEUP APPRESHEEAASIAN POSTE:😍 mama lookin like CINNAMON🙈🤤🤤🙏🏼🤢 my eyesight is really bad & idk what makeup but I KNOW she is wearing nothing on her face here 😻😻😈😈👅 she look like a whole BAG of chips 🍟 🖖🏼

I now officially have a #finsta - @offbeatlook_unfiltered if you’re into that kinda thing 😜
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When your mom finds your Finsta. Sound on 🔊 #comedy #finstagram #finsta #whyme #no #devistated #model #influencers #influencer #parody #comic

I’m amazed when I look at u. Not because of ur looks, but because of the fact that everything I ever wanted is right in front of me.💕

march 22nd.

Y’all send me something on lipsi, link in the fucking description

Wow. I’ve been thinking on this post for two hours because I haven’t fully told but three people what’s happened the past few weeks but it’s Finsta and y’all are the ones I guess it’s ok to tell the most. I had a meltdown to end all meltdowns last week and it made me pack a bag and go to Columbia Med for 72 hours. I got an MRI done and did a lot of talking sessions and tests and they finally diagnosed me with more than generalized anxiety disorder. The med team determined I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I literally had to be sedated when they first told me. I called the doctors liars and screamed that BPD was ruled out when I was a child & I was already tested for that. I was in denial so hard because it’s the mental illness my mother was diagnosed with. But sadly, it all adds up. Mental illness can be heredity. BPD causes irrational fear of abandonment, panic attacks, feeling dissociated from general life, self harm and depression. All things I have been going through. My self harm comes out as an eating disorder, a large amount of people with BPD have this same form of harm. When I feel like my emotions are out of control, I make myself throw up. When I feel I can control nothing I know I can control my weight and body so I’ll throw up or restrict myself from eating. I’m still not okay. I still have not accepted that I share the illness of my mother. And I still think everyone is going to leave me. I’m on new depression/anxiety meds and I’m doing two new forms of therapy, schema therapy and DBT. Two forms of therapy created specifically for BPD. I see a nutritionist every Friday. I have a journal and goals set for the next 30 days. I’m already failing but my therapist said it’s not going to get better in an instant but i will meet those goals slowly. I’m holding on to that and I’m holding on that the people I love the most aren’t going to just up and leave. It’s something I have to persistently remind myself about on an hourly basis. Its frustrating and I am going through a lot of self hate right now but I’m going to get better. #hi #update #me #finsta #mentalhealth #bpd #personal #whydoihashtag #itsaprivateacct

Bitch you’re too LOUD, quiet down

Bitch I’m thinking about how I got deleted and I’m MAD AGAIN, uuuuuugh I miss my paaaaagggee

I also want to do confessions or advice, but I need to humble myself because I still have 410 fucking followers

But fr them black boy appreciation posts had my clitmeat vibrating

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