"Guys? Anyone?... where's the boat?­čś│" Open Water 2, coming to theaters near you, just in time for #SharkWeek ­čŽł lol ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ­čîŐ On a real note though, Do your best to help out and let less waste go into a beautiful mystical place. #CleanerOceans­čĺÖ
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#ThePacificOcean #CoolWaters #OvercomeFear #IAmAMermaidAnyways #EffItAll #YouOnlyLiveOnce #FearConquered #Love #DeepWaters #MakeTheMostOfLife #OverallLoveNatureForWhatItIs #KeepOurOceansClean #OceanConservation #CleanUp #4Ocean #4TheSharks #Sharks #BreakTheStigma #SharksAreBeautiful #SharksAreAwesome #FinsBelongToSharks #SaveSharks

Whether you like sharks or not, we need these apex predators to keep our ocean ecosystems healthy and functioning in balance ­čŽł­čĺÖ They keep some animal populations from growing too large and scavenge on dead and injured animals ­čŽł­čĺÖ They have evolved over 450 million years to fulfill the important role they play in our oceans ... And that is NOT to be a tasteless, nutritionless additive to a bowl of soup ­čŽł­čĺÖ WeÔÇÖll be at Terrigal Markets tomorrow 9am-3pm with lots of shark fins, but none in bowls . Come and get a healthier version of fins without harming any sharks in the process ­čŽł­čĺÖ #mangoSEA #nosharkswereharmedinthemakingofthisart

This week marked the tragic one-year death anniversary of ocean hero #RobStewart ­čśą Not only did we lose an outstanding ocean hero, we lost a local hero. RobÔÇÖs family took action on his death anniversary to appeal to Canadian senators to ban the import of shark fin. This is incredibly important because despite the act of shark finning being illegal in Canada, it is still legal to import the fins. Outside of East Asia, Canada remains the largest importer of shark fins in the world. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! Headway is being made at the government level. As of last April, Toronto city council has called on the federal government to pass Bill S-238: Ban on Shark Fin Importation Act. LetÔÇÖs honour RobÔÇÖs legacy and keep the pressure on! Keep educating others, write letters, sign petitions, etc. For the love of #sharks and the #oceans! ­čŽł­čŽł­čŽł
#FinFree #BanSharkFins #NoSharkFinSoup #FinsBelongToSharks

Number 1 on my bucket list. But I want to do this every day of my life ­čÖĆ­čĆŻ These beautiful creatures do not deserve their reputation. They are intelligent creatures and you are not their first choice for food. They are living fossils and they deserve to continue to live for thousands more years! ­čÉč­čÉč­čÉč #nocull #noflake #finsbelongtosharks

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