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I used to eat marshmallows like that burned to the crisp all the time lol.
(Made By : @looperhq)

Star Wars Rogue One: Darth Vader Featurette

03.20.17 난 항상 배고프다 #지아롱
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내 최애 cn 만화💕💕💕 그리구 내 최애 마카롱 맛집😍😍 금손님께 이거 부탁드렸는데 캐릭터 잘 모르시는데 불구하고 캐릭터 얼굴들이랑 디자인보내드리니까 정말 너무너무 딱 제가 원하는 디자인으로 너무 이쁘게 해주셔서 감동😭😭 진짜 너무 이쁘잖아요ㅠㅠㅠ
색감부터가 너무 사랑스러웠던 프린세스버블검😍 이아이도 진짜 기대했던 아이중 하나였는데 머리색감이 원래보다 훨씬 여리여리하고 파스텔톤으로 나와서 프린세스버블검 원래 성격보다 유순해보이구 귀엽닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ😂 먼가 뀹 살찐 버블검느낌ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 아 맛은 넘나 맛있어 꼬끄 부드러운거 매번 말하기 지겨운데 매번 말해야할만큼 너무 좋구 오레오크림치즈래도 많이 안달구ㅎㅎㅎ 쿠키맛이 좀만 더 났으면 하는바램🙏
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Searching for the Death Star plans! 👀

— Loved this look😍 Daisy Ridley at the 88th Annual Academy Awards [2016]
#daisyridley @daisyridley

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ 〈 the force awakens 〉

➵ Here's a really simple edit because I haven't had much inspiration or time lately to edit Star Wars.

➵ I've been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. It was so amazing. Absolutely phenomenal. I've been listening to the soundtrack every single day since I've seen the movie. And I'm seeing it again soon. Haha.

Adventure Time fans!😜 This video is for you, guys!😉 Fionna doll, 19 in, handmade with love ❤ You get your Fionna in 📌angelinalily.etsy.com📌

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LXI: Revolution! Pt 5
[Transmission Found]

Neera Variss kicked at a shard of glass. Telbus and his new ally, General Rook himself, were talking rather animatedly in one corner. Or rather, arguing. Of course they were.
It wasn't easy harboring a fugitive.
As a conwoman, Neera had grown up on the streets fending for herself, and doing rather well. But never before had she been forced, or decided, to help another. Helping Telbus at the bar that day had changed her life for better or for worse. So far only for the better, but who knew how long her luck would last? She mentally kicked herself. That sounded selfish. She loved Telbus in a way she herself hadn't quite decided yet. He was her best and only friend. His past was shady and difficult, but so was her’s. Who was to say they couldn't work toward a brighter future together?

Right now that involved searching a murder scene.

Shattered glass everywhere, various personal items scattered throughout the theater. It looked like a cyclone had blown through the place.
But the oddest part was the scene of the crime. Heavy footprints, so heavy, in fact, that they had broken the tile floor, lead across the stage to the late Daedalus Greene. The man was dead, no doubt about it. From afar he looked rather peaceful, but upon further investigation Neera could see symmetrical indents where someone especially strong had shattered the man’s neckline.
Neera recognized the inventor's face from various broadcasts and holos. The man looked uncharacteristically calm, it was odd seeing him without the smug grin he usually wore when plastered on holoboards and advertising.

Neera stalked over to the theater’s command console, and keyed up the footage from the show. Sure enough, the man’s neck was broken, along with his wrist, but the culprit was not who Neera had been expecting.
It was a droid.
An assassination? But who had hired the droid?
[Transmission Continues Below]

Ich bin so stolz auf Finn...er hat vergangene Nacht das erste mal auswärts übernachtet und zwar bei seiner Omi❤
Es hat total super geklappt und er hat eine rießen Freude mit diesen Meilenstein☺
Das bestätigt mich mal wieder darin, dass man den Kindern nur Zeit, Liebe und Vertrauen schenken muss...alles andere entwickelt sich von alleine💙💚💛💜 #meinbub #stolz #finn #herzkind #vertrauen #liebeliebeliebe #familylife #mumlife #lebenmitkindern #rainbowfamily #wunschkind #meilenstein #selbstbestimmt

@frechefreunde am morgen vertreibt kummer und sorgen 😍☺️ mittlerweile ist nicht nur ida verrückt nach bob banane, edda erdbeere und co., sondern auch die mama 😬 die nacht war bescheiden, kaum war einer ruhig fing der andere an zu schimpfen... heute steht trotzdem noch so einiges an, da wir ja morgen schon zur hochzeit von meiner schwiegermama aufbrechen, schlafen kann ich ja auch wenn ich tot bin 😅 #teamnosleep #teamnomakeup #müdeaf #frechefreundeliebe #zweifachmama #ida #finn #jaichhabeumelfnochmeinenschlafanzugan

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