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okay y’all, i love the prequels due to nostalgia, but they did do them wrong. the problem isn’t jar jar, it isn’t poor dialogue or bad CGI. the problem is anakin. the OT had it set up where Anakin was a revered and loved jedi who was a “good friend” and tragically fell to the dark side. obiwan spoke of him fondly and said that anakin died when darth vader was born. the prequels had it all lined up for them, they had some of the greatest film characters of all time in their hands and they blew it. the main problem with anakin is, he shouldn’t have been a kid in the first movie. he should’ve been luke’s age, right before the clone wars, being obiwan’s padawan. you don’t need to space Jesus him, he’s already cool and you can show he’s powerful in other ways. and goshdamn, make him a LIKABLE character. he was portrayed as a bad apple from the start, he didn’t listen to obiwan and was reckless and murdered villages and didn’t respect authority. the relationship between him and obiwan were more of an exasperated student/teacher relationship than that between friends or brothers. there should’ve been an arc when he was tempted and started acting on his desires, but from the beginning he was unruly and made everyone uncomfortable. i’m okay with him realizing the faults in the jedi order and love being a factor, but why not make him power hungry and wanting more and dealing with that temptation and seeing him SLOWLY turn over the three movies, making the audience like him and feel bad for him. bc they had him disrespect obiwan at the beginning of AOTC and give everyone second hand embarrassment, then disobey him when chasing zam and losing her, then that awkward unbearable stuff with padme, then he’s killing men/women and children, then he’s disobeying obiwan again and getting captured, then he’s not listening to obiwan and getting his arm cut off. like see? he was never... likable or relatable? they should’ve slowed it down. 1 should’ve been the beginning of the clone wars, 2 should’ve been during and 3 should’ve been the end of. rant over.

Acording to the leaked pic of the series finale, Fern should go back to normal sometime, but we can't be sure we'll have to wait...😔😔

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I’m always in Christmas mood way to early
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Marcy & Hunson sneak peek (2/2)❤❤
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I just realised that the pictures of Millie with Shawn are probably the best and the most original pictures we get

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