“Work weally hard”, Party weally hard, Ride weally hard, Play weally hard 💛
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My family is making me wear my harness so I can get used to it...I don’t like it that much. #cockapoo #finleyadventures #cockapoosofinsta #cockapoosofinstagram #cockapoopuppy

I’m convinced that if I left him on a playground with his bike, juice, and “b-ball” that I would no longer be needed and he would live there happily ever after #finleyadventures #bornwild

Today, my humans took me to the pet store. How do you like my new harness? #maybeillwalknow #cockapoolove #cockapoo #cockapoosofinstagram #finleyadventures

Baby by day, fabricator by night 😏. #finleyadventures

*warning: long post*
This past weekend we took our first overnight adventure as a family of four. We celebrated some much needed family time, Father’s Day, and continued sharing the wild and wonderful with our little loves. We rode bikes in Fayetteville, then visited friends in Hinton. Finley took his first swim in the Greenbrier River. Ensley slept 6 1/2 hours straight during her first hotel stay. By Sunday our inner circus started to show. First, we realized our stroller and Steven’s bike were locked to the bed of the truck and the key was at home. Once we got the lock taken care of we visited Droop Mountain. Leaving #DroopMountain Steven decided to ride his bike down (on the road) and nearly got taken out by a dog at 40 mph. (Swipe for video) Shortly after Marlinton Finley got car sick. We finally made it to Cass where Finley was scared of the train horn. Ensley threw up on Steven. We spent some time at snowshoe. We took the Highland Scenic Highway on the way home and decided that our next trip we need to spend more time in Monongahela National Forrest.
I say all of this to say that our adventures get messy, stressful, and we all have our meltdowns at some point during the trip. We have to stop 20471830 times for diaper changes, bottles, snacks, and toddler breaks. We don’t always (rarely) have a plan. It takes work, organization, an open mind, and ALOT of flexibility to make these little trips go as smoothly as possible for two small kids. Lately, I’ve had a lot of people ask about our trips. Often people ask me how I keep it all together. Truth is I don’t. I’m just winging it and some how we all survive. Other comments I hear a lot is “I could never do that with my kids”, “how do you get your toddler to be good on trips”, “I wish my kids would do things like that”. The trips we take aren’t stress free relaxing vacations that they seem to look like on social media. They just aren’t. BUT they’re nothing short of an adventure. Each time it’s an exciting learning experience for all of us as a family and as individuals. Never ever do we return home and think we should have stayed home to do laundry or clean or whatever it is waiting for us to do at home.

Oopsies, I really hope mum get me a new lady bug. It’s my favourite #cockapoo #finleyadventures #puppyproblems #cockapoosofinsta #cockapoosofinstagram

Saturday night with my baby. #finleyadventures #theogdelray

Mommy caught me snuggling wif my caveman. #cockapoo #finleyadventures #puppynap

I have a mind of my own!! I love pushing my day bed around #finleyadventures #cockapoo #cockapoosofinstagram #puppy #puppyproblems

I just don’t understand why brooms are so scary! #finleyadventures #cockapoo #cockapoosofinstagram

Mom wanted to go for a morning walk but all I wanted to do was pose for the camera #mondaysbelike #cockapooproblems #cockapoosofinsta #finleyadventures #imightbeamodel

When your not quite tall enough so you and dad team up to tackle adversity 😊 #finleyadventures

When mom is finished her gardening, I give her gloves a good clean #finleyadventures #cockapoo #cockapoosofinsta

My big bro was too lazy to take me for a walk so he took me for a ride instead #cockapoo #cockapoofun #finleyadventures

I dare you not to #smile when you watch this. We should all strive to be this #happy
#simple things #finleyadventures

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