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The best views are the ones you work for... I can't possibly explain how it felt as I, @Im_NicoleMarie arrived at this destination during my first inaugural trip into the backcountry this year. The winter here in the Sierra Range has been quite something and I know many of you will be trying to make it out and up this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July. With the snow melting, and the temperatures rising there is good news of what is open, passable and accessible. Like... just yesterday they announced that Tioga Pass, here in CA will open tomorrow morning.
The trail here to the Big Pine Lakes is sure to be a popular one and since making this trip many of you have been asking where it is, how to get there, what the conditions are and what to bring... there is a new blog I wrote yesterday (on our website, link in bio) about the lakes and how to obtain a permit for an overnight backpacking trip. The lakes can be hiked as a day hike and a great place to cool off, especially with the floor of the Eastern Sierras getting into the 100s.
Summer is here and there is so much to rejoice about! But... the conditions out there can still be dangerous. So, check with your local ranger stations before headed out. Bring lots of water, food and snacks and always pack the 10 essentials! The best trips are the ones that are well planned and well prepared for. Get out there and explore the wilderness... #womenwhohike
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The face you pull when someone says, "I don't like camping." πŸ˜¦πŸ˜‚
My Instagram handle may say 'offthegridgirl', but most days I'm very much 'on the grid'. During the week, you won't find me in the mountains.
You'll find me in bumper-to-bumper traffic, sitting at my cubicle, running errands, burning off stress at the gym, and other not-so-fun living things.
My nights aren't spent around a campfire or snuggled in a tent. They're spent on my yoga mat or on my balcony with a beer and a book.
What I choose to show you is only a tiny fraction of my life.
It isn't my whole life.
But it's what makes life bearable when it's been a long stressful week at work.
There's nothing quite like pitching your home in the middle of the woods for a weekend 'off the grid.' It's not all mountains all the time. Life isn't like that. For some folks maybe (and you better believe I envy them), but for now I'm a happy camper, even if it's only on the weekends.
There's nothing wrong with being a weekend warrior.
No matter what day you get out, just make sure you do if it's important to you.
P.S. Congratulations to the pretty lady in this photo who is now engaged! πŸ’ Ironically, she called to tell me as I was stuck in the traffic referenced above. πŸ˜‚ Best. Commute. Ever.

The lure of better hunting grounds draws Living Wild hunters to a ridgeline, both for easier travel and scouting. As with most hunter-gatherers, they must walk over ten miles a day in search of game.

Figuring out what to pack for a multi-day backpacking trip can be a challenge for omnivores, but for vegans, it can feel nearly impossible.
That's why we scoured the internet to find every vegan freeze-dried meal they make for backpacking and compiled them all into a single list. We even calculated the calories and macronutrients (fats, carbs, proteins) by weight, so you can easily compare meal options at a glance. Want to know which vegan meal packs the most calories or proteins? We've got the answers. Link in profile.

Colorado's got everything but the ocean (this is from spring but the sentiment remains)

Prepping all my gear ( & I mean ALL my gear...) and packing my bags. Heading out tomorrow to LA for two days and then to start an southwest road trip. || #traveldiary #girlswhotravel

Sunrise in Yosemite Valley.

A hilltop cabin + lush fields to explore, topped off celebratory beers 🍻 There's no such thing as a bad camping trip in the Southern Ozarks. Book the Dockley Ranch Camp, MO πŸ‘‰ link in bio πŸ“·: @trainsandplanes


Back in France and loving every minute. First stop: the charming city of Reims. (Which is actually pronounced "Rrrahnce," as I learned last night.) Oversharing in my Stories the next few days, follow along. πŸ‘†πŸΌ#TaittingerTime @taittingerusa #Reims #France

"Nothing like relaxing by the fire after a long day in the far country." (Drop a πŸ”₯emoji if you're craving this right about NOW) @masonstrehl

Oh yeah, it's #waterfallwednesday πŸ€—. From the first hike we did in Grand Teton NP last week, Hidden Falls. And WOW what a treat! It reopened the day after we got in after a long closure (how lucky are we!?). Hit it early in the morning (before 9am) to miss the crowds and if you're looking to carve off a few miles, take the Jenny Lake shuttle boat across (then making it 1~ mile RT).

Just like this waterfall, I was roaring with excitement. Such a beauty! 😍
By far one of my fave waterfall from all the waterfalls we chased this past weekend. πŸ’™
Special thanks to @javxav1 for making this trip a memorable one 😊


Where is your favorite place to hike? β €
β €
I have s few top places, depending on what I wish to see. β €
β €
The Eagle Creek Trail in Oregon is probably my favorite if I'm in the mood for wet trails and waterfalls. The whole of the trail is about 27 miles long and passes nearly a dozen different waterfalls. β €
β €
The entire way is absolutely gorgeous and looks like something out of Avatar or Star Wars.β €
β €
What's your favorite trail?

Rebels in the summertime @wickedclothes @postto_leo

The absolute coolest @Airbnb host. Lisa gave us a tour of her acre estate, which included two green houses, a compost area (via πŸ’© πŸ’©from guests), a garden grown from the compost, an airstream, and the cute guest house we rented out. The best part, Lisa singlehandedly built/cultivated/restored ALL of it herself. She is my spirit animal and such an inspiration. Seriously, all the super badass people we met in New Mexico were average age 63.
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