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The look I get when I tell him the cook gets 4 pieces of bacon 🥓 and he only gets 2!! #plantwildroots #wildrootsrundeep

Bryce Canyon National Park is undoubtedly one of the strangest, most beautiful National Parks in the Southwest. This unique park has hundreds of tall hoodoos created from erosion.⠀

With cooler temperatures, fall is a great time to visit Bryce Canyon. Check out our top trails in the park and start planning your adventure. Link in bio.

Photo credit: @sheehan_creative - thanks for sharing!

For the first time, in a long time, I’m looking forward. It took me long enough to get over what I thought was an earth shattering heartbreak, but I can say in complete and utter confidence that I’m finally there. It’s true you guys, time heals all. 💯 #itsabouttime #independentAF #singlelife #byefelicia
PC: @gtr_mike

Reminiscing about the spectacular Lago di Braies 🙌

Onwards to the next venture. Photo by our friend @brianxbradley

Warming up our Dutch Oven so we can make Green Chile & Cheddar Cornbread. If you're looking for some fall-weather camp comfort food, this is it!
Get the full recipe on our website.

Most mornings I would pluck a piece of ice from the fjord to melt and make a coffee to have with breakfast. I’m not a coffee connoisseur at all, but it was definitely a novelty to drink coffee every morning made from freshly melted glacial ice. It tasted pretty amazing too 😎🤙🏼☕️❄️
#ilulissat .
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I snuck out of work and ran 4 miles @passpowderkeg ski hill. Climbed the lift line and flew down (I like to think so, anyway) Buck 50. #runstreak #32days #crowsnestpass #getoutside #trailrunner #motherrunner #explorethepass #findyourselfoutside #findyourselfinthepass #tuesdayrun #runforfun

Church Fever.

We've just posted our first few trips for 2018!⠀

If you're interested in camping in Big Sur or Sequoia National Park next year, go reserve your spot now. We hope you’ll join us under the stars!⠀

☝️ Link in profile ☝️

Where it all began ~ Bass Fishing 🎣
Taking a step back, breathing and taking a moment to be appreciative and know that it is hard. I am trying hard, is hard work, is not easy and Im hard on myself. I get frustrated and get caught up in specifics. But like my good friend Allison @thestarsfromoureyes said “if you stay true to yourself and put out good energy & vibes out to the universe, the universe will return you an abundance of goodness & positivity” and that’s all Im trying to do ..... Put out there kindness & my whole heart! 🖤 I know the universe is infinite and vast but that energy does bounce back from stars and returns to you 🌙🌲✨ #reelnomadic #bassfishing #flyfishing #livecreatively #thecreativelife

Oh hey, fall 🍂

more from the lost mines trail

a pal, a pterodactyl

Dreaming of something bigger today

I've been reflecting a lot lately. Mostly about how many times I've pushed myself outside of my comfort zone this year whether it was paddling moving water, my epic canoe trip in Quetico paddling and portaging around waterfalls (trip report and video soon I promise. Seriously!) and my first-ever 4-day solo canoe trip that I seem to have forgotten all about until someone asked me about it on social media.
It's kind of a big deal. I haven't even looked at my blog posts about my experience since I published them back in June. Searching through some images, I came across this one and remember the day so vividly. I was isolated in my tent the whole day because of wind, snow and rain. I would get out every so often to move around and get the blood flowing again, and then I'd get back inside and read. #accomplishments
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Patches of light

A rare morning that I'm up before my sleepy dawgs🙈 😴

One of the main attractions in Chamonix is the cable car (téléphérique) to Aiguille du Midi. Maybe the best €60 you'll ever spend.
It is one of the highest cable cars in the world, taking you up 9,200ft in elevation and offering you some of the best views of the Alps and Mt Blanc.

Magnetometer survey around Point Lobos today!!

He only partially acted like an idiot on this trip and for this progress I am eternally grateful.

Today’s lunch hike included amazing views, an adorable puppy and a skinned shin. #thatrockcameoutofnowhere

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