"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." -Colossians 3:17

My tattoos are incredibly special to me because they not only tell a story of where I've been, but they honor the One who has guided my life. Script is such a beautiful way to express feelings and I resonate with words so much more than pictures. I made a personal promise that I would only allow myself to mark up my body with intricately selected scriptures or ideas that have shaped me into the human that I am today. So here's to Jesus and His unfailing love, and here's to me being a walking bible by the end of this life 💗

Leopard is a neutral.
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L O C A T I O N E N V Y ! ! !

Learn to enjoy the simple things in life... The world goes round, people come, people go, and challenges are placed infront of us that can either destroy us if we let them, or we can choose to be strong, fight and meet them with a formidable force. NEVER BACK DOWN
Battle the fuck on and set yourself in overdrive and take whatever this world has to throw at you head on as you beat all the bumps in that road flat and any dumb fuck standing on it, in your way, down, don't let it get to you, regain that smile. Take on every mother fucker in your way, fucking smash them, destroy mountains. Learn something new every day. Educate your mind with whatever inspires you. If you dream of it and all you do is forever think how much you want it, then DO NOT stop till you've got it. Use that law of attraction. Believe in it. Instill it in your mind. Work on yourself everyday and watch it all begin to manifest into reality. People and Obsticles will always rise in your way to the top. It's only natural these days in human reality that your demographic starts you on a path in life that you have the choice to leave it be, let it flow... Or... or actually develop yourself to become whoever it is you want to be. I'ts completely in YOUR control. Every day is a new day to start fresh for change and development. If you discipline yourself you will never ever stop learning and obtaining knowledge. Become unstoppable! Don't even think twice, smash all the bumps right the fuck away. NO ONE OR NO THING WILL EVER STOP YOU UNLESS YOU LET IT. Life is precious, life is unpredictable, life is short. Dont waste a day. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so look to see it in everything.. Time is the one thing that is limited to everyone, the one thing once given you will never get back, so be damn sure to use it wisely, as tomorrow is never promised.. The sun is shining, waiting for you to weather the storm, returning stronger every time. The hard times are what will make you great. Trust your insticts and truly live. 😀#quotesdaily #wisewords#lifestyleblogger #lifeisbeautiful #inspiration #photography #beautifulphoto #dreams #instagramwriters #selfknowledge #findyourpeace #beautifulquotes

Musing over nature’s ethereal beauty.
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"lumina si muzica vin intotdeauna din interior.."..telecomanda pe care o primesti in bazinele de plutire , #floatanks are butoane de #ON/OFF..tu alegi ;) #sensorialdeprivation#REST#unplugged#calm#happy#findyourpeace#soundofsilence#littlethings#enjoy

"It's a trip, you know? When you're a kid, you see the life you want, and it never crossed your mind, that it's not gunna turn out that way." #loveandbasketball As a child, I had envisioned what I wanted my life to be like by now and let's just say... about 1/3 of it has turned out somewhat as I visioned. The other 2/3 is in the process much the same but much different. A part of that 1/3 that has turned out has to do with Sports and it still being a driving force in my life to help others. When you were a child, what was it in your life that brought peace to your soul during frustrating, anxious moments and ended up giving you inner peace or calmed you down when all you wanted to do was scream and stomp your foot? For me, it was #basketball, my first love even though soccer was the sport I went on and played in college, coached, still play to this day and love almost as much, basketball will always be my first love! As a child, if I were to get into trouble, fuss or even stomp my foot 😏 I was sent to shoot free throws. At the time, I had no idea how much it would help me relax and me use my frustration in a positive, composed manner. I am 28 and there is something about the peace of hearing the ball bounce on the wooden floor up to your fingertips, the sound of the net as the ball goes in and even the frustration of a terrible shot or air ball that cannot be replaced. I don't shoot around nearly enough as I should but I do know, shooting around is one of the ways I can use the frustration, confused, overwhelmed energy to find peace when I need it. I say that that to encourage all of you to dig deep and find that one place where you can positively use the energy of frustration to find your peace. #findyourpeace #basketball #nevertooold #mechanics #feellikealittlekid #mentalhealth #kidatheart #focus #bebetter

Remember to always come back to your center. Through the craziness of life, always stay conscious and aware. Deep peace fills my heart.
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I love @iyanlavanzant !!!! She speaks the truth! Grateful for her positive motivation and spiritual guidance! I love to see people using their platform to help others and positively touch the world by giving back in some way! I wanna be like her when I grow up! #iyanlavanzant #iyanla #preach #gratitude #grateful #appreciation #truth #findyourpeace #roadtohappiness #behappy #30daygratitudechallenge

Take 10 minutes, in a quiet spot, breathe deep, and mentally go through all the things you are grateful for.
True success requires happiness. True happiness requires balance. True balance requires peace. Find Your Peace daily.
#FindYourPeace #SpendYourTimeLiving

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