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Silence on the line, then I heard you smile#FoundHisPeace #FindYourPeace

"And we both know all the truth I could tell. I will say this is I wish you farewell. I hope you're somewhere praying, I hope you're soul is changing. I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees." ✌

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Few things in life bring the peace of being on the back of a horse, or under the sea. When the swell is too big, I’m always glad to be in the saddle. •

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Beach :-) We choose a drama class that was just down the spur road , 20 mintutes Away for Ej to go too .
One because the class 5 mins away was in same day as beavers and we didn’t want her over tired .
Second because it puts us in a different area .
Southbourne .
It’s means we get to explore the parks , the cafes , shops and beaches .
It makes us do something different . And that is very very good for our souls , our mental state and our family life .
We can get very wrapped up in our life’s and the life’s of others .
Sometimes we need a break from normal routine , a break from the same streets , the same faces and to breath some different air .
#freshair #drama #familylife #takecareofyourself #mentalhealthmatters #differnt #findyourpeace #dowhatsbestforyou #beachtime #parenting #survial #beyourownsuperhero #familylife #afterschoolclub #toddler

Whether you’re talking about grief or the deep division that still resides in our country, this quote is one to take to heart.
Because in either case, we truly cannot move forward if we allow bitterness to take over. It's far easier said than done but it's always worth the effort, dontcha think? 💛

“So it’s time to continue my journey toward healing and joy and self-love. Towards challenging myself to stay connected with my heart, my Self, and listen to where it leads me. To feel the fear and do it anyway. To love myself enough to not compromise the things that are really important, and listen to my body to hear what those things are.
To know I am strong, even when I feel broken.
To know I am enough, even when I doubt my worthiness.
To know I deserve love, and to give love fully and without fear.
Don’t be afraid of your own gifts, your own power, your own strength. You will make mistakes, you will fall, and you will pick yourself up. You are strong, and feel, and are brave to feel and wonder and desire to grow. It is so, so, beautiful to care. Keep reminding yourself.” - from my journals

Pictures from around Yosemite valley, and the amazing intricacies of nature’s mosaic. A beautiful day, and a simple reminder of the power of quiet and the outdoors and finding peace.
#repost from @britneytheyogibear

3/365 I am grateful to this room, these chairs and the people who filled them. They have helped me to find some understanding and allowed me to truly open up and share my thoughts and feelings. I have learned a bit about myself, but alas it is only the beginning of my journey. This room is where it began. #cheesy #cheesybuttrue #photography #365grateful #365gratefulproject #love #life #perspectiveshift #perspective #learning #loving #begrateful #again #rewire #change #project #reflection #respect #journey #coping #copingwithloss #findyourpeace #findyourself #oncemore #intotheunknown

I’m breaking two of my rules tonight...don’t eat in bed and don’t try to do work in bed🙈
Buuut i just had a 14 hour work day with commute, my homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch icecream is actually good for me, and working on my wellness coaching business actually could keep me entertained all night if I never needed sleep. Funny how things have changed. I never used to imagine being able to come home from working all day to dive into more “work”. I used to come home so exhausted and uninspired, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and fall asleep with the help of Netflix and a glass of wine and call it day. Sound familiar? There are still days where that is all I want, no lie. But joining this company and this coaching community has flipped my view of what a sustainable, successful, healthy career can look like. I’m diggin this whole rewriting my rules thing. And I’m still figuring it out and have a long ways to go with big goals. But it’s all good, because with this business it’s all up to me, im my own ceo, and I have so much help and support. And I get to HELP people! That being said I know some of you may still be waiting to hear back from me and I promise to be caught up tomorrow! And know you can always reach out and I’d love to chat with you more about coaching, wellness, and anything in between😉💛 good night!! ✨

My online prenatal yoga instructor always reminds us how powerful we are as women and how amazing it is to be GROWING a human in our bodies 😍💪 while we find out peace and calm she says, "put one hand on your heart, and one hand on your baby".
I can't wait to meet my son. ❤

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