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Direct Mr Miagi son for trade for a female...ped must be nice...I won't trade for nothing watered down 🤷🏾‍♂️...dm if interested 😎💯 @cream1_5

Take on the world with an open mind & a full heart ❤️. #sundayvibes #findyourpeace #rest

happiness & sunshine 💋 #Love #SummerDays #FindYourPeace

💪🏾Tip toe vs Bella💪🏾...it the size of the fight in the dog😂😎💯...happy friday🤷🏾‍♂️ #findyourpassion #findyourpeace #doglife

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.
A tree grows from one seedling. A tower starts with one brick.
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@strongfitnessmag #strongcamptf @transformationfitnesspt 💪🏻❤️ #balance #findyourpeace #yoga #yogi #zen #strongcamp #getstrong #strongwomen #64 #tao #peace #grow #growth

Never allow other people's Insecurities to affect your PEACE.. #giftedhands

Stop caring if people like your style.
Stop comparing yourself to the people you see on the internet or tv.
Stop worrying about whether people will gossip about your hair.
Stop lowering your morals for the boy you like, if you have to lower your morals... hes not the one.
Stop wondering what people say about you.
Stop comparing your life to those you see on social media.
Stop doing shit just because you feel like you have too..
STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK, BECAUSE YOUR SCARED OF PEOPLES THOUGHTS OR FEELINGS.💯 ❤️Find your spark, your flame, what makes you happy & lights that fire in your soul..
& I promise once you find it,
you'll never care what another person says, feels or thinks again.❤️


werkin' the limbs daily, constantly a sweaty mess and going through a can of dry shampoo a week, BUT becoming a bundle of solid muscle, feeling healthy and being the fittest version of myself is such a joy ⭐️😌 make yourself proud, give your body what it needs and find your self-love through fitness 💪🏽 #findyourniche #findyourpeace


@Regrann from @cream1_5 - Direct KLAUZ daughter ⭐️MS HONEY🍯 enjoying the weather 🙌🏾...😎💯 #findyourpassion #findyourpeace #focusonself #lilactri

Find your inner peace. ✌🏻Whatever that my be. Just find it.
Do I know where my peace lies? Not fully, but it's something I am working on each and every day and I am determined to master. Everyone's peace is different but when you focus on finding it full heartedly.... the magic will come. #findyourpeace #marthabeck

Short evening walk.. quite relaxed 🌳🙏🌧☘️🍀🚶👍

First day back in the gym after my rest week literally kicked my ass 😅😅 #legday

You don’t have permission to give up.
Some days the world sneaks up on you and makes that solid foundation you’ve been walking on turn into quicksand.
But you don’t have permission to give up.
Do you hear me?
You. Don’t. Have. Permission. To. Give. Up.
It’s only 2:15pm and I’ve had a roller coaster of a day. I could easily let the fear of the falls take over and be blinded to the pure effing elation of rolling upward. But not today. Today I choose to look up, I choose to see the joy, to feel the hope.
Because I don’t have permission to give up.
So I turned to my tribe. To the women who support me, encourage me, the women who push me forward and shower me with love. I turned to my tribe because that’s what this “silly Beachbody thing” is all about.
It’s not about the actual beach bodies. It’s not about the cute color containers for your food. It’s not just about wearing yoga pants and being my own boss. (But those are some of there perks)
It’s about the support. The accountability. The encouragement. It’s about empowered women empowering other women. It’s about helping others become their best even when they feel their worst.
And it’s the best, most magical thing I’ve experienced.
Because I don’t have permission to give up.
Permission to rest. Permission to mess up. Permission to lose my ish. Of course.
But NO ONE has permission to quit in this tribe of warriors.

"You're all my heart ever talks about." 💕

Direct KLAUZ daughter ⭐️MS HONEY🍯 enjoying the weather 🙌🏾...😎💯 #findyourpassion #findyourpeace #focusonself #lilactri

"I think you heard me wrong, I hear your eyes. I think it came out wrong, a pillow of lies." - Rhye
#clouds #sunshine #findyourpeace #memories #bluesky #arizona #happiness

I feel the safest here...

You might have thought that just because I did a 21 Day boot camp that I was done challenging myself. Well, I say this with love, but you were wrong. Today I am starting a 60 day strength training program and I could not be more excited! In the past, I placed my focus and importance on being thin and I was miserable. I would do a little bit of weights, but I was more phoning it in then actually trying. Instead, I would do endless cardio. But more recently I have come to really love the feeling strength, power and confidence that comes from focused strength training. Plus it comes in handy when I need to give Caroline a boost at the playground 😉
So when I would train, I would either freestyle or follow a video on you tube that happened to sound good at the time. Again, there was no real focus. What I learned from my boot camp is that a focused workout program PLUS a portion controlled clean eating plan will not only get you the results you want but make you FEEL better. I got both of those from my boot camp and I want them again now! .
So I am going to challenge myself. It is going to be tough and I'm going to feel uncomfortable. But if I want real change, both physically and mentally, then that is what it is going to take. I'm throwing out my excuses and the limitations I set on myself and I'm going for it!
If you are finding yourself ready to take that step too, just let me know. The one thing I have held fast to as a coach is the IMPORTANCE of having accountability and support. Without it, success in all facets is so much harder. And I will be there with you 100% of the way!
Here we go!

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