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I look dopey AF but hey so what!! Too many people let other people’s opinions rule them...
Just focus on your own path and let the rest take care of itself!
#followyourpath #liveyourlife

What happens when your worries fade and you embrace each moment? You live!!! You truly can live and enjoy each moment without thinking of the next. I’m a very spiritual person and that may seem confusing to some. To me it means something higher than religion. It’s the energy and love that connects us all, and our souls. It’s not about judgement, rules, and control, it’s about experience, love, and compassion and growing from within. I believe we all are here on this earth as souls seeking lessons to learn. We arrive with nothing and leave with nothing as in tangible items. What we leave with us is how we make others feel. What effect did we have? Did we make people feel good or bad? That’s all that matters. Make this world a better place than you found it. This is a journey and experience. There is no right or wrong way to live your life, except authentically. We get so wrapped up in life’s stress and pleasing others, we lose sight of our individual purpose and do also what makes us happy. Finding what makes you happy love and giving that gift to others is what your life’s purpose is, what you are here to do for others and yourself. I believe I can help those find theirs. I can help you connect the dots within yourself and help you discover your true happiness and purpose. You should feel good about what you are doing, and also enjoy it. We tend to complicate this process for ourselves with expectations and too high of standards of the wrong things like money and greed. Go inward and think and find what you truly want to do. Please contact me for a session to discuss how to reach your goal and for support along the way. I’ve been to the lowest of lows and came out stronger, wiser, and better, and I want to help you do the same! Message me for details!! Or email at tammy@tammymichellephotography.com #lifeisajourney #beinspired #inspiration #positivevibes #positiveenergy #positivity #findyourhappiness #behappy #enjoythejourney #luck #dalailama #believeinyourself #bepositive #findyourhappiness #soulmeetshuman #lifecoaching #nashvillelifecoach #nashvilletn #hendersonvilletn #quotestoliveby #souljourney #transformation #behappy #positivethinking #positiveattitude

She is not perfect, she has flaws,she got things messed up sometimes,she is not that type of girl that someone will love and chased at. But she knows how to carry herself confidently in all circumstances and that I guessed is what makes her soul beautiful. #Prekend #instadaily #Geleebee #FindYourHappiness #FaveDayoftheWeek

Totally....💯 Time spend with my kids makes me feel happy and alive....!!! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤙🏽 #FindYourHappiness #StriveForGreatness
#Family #Motivation

This came to my mind a second ago after watching the drama ‘Just Between Lovers’. It was a really good scene that looked at their lives if a traumatic accident didn’t occur. The cinematography was really nice (being a theater and film major I had a whole moment). Anyways just sharing a little inspiration from my inspiration 😄 #poem #poetry #poemstagram #spilledinkpoetry #writerscommunity #spilledink #FindYourHappiness #Hope #BeautifulTomorrow #inspiration #JustBetweenLovers #lstitt

Tonight my heart is so full!

Today I got to witness as all of the ladies in my boot camp are overcoming their excuses about work, commute, and laziness to get their workout done!

I got to witness 4 mama bears take their first steps in their fitness journey and prepare to rock it!

I got to watch a friend as she walked more confidently since she learned to make better food choices!
I got to listen to a friend excited about wanting to go out and workout!

Today I was humbled as they shared their great news with me so we could both rejoice in their victories.

Today I was reminded multiple times over why I love coaching.

Tonight I can go to sleep proud!

Good night Social Media Land!

I take care of my health. I workout 6x a week. I eat balanced. I change up what I do because I can -- triathlons, heavy lifting, yoga, HIIT training, band work, it’s all at my disposal.
I grow my mindset, my confidence, my leadership skills on the daily. My time with Jesus first thing every morning and my time driving, cooking, and doing laundry have brought growth I didn’t know was possible for me.
And I build relationships. With my followers. With my clients. With my team. In my groups. In our trainings. On our video chats. I just connect and build up and pour out. A deep joy has been brought to my personal relationships -- marriage, family, friendships. Something shifted when I started coaching going into my 2nd year of teaching and Casey straight up pointed out “You just seem so much happier.”
Because I was, I am. I’ve found my people. There are thousands of different types of workouts I can do. There are dozens of different types of meal plans I can implement. I’m a different person -- renewed, more confident, more joyful, more fulfilled. And I have gotten to know some AMAZING people on this journey. So why aren’t you doing this yet? Why aren’t you changing lives -- taking your journey that ONE step further and impacting the people around you? Come meet the team tomorrow night -- message or email me me if you want to hang out with us and see if you’re a part of this tribe we have too 👩🏼‍💻💃🏼 #findyourhappiness #finditliveit

Everyone wants love until she leaves us. Then she’s looked at as the enemy when in fact we are the ones that push her away. -vis
#life #love #hate #heartbreak #happiness #discoveryourhappiness #breathe #poem #epigram #shortwriting #thoughts #feelings #loveyourself #findyourhappiness #instagram #artist #art #writing

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water ... Be water, my friend”. #findyourhappiness #stayfocused #fashion #passion #staycolorful #openyourmind #belikewatermyfriend #brucelee photo: @signe_vilstrup via @danskmagazine

Don't let the sweet innocent face fool ya...she tried to make me skip DAY 9! 😆🍑☝🏻
BUUUUUT....#Goals!!🙌🏻 And so I paused...helped #KonaCalifornia find HER position...& then we got to work ;) She's just may audition for the next Doga 🐶⭐️💜YOGA with your Dog ! Lol ((Ok maybe not...but we BOTH have some def WORK to do!)) Now off to seize the DAY! 💜Annnnnd breathe..🤗

Shot with iPhone 7 😝 Find where you want to be, the rest will fall in place. I promise. 🔥😉

Food/nutrition is a hard one for me!

One of the things I’ve loved most about these programs was the meal plans! It breaks down what to eat and how much to eat of it, and I need that!! This program is unique because of its timed meal plan. Not only did she say what to eat, but optimal times to eat it based off of your sleep schedule and workout schedule. 🤯

It feel like I’m eating all day, but in just one week I can already feel the difference!! My pants are not as tight, I have way more energy (even at 4 for the workouts) and most important, I never feel like I’m starving!! If that isn’t reason to love this plan, I’m not sure what it!

Bon Appetite! 😋

The photo on the left was about 2 years ago when i first made the commitment to start working out. Didn’t really know anything but knew i wanted a change and to be a better version of myself. I followed every big ig fitness girl and told myself i wanna look like them. My progress was slow to start and i didn’t see any results or changes for a while. I had been going through waves of working out and then not working out, but this time i made the commitment. This is the first big commitment i made for myself and i am so happy i have stuck with it.
Flash forward to the present on the right. This is 2 YEARS of progress. 2 years of hard work and dedication. Ive found the best ways to lift for MY body and MY personal growth. Ive learned to love myself no matter what stage i may be at. I no longer find myself comparing myself to other women, but instead i encourage other women. Because I’ve found my own happiness within myself, i want to help others do the same. So, if your unhappy and want a change, make your commitment. Keep at it. Do not give up. And trust. You may not have any progress to start, you may not notice anything changing, but know there will be changes soon. I hope this inspires people to make a change themselves and know you can always talk to me, I’ll support you in your goals and do what i can to help you achieve them🙌🏼💪🏼 .
#transformationtuesday #glutegrowth #gains #booty #personalprogress #trusttheprocess #betterversionofme #lookingforachange #getfit #bodyawareness #strongwomen #inspiration #whatareyourgoals #findyourhappiness #fitlifestyle #lifelessons #findingmyself #bodystrong

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