Happy first day of fall friends! Name your favorite activity this time of year.

Hey. Wassup? It me🙋🏼‍♀️.
Just wanted to hop out of the hermit hole I’ve been in all day, show off my nice all grey outfit😂, and say HAPPY SATURDAY💃🏼. HAPPY 1st OFFICIAL day of pumpkin season🎃🎃.
Tbh, I never know what day is is because nowadays, I know my days by:
A) what my work load is/what I have to get done work-wise
B) what muscle group I’m training (or is it a rest day?) C) is it a high carb day? Low carb? No carb? Cardio? No cardio? .
Not even kidding in the slightest🤪.
Anywho...woke up without many “HAVE TO’S” on the agenda but ended up sitting at my laptop, having quite the productive day...and it feels GEWD🤓. Getting shiz done because you want to feels GEWD. .
It’s hard to convince yourself it’s fall when it’s like 80 degrees🌴☀️🤷🏼‍♀️, butttt ima rock the joggers and try because hey...they cute😍
Joggers➡️ @buffbunny_collection (dropping the 29th). Link in my bio!💜
-------------------------------------------- .
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. . .
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Self love Saturday ✨

Not feeling my best lately. Maybe it’s the weather training rainy and gloomy, maybe it’s my best friend being gone, maybe it’s a lot of things.
All I know is I haven’t been really taking care of myself like I should. Too much Netflix not enough soul searching. Too much junk food not enough veggies.
So this evening I took my time. I didn’t rush. I relaxed, I showered, and I actually took time to think and to reflect.
Little changes like these will get me back to myself again. 💕

Escape the ordinary & embrace the crazy 🙃😈

If I could go back to Thursday and take a before picture, I wonder if I would look as different in the after picture as I feel. God was working some incredible, undeniable things in my heart this weekend. Thank you to everyone at @mops_international for blessing us with such a wonderful platform for growth. I pray that God will continue to help guide us in our growth as we help our young mamas find and fuel their own flames. Until next year MOMCON, keep it burning bright. ❤️🔥#TeenMOPS #mopsinternational #momcon2018 #findyourfire #thisismotherhood

🤔What do you do when to finish a goal?
Move forward and start something new?
Stay where you are at????
Well on the 7th we wrapped up our last program. Originally I was going to start a new program this week with my LIVE CLASSES, but my back and my sinuses had a different thought.
So over the last two days I've been stretching, using a heating pad, and thinking about what to do. Instead of staying here and getting frustrated. I've made a new plan and I'm ready to tackle the last 3 1/2 months of 2018. 🎉Well I'm all about fun and supporting others.
So, who wants to crush some goals with me??? 👉Side Note...we will work on progress because PERFECTION is just not my jam. We will work on balance, enjoy foods we love, flexible nutrition plan, and get to moving 😝 (what ever works for you!) ✨You are worth it, let's link arms and continue forward or start where you are at! ✨If this sounds like something you have been thinking about, well take my hand. Drop me a 🙌 below and let's chat and get started...or shoot me a message!!!

You are magic. ⁣
Don’t you >>EVER apologize ⁣
for the F I R E inside of you. ⁣

Getting the summer bod just in time for winter😎💪🏼 #getrdone #findyourfire #sweatitout #maketime #blackandwhite #lonewolf #gainzfordayz #makingmoves #2018

Happy first day of fall 🍂

Reminiscing back on summer days with my husband in the city 😍 honestly I couldn’t find a better representation of myself.
In a big city, water in tow, flipping my hair, & embracing the beauty of nature. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Doing my best to get in the fall spirit (other than that PSL cause let’s be real that’s not hard to get💁🏼‍♀️) and looking forward to the holiday season 😍

One of the most common things people say to me when we chat about them getting started with me & my friends on their health & fitness journey is; “I wish I was as motivated as you.”
“I don’t have your motivation.” NO! POOOP💩 on motivation!
It’s fickle & unreliable and isn’t worth your time.😵
Better to cultivate habits than to rely on motivation.🙀 FORCE YOURSELF TO DO THINGS.👊🏼
FORCE yourself get out of bed 🛏 & practice.
FORCE Yourself TO Work. 💥

Motivation is fleeting & easy to rely on
Because it requires no concentrated effort to get it #ohsnap 😶
Motivation comes to you, you don’t even have to chase after it ❌🏃‍♀️ HABITS ARE RELIABLE 😍

The question isn’t how to stay motivated.

It’s how to train yourself to work without it. 🔥
I’ll be here when your ready to join us 😜😎 #FindYourFire
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The slowest of our Saturday’s in while. Not complaining.
Soccer, fam time, friend time, naps, painting, a little shopping and a few Fall accents showing up around the house. 🍁
👌🏼 working in some “work” here and there too. Thats what’s so great about this side hustle - it’s not a hustle at all. This community. It fits in where I need it to.
Folds into the spaces that were begging to be filled with extra love and sisterhood anyway. 💕 #findyourfire #leakesquad #wildroost #Fall #pumpkins #saturday #slowdown #team #sisterhood

Throwing around a barbell for a bit after a 4 mi HIIT run. Had planned on doing some accessory work today, but the gym was crowded and I posted up in a rig and ran through some lunges and snatches and some OH Press & Rows. Sometimes the body tells you what to train and you just go with it! #ChangeYourPerspective ✌❤🏋🏼‍♀️
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If you don’t know, puns and dad jokes are my JAM! I love @kerussoofficial for that! 😍😍

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