I get so annoyed when people bash @crossfit . If you don't understand it and haven't found the right place, keep your thoughts to yourself! Movement is movement no matter what you choose. #crossfit #cff #crossfitflushing #findwhatworksforyou #liveyourbestlife #liveandlearn #stayfocused #bepostive

Laying down on the job? 💁🏼‍♀️
Ok yeah maybe a little. My initial game plan for working out this weekend was yesterday off and do a lifting 🏋🏼‍♀️ and cardio 🤸🏼‍♀️ session this morning… buuut I changed my mind yesterday
I realized I hadn’t swam 🏊🏻‍♀️ in a while and I really don’t like lifting on days I swim… so I made yesterday cardio so I could swim instead of 💯% rest and kept lifting on the agenda for today 💪🏻
With a bunch of exciting 😜 upcoming travels and visitors these upcoming summer months 😍, it’s really important to me I plan ahead and make sure I make time for my workouts a priority while allowing myself rest and enjoyment when with loved ones 🤗 #balance
I ran over my current split and upcoming schedule and planned out what days are lift versus cardio versus lifting & cardio versus complete rest through Labor Day weekend 🤫🤯🙈
Some don’t like to plan that far out, but it works for me… type A’s I know you feel me. 🤓... I know I am able to get in my 5️⃣ lifts and 3️⃣ HIITs per week AND necessary rest days around my travels and visitors…. This is MY balance ⚖️, and I’m happy with it
If yours looks 👀 COMPLTELY different, that’s awesome too 👍🏻… find what works for YOU!! What does YOUR balance look like?⁉️ Comment below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'RE A WILD-HEARTED ADVENTURE LOVER!!! Just another somethin' you need to know, if you're here, following my journey. Let's get real:
1. I'd rather spend a day in the #GreatOutdoors exploring over a day of shopping ANY TIME!! Throw me your fav. adventure emoji if you feel me on this!!

2. I LIVE FOR HUMAN CONNECTION! I am in love with learning about life, growing, and helping so many people! So please, SHARE YOUR VOICE WITH ME! Answer my questions, tell me your story, let's connect and get real together! No lurkers in my threads! I'm on a mission to make social media a positive, uplifting, communal place. If you're not into that - PEACE OUT!

3. I'm often asked, "How are you happy all the time?" or "Why are you always smiling / laughing?" To which I respond with laughter. The truth is, I am not happy all the time. I get stressed, I cry a lot, I have bad reactions, and get pissed about some stupid little shit (like clutter in our tiny apartment), BUT I have some pretty important routines in place to help me stay grounded and keep me working towards my big goals. {download my top 10 secrets to create a healthy + happy life w the link in my bio}
4. I'm not as confident as you might think I am. I still see my cellulite, rubbing thighs, puffy eyes, the lil' pooch at the bottom of my tummy, and the bumps on my bum - but I don't feed into the negative mean mind narratives around these anymore - I have fiercely fought myself to love every bit of the real me and I will show up (sometimes baring it all) only to show you that YOU ARE WORTHY of love, belonging, and acceptance - right now, in the body you are in, in this moment, and every moment!

5. I know we are all capable of big, huge, scary-amazing things and I will guide you to living the life of your dreams to the best of my ability, as I am building my own little sweet spot in the world, shining my own light, right beside you. Please remember YOU ARE NEVER ALONE in this world, sweet friend and I love you!

...and if course, cookies always go with watermelon :) #yesIeatcookies #itisallaboutbalance #neverdepriveyourself #findwhatworksforyou

It’s all about balance💕
Whether it’s work, nutrition, fitness!
Planning Healthy Living meal plans & recipes for our July group♥️ #worklifebalance #worklifestyle #healthylifestyle #balance #choices #vegan #veganrecipes #nonvegan #nonveganrecipes #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #findwhatworksforyou #fitness #foodie #loveyourself #healthieryou #healthierchoices #hellyeah

Feeling so much love and appreciation from the amazing community @f45artarmon after saying farewell this week. Had more fun coaching here than I had ever imagined.. you are all so inspiring, motivating and hard-working 💪🙌
Keep up the great work 👊.. and I’ll be back 🙃
#fitfam #f45artarmon #musttry #communityovercompetition #fitnesscanbefun #motivateeachother #findwhatworksforyou

Start weight 19 st 7 lbs
Current weight 12 st 10.5 lbs
I am fairly sure that I have never been this low as an adult.

Goal weight - somewhere around the 11 st 7 lbs mark, maybe.

#weightwatchersworks #worktheplan #usewhatworksforyou #findwhatworksforyou

AH!! Look at Marissa Adams!! Doesn't she look amazing?! Love what she says!! "You CAN change and you CAN be better!💗 Two and a half years ago you would have caught me saying “I will never use supplements.. I just need good exercise and diet.”😭 Yes, that was me. The girl on the left was tired, moody, gripping all the time, stressed, craved sugar, had a ton of inflammation and was caught wishing she could support her husband more with the bills, saving for the boy’s college, wanting to go on vacations but didn’t know how she would afford it... The girl on the left loved life but was just “existing” in today’s everyday world. What she didn’t realize was that just by bettering her health and getting to some #rootissues that she didn’t know existed could lead her to where she is today!!!!!🙊 The girl on the right is full of life, a better version of herself, positive, motivated, down 45 pounds, energetic throughout the day and she truly #enjoyslife!💃🏼 She is able to wake up super easy in the morning and start her day!👊🏼 She is helping others with their health goals all while supporting her family!👏🏼 The girl on the right is the same girl but an even better one... a healthier and happier one!🍋❤️🏃🏼‍♀️ You see, we all need help!! We all eat junk. We all consume things we aren’t supposed too and God intended for our bodies to thrive! God wants us to have true health and happiness without stress and negativity!🙅🏼‍♀️ This lifestyle change I’m on was my answer!!🙌🏼 I want to encourage you to find your answer! Find what works for you and LOVE LIFE!😍 We have ONE life. We don’t get to start today over. Time doesn’t go backwards so find your happiness today!!☀️ Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag... Invest in yourself!!" #investinyourhealth #yourhealthmatters #findwhatworksforyou #loveyourself #consistency #healthandhappiness

Because I CAN!! When it's a lifestyle, which means it's not a "diet". You can have an ice cream with your kids on the last day of School.
We also walked there and back, not that it matters!!😜
#healthandhappiness #findwhatworksforyou #2bmindset #mindset #healthyliving #sugarytreats #firstdayofsummer #schoolisout

Day 55 cardio core! Guys I didn't pause at all, I kept moving, no laying down on the floor feeling bleh! I kicked my ass all the way through it!! I'm so excited!!! 💪💪💪💪 Walking now and we'll see what rest of the day holds

I haven’t done a progress picture in a while, but I took a screenshot from a workout I did yesterday and decided to share. ....
January 2017 I decided I had to get my health and fitness back on track after having my twins (they were already a year). My mom was sick again and I had already watched my dad pass when I was 14. I didn’t start out for vanity reasons, but for my health. My mom passed from cancer in September and now it’s even more of a push to stay healthy for my husband and three kids. ....
I lost my initial 20ish pounds following a plan, but then wasn’t having much more progress. Great plan, but it wasn’t for me. I moved on to another plan July 2017 and lost about 5 more pounds, but wasn’t leaning out - initially. In January (swipe right) I moved on to the cutting phases and I started to see physical changes. By April I could see my abs, but man my progress in the gym wasn’t moving forward. It was actually getting worse. I was exhausted and could barely get through the day, let alone lifting. I know I was on the strictest cut at this point, but I wanted to be lean AND have energy/strength. .....
Moving on to April. I decided that plan was maybe not for me and it was time to look around. That’s when I found @m2performancenutrition, @mike_m2pn, and @jessicahunsucker32. #gamechanger!!! All my macros have been increased according to what I do and my goals ~personalized~. I’ve had several PRs in the gym and so much more energy. I can’t even explain how much better I feel. I haven’t been weighing since I’ve been on the road (down 30 since the beginning), but I think the way I feel and what I see in this picture says enough!! #findwhatworksforyou #m2pn #eatwell #sleepwell #performwell

This is why I’m here!! Inspiration for my own journey and increase my belief level that ALL is possible for anyone regardless of size or age!
Don’t GIVE IP on your health!!
#beallyoucanbe #keeptrying #gethealthy #behealthy #findwhatworksforyou #dontgiveup

Client spotlight: my beautiful bride, @lady.kathryn. Katie lost over 30 pounds leading up to her big day... without tracking her food! Instead, she changed her mindset around food, and found incredible success through simplicity and LIFESTYLE change. So proud of this woman! #findwhatworksforyou #wcfc #private #warehouse #gym #cincinnati #ohio #personaltraining #personaltrainer #lifestyle #behaviorchange #awareness #educate #empower #growth #development #theforceisfemale #beauty #happy #maintainable

Momma's little helper! When I'm feeling I need to munch on something in the evening i make me some hot tea. Warms my soul and gets rid of those cravings! #healthyeating #fitmom #findwhatworksforyou #igotgoalsyo #busynfit #dontquit #goalgetter #choosehealthy #foodisfuel #selfimprovement #ilovetea #fitlife #makeithappen #betterthanyesterday

The programs and products are awesome and what drew me to this opportunity, but the community and relationships are by far what’s kept me here and growing. 💜💜 Why not you? #aisforactive #findwhatworksforyou #strongwomenlifteachotherup

Working from home - I always had this idea in the my head that it would be so easy.
I’d be able to stay in my pyjamas, I’d work from my couch instead of an uncomfortable office chair - I’d be so much more productive!
In reality, what I wasn’t expecting is the number of distractions there are at home!
It takes focus and dedication to work from home and build a successful business.
The ability to tune out those distractions, stop thinking about the piles of washing, or the dinner that needs cooking, or the fact that there is Netflix if I just turned on the tv for a quick ‘break’ 🤣
But despite all that - having the freedom to work where I want, when I want, without sacrificing time with my family is a huge blessing. And one I wish more mums had the opportunity to do!

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time."
(John Lubbock, The Use Of Life)
I took this on a summer day last year where I took some time to walk barefoot in the grass, sit under the trees, listen to the wind, and watch the water.
#summersolstice #firstdayofsummer #summertime #rest #rejuvenate #findwhatworksforyou #mindfulmoments #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness

Max wants some @dailyharvest too 🐕🧡dm me if you want a code for 3 free cups in your first 📦
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I used to be a cross country and track & field athlete. I was a distance runner.

I loved cross country and wasn’t a big fan of track. With cross country, we raced on interesting courses and constantly changing terrain, and with track, it was a just around and around on the same big oval.

Once I got into weight lifting, I fell away from running almost immediately. It just didn’t jive with my goals anymore.

But it’s funny how the level to which you enjoy a style of working out and exercising is relative to where you are on your fitness journey.

Because now, any time I do cardio, I would so much rather be on a track than stuck inside on a treadmill. Seriously, treadmills are the worst.

The point is, there are so many modalities for exercise, and if you don’t like one, try another. You’ll eventually find something that works for you and your preferences. And that’s all that matters.

You do you. I’mma do me! 🤣🤣
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