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I recognize that life is a dream, and I dream lucid. #jcole #firesquad #findthelightwithin #innerpeace #innerme

A few fun ones from Saturday night heading into the City.
#manbehindthecurtain #findthelightwithin

Day 3: No words needed... #Samsøyogaretreat

The #a7x I remember and love #riprev this shit will never get old true rock n roll metal at its finest push, move, punch, kick, anything anyone any anything out of your way to survive and stride to be the best I am, they did, and I will #findthelightwithin#secondheartbeat#wakingthefallen

The past year has been a tough one. Difficult decisions made and rough journeys have happened. There have been good things as well like my daughters continuing to grow and make strides as becoming beautiful people and buying my house. I have looked in the mirror and struggled to find that light that shines from within. I know it's there and I have seen small glimmers.
I know people hate the new year new me, but I'm saying new year and just getting me back. It's time to rediscover my happiness. I hate the negative energy. This year I will make MSgt, rediscover my dreams in the gym and find that shine again. Time to get back to the community that I love and the support I need. I have written down my plan to take back my happiness. This has to happen and it will!
I hope for any of you out there who need the same that you find it.
Happy new year to all of you. Time to rise and shine.#crossfit #findthelightwithin #determined

If you could hear everyone's life story, there isn't one you wouldn't love. #loveyourselffirst #innerme #innerpeace #findthelightwithin #alignyourchakras

EVERYTIME you're pulled back make sure you give enough resistance that once that time is over you will shoot ahead so much further #workingonmeforme #sometimesthedarknesswins #findthehappiness #findthelightwithin

yes you are beautiful ⭐️ yes we see you ⭐️ #findthelightwithin #alignandshine #unity


Mind body and soul Monday morningssss. Feeling refreshed and as if I have grown few inches (in spirit) after my few days away 💛💛💛 let's really try and keep it simple #mondaymotivation #yoga #morning #meditation #intentions #selfcare #selflove #findthelightwithin #seethelightinothers #london #summer #sunsalutation

Today was awesome as we @tanjaottesen and @yasmingouhari spend the afternoon in the sun.
@hopecph provided us with the most delicious vegan lunch. So many wonderful things planned for the future at Sangha - our community and Copenhagen yoga family. Stay tuned 😎 ☀️🌱✔️

There are moments when, what ever the position of the body, the soul is on its knees. ~Victor Hugo ❤️#findthelightwithin #selfnurture #reikihealing #loveistheanswer #couragedearheart #selflove

Join us tonight at 18-19 for a dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class guided by Mathilde @tildecph our new regular teacher at Sangha. A warm welcome from all of us <3

Mathilde is a Copenhagen based yoga teacher with a training background in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga from India and Australia. Her deepest wish is to share her passion and love for yoga, in a safe and secure way. Depending on the class and the energy, we will challenge ourselves through playful flows, strengthening poses, body awareness, deep stretches and inner stillness.
Welcome everybody!

Schedule + online booking: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/home?studioid=277028

Read more about Mathilde her: http://www.sanghayoga.dk/teachers/mathilde-sofie-madsen/

Spending my Friday night doing what I like to do most.

Huge thanks and gratitude to Sandy @sandykingyoga and Sas @sazzie_benthos for an absolutely awesome start of the 5 Koshas Jivamukti Workshop Weekend programme tonight. You amaze me every time 🙏🏼🌟❤️

Sangha is bathing in light these days. Come salute the sun and join us for a dynamic uplifting Jivamukti practice at 17.30-19 taught by Tanja or take a calming and gentle Yin Class with Zerina at 19.30-21.

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