Ever feel like you’re pushing, pulling & climbing your way to the top but you‘re not getting anywhere🤷🏻‍♀️😏🤦🏻‍♀️💜 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Well at least I found a gym to on the road to physically do all those things so I can feel somewhat accomplished today #longestdayever ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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To my surprise today, I had a beautiful package in my mailbox. I opened the box and it was from a beautiful new friend named Ashley. Each item in this adorable box by @thestaystrongmom was created by women who had endured pregnancy or child loss. It was truly special and so very thoughtful of my @mutu_strong sister to send me such a heartfelt hug in a box. Infertility can be such a painful journey, but with the support of sweet friends and family, the hardest days are much more bearable. Thank you again Ashley for this thoughtful gift of love. ❤️❤️#kindnessmatters #milspousefriends #militaryspouses #infertility #miscarriage #healingloveandlight #strength4spouses #staystrongmom #findingstrength #thoughtfulgesture

School shopping, DI drop off, lunch, clean the house, make dinner, new school clothes fashion show, and now a nice relaxing bat-! Just kidding not relaxing my kids apparently can’t make a decision without asking me even though their dad is downstairs playing On his phone! 🤦🏽‍♀️ would I trade it for anything? Not a chance! #momlife #mom #kids #family #joy #findingstrength #lovemylife #thisislife #mylife #mycrazylife #life #selfie #momselfie #lovingeveryminute

He loved to cook.
He loved the Detroit @Tigers.
And he loved his country.

We were honored to hold a #WeHonorVeterans Pinning ceremony for Ronald Kotulak at his home before his passing on June 28th. Joined by his wife Delphine, Ann Schmitt, SW and Bob Easlick, Spiritual Care, we were proud to honor Ronald's service and dedication with a certificate, lapel pin and American flag.

Ronald, a veteran of the #VietnamWar, served from 1960-1962 with the 57th Artillery. He was married to his wife for 63 years after having grown up together on the same block, and raised two daughters.

Please join us in honoring his legacy.
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And if a miracle doesn't happen, take a breath keep on pushing.
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Cape Fear Trail, in Fayetteville, is such a beautiful place! I have found my strength here on many occasions and pounded the pavement here so many times. A run here always exhilarates me to the core. Today, Daizi and I found many butterflies, enjoyed the lily pads, and got our 4 miles in all while the car was being worked on nearby. #runningforwellness #fayncbloggers #faync #militarylife #armywife #fittinginexercise #trailrunningviews #trailrunning #findingstrength

This quote at the end of my Mom School journal perfectly describes my relationship with my mom in my tween/teen years. So thankful for her support, listening ear, patience, biblical encouragement, words of wisdom, honesty, and faith. Her words were sometimes few and to the point, rarely sugar-coated, but always said with love. As a mom now and with my own tweens and teen who talk to me, ask hard questions, and share their hearts ... I find myself learning to hold my tongue ... That saying less is often more ... That listening is more important than speaking ... And I wonder if my mom's quiet during my ramblings were because she was praying for wisdom, patience, and faith to know how to respond ... Because parenting is hard - more specifically, being the one your children look to for answers is a heavy responsibility. "Lord, may I only say what YOU want me to say. May I respond, rather than react. May I be ruled by love rather than emotion. May I always point my children to You, Jesus. Amen." #momlife #countingourblessings #seekingjoy #findingstrength #modsquad #mobsociety

I wear my heart on my sleeve.... always have, always will 💗

Why is it that we always rely on external sources to feel empowered? 🌱 Other people and other places. A voice that’s not ours.. or an experience we haven’t had. 🌸 Here’s to finding empowerment in ourselves this week: in the way WE’RE strong and confident and charismatic and driven. Let’s be inspired by our own strength, our own grit and above all, by our OWN journey. 🙋🏽‍♀️ I know for a fact that when I’m my own biggest support, I perform better in everything — whether it’s selling myself, completing day-to-day tasks, dealing with stress or simply being a good time. It pays to back yourself — so give yourself what’s owed, yeah? ☺️

Stand guard at the door of your mind.
Book recommendation: Meditations - Marcus Aurelius. Check it out!

Explore. Try new things. How else do you expect to find what you're good at?

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If we take the time to look at the prayers God has answered, we’ll rejoice over the process He is taking us through. Therefore do not get discouraged and let this post from @heatherllove be the boost you need to grow! • “I think that sometimes, we forget that there’s a “cost” attached to the things we prayed for. You may have prayed for a child and now you’re up all night with a newborn. You’re exhausted, tired and worn out. You may have prayed for a job but you didn’t realize how much time, energy and actual work went into the position. You may have prayed for a spouse and you have one now but they drive you up the wall. Your answered prayers require a lot of death to your flesh which will produce maturity, endurance and growth. Yes, it may be hard but it’s supposed to be. You’re growing.”✨🖤 #Rescued #Blessings #NewLevels #FindingStrength #Surrender #Humility #AnsweredPrayers #Sisterhood #TrustGod #Rejoice #Believe #WorkHard #Hope #Faith #Christianity #Business #Goals #Dreams #NewMom #NewJob #Marriage #Relationships #SpiritLed #SonsAndDaughters #Perseverance #heatherlindsey #pinkypromise

*~ A Sister's ♡ love ~*
I remember the day you were born, yet never can I forget the night you died
Missing you always
You never said you were leaving for good
You never said goodbye forever
You were gone before we knew it
No one knew it was your time
Million times I cried
Million moments I needed your Hug
Only heaven seen my tears
Only heaven heard my cries
Even though it's been years
Feels like that very day
When your precious life was taken away
Yet so proud of the boy that grew into the brother, the man, the husband, the father like no other
If love alone could had saved you
You my brother would had never died
In my ♡ heart holds a place, that only you can fill
Today is another birthday Hug
You can never feel

#asisterslove #another #year #broken #heart #findingstrength #thankful for the #memories #wishwewerekidsagain

One of the reasons we decided to get a dog is because we hoped it would be therapeutic for our special needs children. Belle calms down and cuddles our youngest (4) when we put them together. She falls right to sleep! Our youngest seems to like her, too. 😍 #puppylove #beagle #specialneedschildren #specialneedslife #countingourblessings #seekingjoy #findingstrength

This journey belongs to no one but you. .
As I walked along the beach last week I thought about how far I’ve come these past two years. But I want you to know it was not without failure. Time after time I would fall and some how find the strength to rise up. Some times rising quicker then others. Other times feeling paralyzed and stuck. But somehow I found the strength to continue moving forward, along a path which I was not certain where it would lead me. Somehow I knew wherever I was headed it was where I was meant to be. So I decided to be brave and continue on. Navigating through these times I often felt alone and had to constantly remind myself to lean into others and to surround myself around those who cared about me the most. That is where I found my strength. .
There were points in the last couple of years I didn’t know if I would make it but I knew giving up was not an option. So I fought. I fought like my life depended on it because it did. I fought for my kids, I fought for my husband, I fought for me. .
All the messy stuff in the middle that’s where the magic happens. That’s where you build strength, character and resilience. I’m grateful for the struggles that brought me here. That my kids saw me fail and not give up. My failures brought me to where I am today and made me the woman I’ve become. Don’t underestimate the lessons you can learn from these situations. They are some of the most valuable ones you’ll ever learn. .
You might find yourself at some point in this very same place. It’s scary, it’s painful, and I’m not gonna lie it’s hard AF. But this too shall pass. And if you can find the courage and strength to rise above and continue moving forward you will be so grateful for the hardships that brought greatness to your life. .
#nevegiveup #risingstrong #strengthwithin #hardship #findingstrength

I am so glad I faced my fears and jumped into a life changing experience!! I have let fear of the unknown and fear of failure cripple me in too many past situations!
I want my little girl to grow up knowing she has a strong mommy who challenges herself daily and she can do the same 💛
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