Fix your thoughts on Jesus. Ephesians 3:1
To fix our thoughts on Jesus is to close our eyes. To mark this moment by declaring our trust in God. To declare to God out loud like Jesus did, “Not my will but yours be done.” To stop fixating on the circumstances raging around us. To stop trying to make sense of things that make no sense in the middle of the journey. And to stop asking for knowledge that is too heavy for us to carry....
We don’t have to know the plan to trust there is a plan.
We don’t have to feel good to trust there is good coming.
We don’t have to see evidence of changes to trust that it won’t always be this hard.
We just have to close our physical eyes and turn our thoughts to Jesus. Fix our thoughts on Him. Say His name over and over and over. God doesn’t want to be explained away. He wants to be invited in!
Words by: @lysaterkeurst

I have been looking at getting this for a couple of weeks and finally got it today. This book was made for me!!!!! Speaks right to my soul, WOW!!!!! #FindingIAm @lysaterkeurst

In the midst of an extremely busy day, I had to force myself to sit down and dig into my Bible study. Yes, I am behind again. Enjoying "Finding I Am" by @lysaterkeurst while sipping a cup of Cranberry Blood Orange tea. {sigh}
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The end of another small group semester with the most amazing women! #FindingIAm #bettertogether #BowandArrow

We switched out our coal stove for a woodstove this past weekend, and Im in love. All the childhood memories and smells of a cold winter 🔥❄️👌

So very true. If I understood everything in my life, the good, the bad, the confusing, it would be so easy to explain everything logically. So easy to leave God out of the equation and credit His handiwork to others or even myself. God lives in the mystery 💕

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Only Jesus is good enough.
I will keep trying to fill my life with more of other things, things that are shiny or sweet, but they don't last and they won't sustain. Only Jesus satisfies, because He never runs out on us. He never leaves us alone. He always has our best in His plan. He will use even our mistakes & brokenness for good.
All we have to do is surrender, and be satisfied. [Started this book study by @lysaterkeurst Finding I Am: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry if Your Heart last week. This week was looking at how He is the Bread of Life.] #satisfied

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13) but only as I ABIDE in the True Vine (Jn 15:5). When I come to the end of myself that is where you see God shine the brightest.
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I am slowly starting to 🏃🏻‍♀️ again after @indymonumental !! Today while I was out 🏃🏻‍♀️I was 🎧 to @dailyaudiobible & wanted to share. I was trying out the chronological version because I have got behind out the yearly version!! So behind that I am way back at the end of Sept 😑 but that is okay! Anyway I was trying to get to the gospel of John to line up with the #findingiam 📖. I never got to John today but what I did listen to included this passage in Mark. In this passage Jesus is in a 🏠 healing people! The crowd is huge! So huge that 4 friends were carrying a paralyzed man on a 🛏 & they couldn’t get him to Jesus. So what do they do? They take him up and down through a hole they make in the roof!& Jesus saw their faith and he healed him & forgave him! I have heard this passage plenty of times before, but I couldn’t help but think how awesome this guy’s friends were to not only carry him to Jesus, but to take him down through the roof! It made me 👀 inward! As Christians everyday we have opportunities to take friends to Jesus! I had to ask myself-If it’s not a convenient moment for me do I take the opportunity to take friends to Jesus? Carrying this man wasn’t convenient and taking him through a roof wasn’t either! ☝🏼But, they made sure their friend got to Jesus! #dailyaudiobible #bible #bibleverses

I’m 3 days behind on my Bible study (🙊), but daddy is taking care of bath/bedtime tonight so I can catch up. If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus really is, then I would highly recommend #FindingIAm by @lysaterkeurst. She really knocked it out of the park with this one! It’s a great 5 week study on the 7 I Am statements. I can’t wait to get to week 3, which is the Good Shepherd and the Gate of the Sheep (my faaaaavorite ones 🤗). #notanad #ijustdigthisbook #andJesus

To-do list a mile long ⁣

Laundry upon laundry thanks to a stomach bug 🤢⁣

Bags still need to be unpacked from last weekend ⁣
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ⁣
But instead, I’m hitting pause. I’m forcing myself to slow down and just be. ⁣

In this crazy hectic world we live in, so often we all feel the need to run and do. To be honest, it’s so hard for me to say no to others in order to spend time focusing on what’s most important. Its especially difficult during this season of life!⁣

However, once I clear my mind I walk away feeling so refreshed and refueled. So for now, I’m putting away my to-do list, sitting on my back patio, soaking up this Fall weather and enjoying these beautiful colors. I challenge you to do the same ❤️⁣

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The hushing of humility will be the rushing in of pride. 🙏
There's nothing that crystallizes and in crusts the soft places of a heart more than the settle first notions that you disagree with truth. 🤔
~ Lysa TerKeurst
#FindingIAm #Truth #Proverbs 11:2

I tend to want to do everything on my own. Figure it out myself. But the truth is, on my own I'm so weak. Any strength I have is through Christ, but I have to give it over to Him first.
Lysa TerKeurst's #FindingIAm

A simple reminder of a lesson God is teaching me right now.

Recently studying the I AM statements the True Vine captured my heart. •
ABIDE I me Jesus says. It is only as I abide that I can bear fruit (John 15:5). It is only as I abide that I can walk this life. •
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippines 4:13) buy Only as I ABIDE in Him. •
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Thanks @chrystalhurst for the reminder this morning 📖☕

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You are Enough! Remember that simple truth as you walk through this week!
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A weekend full of revelation. We are all leaving this weekend filled and ready to serve, ready to go, whatever we say yes Lord. We are STEPPING IN. #steppinginministries #steppingincommunity #findingIAM

Wednesday was a very long and busy day for me, and I didn't get around to posting about our Bible Study. This past week's study was on Jesus' statement, "I Am the Light of the World." One of the things I find most interesting is that in John 8:12, Jesus states, "I am the light of the world." But in Matthew 5:14 he says, "You are the light of the world." You see, we don't shine in and of ourselves, but rather it is Jesus that shines through us.
It's rather wonderful to know that, as we study who Jesus says He is, we also learn more about who He says we are!


Do you ever feel like God doesn’t give you enough time & attention... only to realize YOURE the one not giving God enough time & attention.
Kylee where have you gone? Let’s get you back where you need to be & remember that God loves you and you need to love yourself.
Thank goodness this bible study group popped up because it was the best timing for me personally to work on my relationship with Jesus. #dedicateyourtimetoHim #findingiam

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