A little mid-day knitting & nature break. I seem to be making a shawl that camouflages perfectly with moss covered rocks...

More summer bark, with amazing moss and lichen!
#greenstuff #findingbeauty

Is it only Tuesday?

Good morning ✨

Late summer morning, sitting under my favorite oak tree, listening to cicadas, drinking Steve’s Smokey double dark. 😍 #coffeeart #findingbeauty #urbangarden

Among all the destruction we had on the farm I find this beautiful rain lily blooming. A lesson in life there is always beauty even when your not expecting it.
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Next stop home 🙏🏼💫✈️

People are not real anymore. Not online anyways. That's just the way the world is and I fear for what my kid's will endure in their generation.
We live in this picture perfect, perfect parenting, pinterest worthy world in 2018. Its making us constantly want what "they" have. It's making us think "I would be happy if xyz" or "I wish my body looked like that girl".
I have to constantly remind herself not to compare myself to someone's highlight reel. And even when I share my successes and all of the things I'm so grateful for, I want YOU to remember that it's also MY highlight reel. .
Life is not sunshine & rainbows for anyone, even if their feed is thre most magical thing you've ever seen and it makes your eyes twinkle. It's strategy. In a social media run era.
So, while scrolling through the interwebs and oogling over Debra's perfection of a living room and perfectly styled family of 8 just remember - Debra has the same battles you do, maybe even more.
You don't need to be anything else besides what your mama made you! (Unless you're a total jerk, in that case, practice kindness). You can read books to self develop instead of scrolling through feeds. Meditate instead of yearning for things you don't have. WORK HARD instead of complaining. It takes practice just like anything else.
You will be happy when you appreciate what you have and be your own kind of perfect, and not hers.
None of these things in this picture made me a happier person when I bought them. NOT ONE. But seeing the mess that my family made last night during a rare game night makes my heart so happy it might burst!
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We’ll be home Sweet home tomorrow!! Four and a half months away is a LONG time!!! 💙🙏🏼💙

officially “tired mom of three”

Good morning begonias!
#findingbeauty #morninglight

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely -Louisa May Alcott #maui @mauimag #islandstyle #nature #naturephotography #findingbeauty #ocean #tree #simple

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