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I love that Ive been able to help so many people change their lives! Business consultations over drinks... #business #entrepreneurlifestyle #bossup #love #inatagood #instalove #comedian #laugh #weightloss #financialplan #freedom #jamaicamehappy #seagrams #lemon #limes

Child education investment by my client today. Smart to invest now & let the investment grow .. create your future success today #financialplan #nsgwealthadvisors #awesome #awardwinninggroup

When the cashier ask if you want to get a credit card to get an additional 20% off your purchase. ✌👎🤚🙃💳
#financialplan #moneymatters #FlawlessEffect

Unfortunately, life is not always smooth sailing. Do you have a #financialplan for if things go wrong? I can help you put a plan in place. Contact me today using the bio link to get started planning your future!

This is just FYI info. If your over 40 years old, you need to know your SSI numbers. Being 40+ you have 20 years to have a good retirement fund established. Step1- go to the SSI website and register to see what your projected SSI check might look like as of today. It doesn't hurt to have a good retirement plan in place. @shizz215x @blkjapdol @lov_272 @cindala36 @neelia_00 @lisetteg74 #financial #retirement #financialplan #economy #money

B2B Bank seminar for Smart Loans/ debt consolidation. Let's free up cash flow and put a proper plan in place for INDEPENDENCE! 💰

가장중요한건 준비운동인듯..
준비운동 안하고
pull up했다가 어깨 두번이나 나감... 운동뿐만아니라..
모든일에는 워밍업이 필요합니다.. 2017년 계획을 세웁시다..
여러가지 계획중
돈에 관련된 계획 (재무계획)은
저와 상의 하셔야죠 ♩❤
#재무설계 #daily #financialplan


В своих поисках знаний, с целью узнать себя лучше, я только что дочитал одну из лучших книг, которая когда-либо написана - 💡Самый богатый человек в Вавилоне💡. О Боже, чувствую как мой мозг меня благодарит, я с таким удовольствием впитал каждое слово. На часах 5:33 утра, записываю свои мысли с широкой улыбкой на лице.😆 =======☆======= Какая радость знать, что живу по многим, если не по всем основным принципам описаным в этой книге. Я даже вижу себя в историях от туда и восхищаюсь мудростью, с которой они были решены. Самое удивительное, что даже спустя много тысяч лет, эти правила еще действуют и в наше время.⌚💼💲 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ За последние 4-5 месяцев прочитал и продолжаю читать разные книги. Эта книга очень хороша. Она полна знаниями, которые помогают видеть себя таким какой ты на самом деле. Короче, одна из первых книг, которую передам сыну!📗📚📒 ♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡ PS: Фото не имеет ничего общего с комментарием, кроме того как показывает, что будущее такое же яркое, как лысая голова моего хорошего друга.🎯🌝💥 #самыйбогатыйчеловеквВавилоне #книга #вдохновление #жизнь #мудрость #therichestmaninbabylon #inspiration #book #personaldevelopment #knowledge #wisdom
#babylon #life #lesson #financialplan #future #bright

Here are some numbers you need to remember today!
580 and above credit score will get you into a home with only 3.5% down payment!

580 and below credit score will require a 10% down payment!
Which one looks more appealing to you? If you need to get your score up, I can create a financial plan for you. OWN A HOME in 3-6 months!!! #Titancreditrestoration
#titanrealtygroup #realtor #Titanrealestate #financialplan #raisethatscore #ownahome #starttoday #investinyourself #creditrepair

I love that Ive been able to help so many people change their lives! Business consultations over drinks... #business #entrepreneurlifestyle #bossup #love #inatagood #instalove #comedian #laugh #weightloss #financialplan #freedom #jamaicamehappy #seagrams #lemon #limes

LeT THE FLOODING BEGIN!!!!!! Words can not express how I feel right now! @networkwithtori WE DID DAT! Thank you for all the wonderful ladies who came out. My heart is sooo full! I know that I did my job when the response was I learned so much! #hegetsalltheglory Also I was reading from my original workbook that I created for all of my guest. It doesn't stop here, you walk away with tools and a guide.
Did you know???? Did you know that your credit score is affected by how much of your credit card amount you actually use. In other words don't max out your credit card. Its called CREDIT UTILIZATION!
Visit www.prosperwithregina.com and subscribe

Honored to have the opportunity to speak at the 1st Time Homebuyers Seminar hosted by Lacy Baaheth & Associates. When you know better, you can do better. I am here to service you! If you are interested in taking the first step towards homeownership, give me a call. 225-960-4744 #CPG

📣"Wealthy people plan for 3 generations, poor people plan for Saturday nights." 🎯
The road to #FinancialFreedom starts with a determination to see change in your future.
What's your next step? Click the call link above to speak to a #SafeAndSmart money guy today!
#Finances #Freedom #Money #MoneyTips #Saturday #Weekend #Success #FinancialPlan #WhatsYourNextStep #entrepreneur #igersoftheday

How do you start to save and plan for your future when you're just starting your life? Thinking about retirement, savings and investing in your 20's and 30's can feel impossible and premature. It's not impossible and the earlier you start, the better.
1) Make saving a little from each paycheck a habit.
2) Invest in a retirement account.
3) Balance saving and student loans. Don't let student loan repayment delay you from saving for your future.
4) Develop a financial plan and foundation to achieve your immediate financial goals as well a your future financial goals regardless of how much you have now!
Those who save early don't end up missing it as much.

Someone who saves a bit for a long time is better than someone who starts later and must save more.

Start to build your financial foundation. We will show you how. There is no cost to develop a plan. Contact C. HICKS AGENCY 800-644-6602 ph 281-549-5264 text www.CHicksInsurance.com

#millennials #millennialmoney #finance #financialplan #financialfoundation #money #savings #retirement #chicksagency

Just found this awesome YouTube channel @thefinancialdiet. I've been binge watching their videos since yesterday! Move over Netflix😂😂They have great advice and information on how to manage your finances. I love that we have YouTube and YouTubers bringing awesome content and its FREE! If you're not using YouTube as a resource you need to start NOW!
Anyone have a favorite YouTube channel I can check out? Let me know in the comments 👇👇

You have to be sick and tired of your situation and the decisions you keep making in order to jump into action that will lead to progress. There is a reason what your doing isn't working. There is a reason the overtime and part time job Only works for a limited time. There IS A Reason budgeting alone isn't getting you where you want to go. If you want to know the reason, inbox me and I'll share the real secrets that will lead to real change.
#livewithpurpose #SoulFullRoots #financialfreedom #financialplan #goals #entrepreneur #bossbabe

How RSP Loans can work 👍 let's get a proper plan in place to see if it makes sense for you!

Some folks hang art in the space. Some folks turn the space into art. I'll take some of the latter, please 🙋🏾 thanks! What about you?
Cc: @1stdibs

The red, rock, and blue charity social last night was a great turn out. I was able to reconnect with old friends and meet new people. Can't wait until the softball game 💪🏽 #CPG

B2B Bank seminar for Smart Loans/ debt consolidation. Let's free up cash flow and put a proper plan in place for INDEPENDENCE! 💰

Very powerfull for those who understand! 💰

It's quote, but it's doubles as an affirmation when subconscious, negative self- talk comes for my life.
Do you repeat quotes or affirmations to stay in a positive space?

🎊 NEW HOMEOWNER ALERT 🎊 Join me in congratulating @luv_jdf on the purchase of her new home! She is truly the sweetest person I have every met. It has been a thrill working with Ms Clonise to help get Ms Francis approved for a home loan.

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