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My Holiday weekend is going to be spent 24/7 with these amazing boys. I'm a very lucky dad. I'm going to teach them why this weekend is so important. ✨⚡️✨ and Grayson thinks he's a lion 🦁 I love these two boys more then they could even imagine ✨🙏🏻✨my "Why" ❇️⚡️❇️⚡️#freedom #aspiration #businessopportunity #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurslifestyle #financialfreedom #realestate #investment #hustle #makemoneyonline #mlmtips #onlinebiz #selfdevelopment #workfromanywhere #workhardplayhard #workfromhomejob #success #motivationalquotes #wealth #growth #selfdevelopment #failure #opportunity #empower #specialist #boss #motivation #sales 5

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Special thanks to the great team at @foundr magazine for having me as the cover story this month. In it, we discuss financial strategies, the secret to happiness and how to be truly UNSHAKEABLE.

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The best way out is through. Robert Frost

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The best way out of a situation is always making it through it. Sometimes we encounter situations where it seems hopeless. I kid you not the answer is in solving how to overcome that problem. I know I spit seem strange but your answers to the challenges lies within the problem itself. Robert Kiyosaki says in the cash-flow quadrant you have to ask yourself how can I solve this problem or how can I a forward this product or service period when you ask yourself those questions your brain go searching for the answer period it was back in 2008 that I first started reading Robert kiyosaki's book. Here it is 2017 and I'm finding myself solving problems by asking the question of how can I solve this. Try it out or comment if you have use the same technique.

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Let go of negative people. #StartGrinding

Ironic, right?

When you tell your husband you're going to pick up whipping cream at the store and accidentally end up at the salvation army instead :) 69 cents of each item. Not a bad grocery store run 🤣do you guys ever accidentally find yourself thrifting instead of running errands?


No sigas dudando de lo que puedes lograr...
Mejor empieza por cambiar aquello que no te permite avanzar.

Ahora dime...De que te sirve el orgullo si te ha dejado sin aquello que te importa?
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Love yourself and be positive #success #financialfreedom #loveyourself #positivevibes

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Be a cut above the rest. #beoriginal

I grew up in a family and community where the expectation was to go to grade school, college, and graduate school. If you didn't, you weren't smart. You weren't contributing much to the world.
I like to tell people about my childhood teenage years like so:
"Life ain't been no crystal stair."
My best friends in grade school were doctors. I had a very calculated schedule due to the doctors. Most of my time was spent in bed sick not knowing why I was in so much pain. I had so much anxiety and was depressed. I couldn't do anything. But this is no sob story! As soon as I figured out what was going on with me and started managing it, I began to LIVE! College was amazing and I learned so much, but I knew graduate school wasn't for me. I wanted to do what I wanted without a doctor's appointment or class in the way. So I CHOSE to trade forex and teach golf. These are my hobbies. I got another husky after my childhood husky passed away. I began to love myself and love what I was doing to make ME happy. I took the road less traveled and do not regret it one bit! Maybe I'll go back to school one day, but I'm having the time of my life right now!
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Ready for the diamond and above GALA BLACK AND WHITE DINNER !
Perfect Team , Perfect Match
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