Tonight LeBron James and the Cavaliers will go to their 3rd straight Finals appearance and 7th for LBJ. For this occasion I pulled out something special to remind us of the time when it wasn't a given that the Cavs would make the Finals and I was super anxious every game of the playoffs. That was never stronger than in 2009, when I wished so bad for a Kobe vs. Lebron NBA Finals, which was crushed by a crap Orlando Magic team that just hit a hotstreak from 3.
At the time this was extremely painful and I picked up this shoe as a memory of that time. I think it's very rare and one of my most valued pieces of my collection. An unreleased Zoom Soldier 3 Sample that matches Kobe's Grafitti 4s and was persumably designed for the Finals that never happened.
So this is to all the pain endured and to all the joy experienced. LeBron is our generation's Michael Jordan. He brought one to Cleveland. This is all I wished for. I am convinced he can do it again. Imma cherish every moment of it.🙌 #KingJames #LebronJames #Cleveland #Cavaliers #NBAFinals2017 #nike #nikelebron #zoomsoldier3 #unreleased #sample #finalssample @abt_lrj23 @nikelebronnet #whatyouthinkaboutthese

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