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So many things I enjoy from this moment. Galy's @galy.verdugo call for "ballenas". The massive blow from a large fin whale and the showering rainbow that followed. Last but not least, my "compa" Pancho's classic reactions to it all.

WIP Yondu fin- yesterday I sanded for what seemed like forever. It was going slowly so I used a small soft paintbrush to apply bondo spot filler to some of the trouble spots and it worked like a charm! I'm still perfecting the surface like the madwoman I am so look for more progress shots coming soon! 😆
#yondu #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2 #guardiansofthegalaxy #mohawk #fin #cosplay #propbuilding #prop #propreplica #3dprinting #customcostume #cosplay #cosplaycommission #marvel #mcu #absfilament #pla #plafilament #flashforge #flashforgedreamer

Nunca te quejes de aquello que tú mismo permites...

hoy dj en la @lakonsulta llevo tocando non stop último día no más vayan ⚰️ mañana no existo #fin

Y hasta aquí hemos llegado! Ha llegado mi ÚLTIMA FUNCIÓN en #thehole! 2 años y tres meses, 530 funciones, tres personajes, 12 canciones, muchos compañeros y momentos vividos, muchas experiencias y recuerdos... me voy con la maleta llena de gente maravillosa, lugares fantásticos muy agradecido, orgulloso y feliz de haber formado parte de esta familia, de este barco maravilloso que es @theholeshow. Pero el próximo es mi puerto y me bajo. Adiós y hasta siempre compañer@s!!!
Muchas gracias a todos, artistas, técnicos, creativos y personal de oficina. A toda la gente que he conocido por el camino a los que os echaré mucho de menos. Me voy triste pero feliz a la vez. No cambiaría estos dos años por nada en el mundo. Se os quiere, coño!!!!! #fin #yfin #mevoy #yomelargovale #mayordomo #striper #gloryhole #familia #dosaños

Some of you may remember what I went through last May. Finding out that I wouldn't be able to take part in graduation was devastating. However, I want to say thanks to my friends, family, and others that did not know me but supported me. I received my diploma in September of 2016. May 2016 was hard BUT I can now say that a year later, I will officially walk across the stage on May 13th 2017. Thank you guys for encouraging me to finish what I started. And yes, my tassel will say 2016. See you there ! #Fin


Un atardecer exclusivamente bello en #parquerodó #uruguay, modo #fin de mes: abril #2017 #preview #1demayo

Happy 8th Birthday to this cute little shark-head @kylers_adventures He is so stinkin' smart I'm caught off guard by it daily. If you have the honor of knowing him yourself, you'd agree he is one of the greatest kids you've ever met. He is independent, compassionate, funny, athletic, curious, respectful, handsome and never stops making me proud. I cherish every day I have, enjoying each milestone, especially today.


#fluir sin un #fin #flow 💁🙌

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