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Yesterday the Happy Fathers had their day. Today...

#filthypirate #JD 😎

@j_50n nominated my love and I for #scarlethnlpromqueen and #scarlethnlpromking 😁 most LIKEs on Sunday wins! HIT THat LIKE Button! Then come to Scarlet on Sunday with some canned food items to donate and help support the Life Foundation 😁😘🌈❀ #FilthyPirate #VvVixen

Tuesday vibes #yveslarock #riseup


Found Art in the alley. Lucky day #AlleyArt

When you know your newsfeed gets you #ourladyofcheetos

That view tho...

Squirrel Brand nuts. They’re vegetarian. 🐿

Tuesday vibes #yveslarock #riseup

Something about them sunsets, tho...got me feeling some kind of way

When you're the first one to dial in on a conference call πŸ’…πŸΌ

β€œYou can’t imagine how excited we all were that Ol’ Joe was getting married. I mean, Joe Jonas? Marrying a woman??” ~Nikki Sue Trottt

In a world of Melanias be a fucking Kardashian. Own that shit! #SundayMusings

Daddy’s first attempt at an old fashioned. Damn good.

Lazy Saturday Afternoon at Casa Grande #dontbejelly

I was born on Friday the 13th #ExplainsAlot #Lucky13

Depeche Mode installation at Fred Segal

#Tbt Two years ago I quit smoking. I was using that cigarette holder to help me through the oral fixation. That, the patch and the fear I had lung cancer helped me kick it. 🚬

Anything you want to tell me? #ISeeYou #NationalComingOutDay

Every day is Taco Tuesday in Boyle Heights #MiVida

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