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Good morning #filterfreeme

Ayeeeeeeee Monday I'm here lol
Selfie collaboration

my oh my oh how you break my green heart wide open and pour in your love. don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem. #gemcove #filterfreeme

#FilterFreeMe<;3!! #Goodbye braids**

New hairs!!!! #balayageinthegarage #filterfreeme #yaynomoreburnnnn
You done good, @keshedges ✂️

Good morning😍


Bring your Benzi's, bring your Joneses, and don't forget Momma Ro. Come see me and all the beach murmurings. #filterfreeme #rocksandwater

Leo's love dahlias, so shout-out to all the Leo's I love. Especially my beautiful lioness sister @nokapadoka I'd never be jello, without you. ;) #filterfreeme #dahlia

Mr. Pica mean mugging from the fridge top. How do I love thee? #filterfreeme #catsofinstagram

Anyone else a little rubbed by this expression? Don't get me wrong; I don't "work" but I do care for our family and I love what I do! It's more of the future me, the one with kids all in school who has a J.O.B. that gets annoyed by this.
What are you good at? What are you passions? 🤔hmmm

I'm good at saying what is on my mind and often making someone upset-because my sarcasm was NOT picked up on!
I am passionate about my family, my kids, food, making healthy choices, and giving back through volunteer efforts.
So far none of these yield me a job!
Every loud mouth mom has a blog or Facebook page dedicated to sharing her brash opinions...but let's be real- they do not yield a paycheck!
So often I see people who have entered this "market" shift their brand image (aka their personal pages) to 100% not who they are! They either cover up or stop posting about themselves and become their brand or they get weird...For example, have you seen more people use vulgar language than they did before starting a new venture? Phrases like "I'm a bad a$$" or "getting $h!t done", "$h!t is getting real"... are there no other terms available for you to express what you are working on?😳 Yes, this is me, a little annoyed by the word choice of adults! I can't change them but I can unfollow. Back to my first thought- how do you maximize potential when you love SO many things and can make them all great...but really don't fit into one box?
My husband told me my best strength is that I do amazing things! When I work for something I always make it bigger and better! So that's great... just gotta find something to work on!
#truthday #theannoyedmom #filterfreeme #nobox #toobigforabox #🤔

Good morning😍

Good morning.

my oh my oh how you break my green heart wide open and pour in your love. don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem. #gemcove #filterfreeme

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