A lovely custom folky girl 💗 wishing you a great weekend!

Una linda folky que hice a pedido 💙 les deseo un excelente fin de semana 🙌🏼 #filomeluna

A few Acorn Babies I made for @nidomuebles 🌸 they are made of wool, my favorite material to work with 💛

Unos búhitos bellota que hice para la linda tienda de @nidomuebles 💜 están hechos de lana, mi material favorito para trabajar 🙌🏼 #filomeluna

My sweet Kitsune kitty. This is her favorite time of year...heat, 🌞, and all the blooming things. #meow #kittydoll #filomeluna #rhododendron

Making Pías for @nidomuebles 🐦

Haciendo Pías para @nidomuebles

Last day to take him home with a discount of 25% off! Use code: MEOWMIAU 🐱

Hoy es el último día para adoptar a este gatito con un 25% de descuento usando el código: MEOWMIAU 💛 #filomeluna

Our kitty sisters & their mice by lovely @filomeluna. Thank you so much Marlene! Love them very much!!!😻😻 #cats #catdolls #filomeluna #handmade

This kitty is 25% off 😽 Visit @filomeluna for details... meow!

In a few days I will go to Belgium to spend a season there, so before I go enjoy 25% off your purchase -Today through Sunday use code: MEOWMIAU

En unos días parto a mi segunda patria Bélgica para pasar una temporada allá, por eso estoy ofreciendo este descuento del 25% al comprar cualquiera de estos gatitos usando este código: MEOWMIAU 😽 Válido hasta este domingo #filomeluna

I am so excited and waiting with butterflies 🦋 in my tummy for this #magickrabbit to arrive. 🐇🌟 She's on her way from Mexico and lovingly hand crafted by the amazing Marlene who brought my vision to life of an Earth friendly heirloom doll who symbolizes much for me right now and marks an important part of my journey. Normally her bunnies have closed eyes, but I wanted them open, we added rainbow hair (also something her bunnies never have) to an aqua (my fav color) body, and adorned her ears and dress in a winged unicorn fabric. I've never really been a huge fan of dolls, but always loved stuffed animals, and ever since my dear friend @avalonoftheheart
shared her magickal doll she got for her Faery daughters, I was smitten and knew a custom friend would be coming home. A real life Velveteen Rabbit in a way, who merges human and cosmic qualities. Thank you Marlene! She is enchanting. I adore her and will cherish the adventures she takes me on.
Regrann from @filomeluna - A custom bunny with open eyes and rainbow hair as requested 🌈💙🐰

Una linda conejuda que me pidieron con ojos abiertos y cabello de arcoiris 🙃 #filomeluna - #regrann .

#dollmaker #artisan #earthfriendly #motherearth #bunnydoll #magickrabbit #rabbitsofig #heirloom #filomeluna

A custom bunny with open eyes and rainbow hair as requested 🌈💙🐰

Una linda conejuda que me pidieron con ojos abiertos y cabello de arcoiris 🙃 #filomeluna


#filomeluna por un mundo mejor 🤗

The Japanese garden was is in full bloom 😍 #filomeluna #adventureswithdolly #japanesegarden #folkygirl

A custom lovely one! At the beginning when I was asked to make a Frida Kahlo’s style Folky Girl, I couldn’t picture her so well... she turned out so pretty! ❤️ Maybe I make more, what do you think?

Al principio cuando me pidieron esta #folkygirl con estilo de Frida Kahlo no me la imaginaba muy bien, y miren qué bella quedó 🌺 Igual y hago más, ¿Cómo ven? #filomeluna

Corey and his little friend are looking for a home 😌

Corey y su amiguito están buscando casa 🙃 #filomeluna

If you feel like adopting a kitty, they are live! 🐱 which is your favorite?

Si quieren adoptar una gatulina, ya están disponibles. Link en perfil. Si están en México recuerden que los envíos son gratis por DHL y que los precios están en dólares. ¡Miauuuuu! 😽 #filomeluna

Previews are up! 💗 today at 3 pm CDT, 5 kitty dolls available 😽

Ya pueden checar en la tienda las gatitas que estarán disponibles hoy a las 3 pm. Pueden ver características, precios, etc. #filomeluna

Ready for any adventure! 🌲🏔🏕 ¡Listos para la aventura! #filomeluna

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