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Hi everyone, Owen Harvey ( @ojharv ) here! Following on from my last posts, this shot is taken again from my series “Mod UK,” which documents mod subculture in England. This portrait is of Zack and Lucas, in Margate, England. Zack and Lucas are two young mods, who fully embrace the 60’s style of Modernism. Between them, they DJ, work as tailors and work on their scooters.

This photographic project is a celebration of the current UK mod scene. I have become very interested in what the term mod represents. The word “mod” is shorthand for modernist, which would indicate something new. But this subculture is based on something that first existed in the late 1950s. Due to this disjunction, my images try to convey a timeless quality, with no real indications to a time period in which they were made.

Hoping to take some of these good summer vibes to Europe with us next month. #ConstantlyPositive #FilmsNotDead

Icon - Kodak Portra 160 VC #filmphotography #mamiya7 #expiredfilm

#tb test shoot with @evssofficial_
And absolute dream team @smokeytabboo @portiaferrari @ealmo

Where you forget to bring a camera strap on a 17 day roadtrip so you fashion one with $6 in parts, a book of matches, and a hotel room sewing kit.

Polina @apollinaris

We are dust. 📸 @allanfredrick taken in Berlin Germany

Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me
Get the money 💸💸💸



one day at a time. beauty from ashes. || baja california

A Friday night in Shibuya, with office workers stumbling drunk and heading towards the bar circuit near Shibuya Crossing. #35mm

Tomorrow Will End Today. A Wise Man Said Nothing. Morning Came For Him Anyway•

The weird and wonderful world of #publicdisco

This image is a physical representation of my summer. A blur filled with friends, new places and the unknown. This particular image is from the last trip (and possibly my favorite) of the summer in which I chased @sophiemuffins and her 1991 Ford Aerostar down the Oregon coast into California. Change, the unknown, and the haziness of memories is an idea I wish to explore during my upcoming senior thesis this fall. Partially inspired by the summer I had and the unknown territory that lies at the end of this semester, I look forward to revisiting some of my favorite spots and memories from the last four years and photographing them in the manner in which they reside in my mind; an imperfect, hazy blur. // #oregon #oregoncoast #highway1 #livetowander #exploretocreate #roadtrip #adventure #travel #holga120 #filmsnotdead #mediumformat

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