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Stay Away From: Star Wars (Episode I): The Phantom Menace (1999)
With Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming out Friday, I'm looking back at the whole Star Wars franchise & unfortunately had to begin with The Phantom Menace, which hasn't improved since its release in 1999.
There are the usual little stingers that will continue to impress any Star Wars fan. The opening crawl is still goosebump-inducing and seeing familiar faces is always welcomed (we get R2-D2, an unfinished C-3P0, & Yoda in a few scenes) but the film can only get by on so much nostalgia. This is a film that should’ve been great as I was hoping, back in 1999, that it would continue to ignite my imagination for the franchise. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and as I sit here in 2017, The Phantom Menace is still a series of decent moments that don’t really add up to much.
To read my full review click the link in my bio. Love you hear your thoughts on The Phantom Menace. Love it? Hate it? Sound off!

اول فيلم رح اكتب عنه اسمه liberal Arts. ليش اخترت هادا الفيلم؟ لانه هادا المشهد تحديدا او الصوره انتشرت كتير ع الفيسبوك ع اساس اشي كتير رومانسي بس الفيلم مختلف شوي.. الفيلم بحكي قصه شب بزور جامعته الي تخرج منها عشان يشوف واحد من دكاترته. بتعرف ع بنت اسمها اليزابيث وهي اصغر منه ب ١٦ سنه وبحسو انه في بينهم اهتمامات مشتركه اهمها الكتب بس العمر الي بينهم بمنعهم يرتبطو. لكن الفيلم ابعد من هيك بكتير، بفرجينا قديش احنا دايما بندور ع ناس اشباه النا سواء كصديق او كحبيب وهادا اشي مستحيل! ومع هيك دايما نقدر كل لحظة وكل ذكرى جمعتنا بحدا حتى لو كانت تافهه. مرات بنحتاج هاي التفاهه لتخفف عنا شوي. الفيلم اخد تقيم ٦.٧ من اخراج Josh Radnor.. #film #filmreview

Wonder je porodična drama zasnovana na istoimenom romanu koji je napisao R. J. Palacio, a za režiju je bio zadužen Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower). Priča prati Auggie-a, dečaka sa deformitetom lica, koji sa svojih 10 godina po prvi put kreće u obilčnu školu. Naravno njegova adaptacija na novu okolinu nije laka i druga deca ga čudno posmatraju. Stvar koja razlikuje ovaj film od drugih koji su mu po osnovnoj ideji slični je to što je njegova konstrukcija takva da mi vidimo kako ovaj njegov problem utiče i na druge ljude (roditelje, sestru, prijatelje..), a ne samo na njega i to nam se jako dopalo. Od glumačke postave, koja je stvarno bila jako dobra, ne možemo a da ne izdvojimo veoma talentovanog Jacob Tremblay-a (Room) koji se odlično snalazi u glavnoj ulozi, i Owen Willson-a kao najboljeg sporednog lika u ovom filmu. Wonder nije nešto neverovatno i preterano novo, ali je dovoljno dobar da se izdvaja iz gomile njemu sličnih filmova, i šalje jednu jako lepu poruku i preporučili bismo svima da pogledaju ovaj prijatan film.

Žanr: Drama, Porodični
IMDB ocena: 8.1 (trenutno)
Trajanje: 1h 53min
Glumci: Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic, Julia Roberts
- Priča o August Pullman-u, dečaku sa defomitetom lica, koji po prvi put odlazi u običnu školu.

Wonder je sasvim prijatan film koji ima i određenih mana, a to su kao i u većini ovakvih ostvarenja - poneki emotivno manipulativni momenti. Kada saberemo sve utiske - ovom filmu dajemo vrlo dobrih (4).

Paul Thomas Anderson's #PhantomThread is one of the great films of the year, featuring two of its best performances in Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps. Read the full film review at CoS (link in bio).

In the DIRECTORS series, I review all the movies of a selected director, from debut to latest feature. This week (in conjunction with WONDER): Stephen Chbosky
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower 2012
3.5 stars ***"/4 stars ****
Chbosky makes his directorial debut with a heartfelt adaptation of his own (equally good) 1999 novel.
The characters have depth and are fully fleshed out. Sensitive issues such as sexuality and assault are dealt with sincerely and honestly.
The main trio are great in their roles, especially Lerman. The supporting cast is also strong, while many scenes are beautifully shot.
Peppered with good songs and a warm script, Perks easily stands above the flurry of YA book adaptations thanks to its heart and surefire direction.
Wonder 2017
3.5 stars ***"/4 stars ****
Based on another novel, Wonder carries an important message, made more relevant in the digital age.
The story could have easily been done by-the-numbers, but Wonder aims for more and succeeds for the most part.
Showcasing the story from the perspective of the other family members, the film doesn't neglect the heartache and obstacles they face.
It is heartbreaking to see the protagonist being ignored by the world, and Tremblay's performance will bring you to tears. The rest of the cast revel in their roles, a strength in both Chbosky's films.
The film occasionally veers a bit too far from the central plot and although Wonder fails to be a perfect film, the merits and charms make up for any shortcomings.
Script was originally written by John Hughes, but he never finished it. Chbosky completed the other half.
Heroes by David Bowie
We're Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes
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Murder On The Orient Express Film Review 🎬

The adaptation of one of Agatha Christie’s most-loved and cherished novels, Murder on the Orient Express, with its all-star cast, succeeds on several levels. Perhaps, it feels a bit rushed because of the limitations of time, and overtly melodramatic in part— but on the whole, the screenplay does a good job.

On a technical scale, the film scores a perfect ten. The scenes involving the murdered body and the cabin that houses the corpse are shot entirely from above with great ingenuity. Even the outdoor setup of the train sashaying through the snow-capped peaks is so marvellously filmed, that you can almost feel the cold seep into your bones. If there can be some criticism levelled against Murder on the Orient Express, it is perhaps in the dialogue towards the end.

When I say dialogue, I mean the inflection with which certain lines are delivered. These parts, almost all of them in the final fifteen minutes, border too much on melodrama and sentimentality. To adapt a classic to screen is no easy task—Murder on the Orient Express pays homage to Agatha Christie’s timeless detective story in more ways than one. Kudos to Kenneth Brannagh as director and lead character of this film. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5 stars

#MurderOnTheOrientExpress #filmreview #movie #AgathaChristie #detective #film

Thanks for having me and friends !! Nak share #filmreview #coming soon sebuah filem aksi dan permotoran Wangan tahun 2017 !!!•

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Congratulations and good luck to whole team may Allah swt blessing this film P/s : Sorry takdo gamba mung boh .. busy lajok gak PEKIN IBRAHIM


Think for yourself and have compassion for others. #ninetailsmedia

I saw Beatriz at Dinner (2017). The film quietly begins as an indulgent evening but quickly (and unexpectedly) becomes a confronting almost-thriller. I sure got chills by Salma Hayek's performance (as an immigrant woman) confronting the big white guys. The scenes were frightening, but definitely a wake up call to the reality of capitalism, colonialism and structural violence. I don't know how I feel about the ending, but maybe it was too close to home.

Director - Bob Swaim
Cast - Rob Lowe, Meg Tilly, Kim Cattrall, Doug Savant, Dana Delany, John Glover.
A rather melodramatic thriller that centres around the rich girl Tilly who is surrounded by deceiving and conniving men who plot to inherit her estate while she is vulnerable mourning the loss of her mother. Things of course don't go to plan and with disastrous results with a far from predictable ending.
Great character development save this movie from too much cheesiness and theatrics. Its a fairly good looking cast one might say with Lowe and Cattrall steaming it up and Savant square-jawed and shrewd.
Not the worst and worth a watch.
Trivia: Notice the text error on the movie poster ?
91 mins

There Will Be Blood (2007, Paul Thomas Anderson)

Set during Southern California’s turn-of-the-century oil boom, this historical epic follows prospector-turned-oilman Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) and his descent into a life of moral corruption as he attempts to make it during the early days of the business. Cheeky riddle; what do you get when you combine the greatest American filmmaker of his generation with the greatest actor who’s ever lived? ‘There Will Be Blood’ is what you get. A two-hour, thirty-eight-minute giant of a movie, this film infuses the size and atmosphere of a David Lean epic with the precision of modern cinema, the methodical skill of artists at the top of their game and Anderson’s sprawling style as an auteur. The film’s unique elements constitute a vast cinematic work, a pessimist’s reflection of historical life and a deep exploration of moral boundaries. Along with an amalgamation of classical music, Jonny Greenwood’s expansive and soul-permeating score seems to provide powerful insights into the nature of a character, scene or moment; a filmic display of mysticism whose meaning would otherwise elude us. In performing, Daniel Day-Lewis exists among a handful of actors (ever) to possess a god-given ability to transform, as a chameleon would, completely and absolutely into a character, to the degree that he’s able to give life to a grouping of words on a page. Day-Lewis does this so entirely here that it boggles the mind to see or hear him in interviews outside of the film’s frame. You can call this masterpiece whatever you like – flawless, visionary, cinematic art – because it is all of them and more. With Anderson’s unrivalled grand-mastery of the frame and Day-Lewis’ delivery of what is arguably the greatest performance ever put to film, ‘There Will Be Blood’ is infallible across the board, and showcases a spellbinding tour-de-force of filmmaking genius that grows larger every time you experience it.
Rate: 10/10

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Wonder Wheel.

After about 2 months of not being able to get to the cinema, I finally got the chance! And I saw Wonder Wheel, a Woody Allen film. That fact alone almost turned me off and if it weren't for Kate Winslet I would of been happy to skip it.

I did like it but it's not the best piece of cinema I've ever seen. Though the acting by everyone was great. Winslet always delivers but sometimes gets roles that so let her express that. This role luckily did, and it was definitely an interesting character and film for her to choose.

The rest of the cast, Justin Timberlake, Jim Belushi, and Juno Temple all fit their characters quite well. Though the writing was a hit and miss at times so hard to relate to the story at times.
One good thing Woody Allen does is set the scene. I love when the use of colours depict the mood. The close up shots, still shots, long progressive scenes, I really enjoy all that.
Overall it was an interesting drama that had its positives and negatives with an ending I wasn't too impressed with.

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Movie Name : The Lure “Smoczynska, the director balances out the dark humor, fantasy and horror for The Lure. You have to praise this film for its freshness behind the Mermaid’s folklore. The Lure is about two deadly and sexy mermaids there is blood and sex with 80s rock music which all is unusually amusing.” SharpRatings: 8 - #Great

#TheLure is about two mermaid sisters Silver (#MartaMazurek) and Golden (#MichalinaOlszanska) who are brought into an adult entertainment club. But as life goes on fame, love and hunger separate the sister’s belief. Where one Silver falls in love with human and Golden strives on human blood, meat, and heart. The Lure is a polish film and it's also a musical so if you know the language then its okay if you hate reading the subtitles for almost every other chorus or even dialogue then The Lure is a film you look away from. Being a musical, the songs, music and performances are amazing, specially first two songs where the tune is more 80s beat-y and synthetic-like, even though I didn’t understand the song I actually loved the sequence, the songs themselves are catchy however as movie progress the songs gets gloomy to equal the tone of the story. The mermaids are amazing both visually and as the main character despite the two actor’s prettiness, the mermaid sisters look inhuman, animalistic. The mermaids themselves have a shocking beauty to them, a kind of animalistic viciousness scary and seductive all at once. As simple as lore goes, Mermaids are said to sing an extraordinarilybeautiful song to attract men and then eat them, so I think it was a difficult task to create music to reflect this. However, it worked brilliantly. I was also pleasantly surprised by the subtle eroticism which never bordered with vulgarity. The mermaid tails especially were well done, with details such as broken scales and scars adding chilling realism. Overall mermaids are not only beautiful but when needed they can get steamy, bloody and deadly too. Be warned that some parts of the movie are a bit gruesome, blood and related scenes are fun especially considering how dark film is, -CONTINUED IN COMMENTS

Underrated flick of the week--The Age of Adaline (2015). A thoughtful, comforting, romantic piece with sensitive direction that perfectly captures the melancholy wonder of eternal youth. The relationships are compelling and the performances are grounded, but there's a dash of whimsy to maintain an overall sense of magic. Never heard much buzz around this film but it is certainly a lovely find.
#film #movies #moviereview #cinema #cinematic #moviemagic #hollywood #ageofadaline #blakelively #filmreview #review #amazonprime #romantic #directing #filmmaking #filmmaker #screenwriting #screenwriter #cinematography #production #losangeles #acting #drama #hiddengem #magical #instagood #instagay #goodvibes

🎬Я люблю #кеннетбрана #kennethbranagh #love и несколько театральную манеру постановок фильмов (как у Джо Райта в последней Карениной, к примеру), когда персонажи, кажется, органично выглядели бы и на сцене «Глобуса», столь глубока интерактивность разворачивающегося перед глазами действа. А ещё я люблю Джуди Денч и Джонни Деппа. Теперь, кажется, ещё больше, чем когда-либо😍 #filmreview #кинокритик #review #murderontheorientexpress #убийствоввосточномэкспрессе

An excellent dark twisted adaptation of Archie Comics. Its not a slam to the comic fans but an unexpected treat to them by showing the other side, the dark twisted side of Riverdale. Every person has its dark side and in case of Riverdale series we get to have a proper insight on each character completely. Comics provides only the "happy" part of the characters and the town but this series did an excellent job by increasing the tension in the plot which shows the true nature, the other face, of the people living in Riverdale. Wonderful series!! 👌 Keeps you at the edge of your seat!!
Created By - Roberto Aguirre Sacasa .
The quiet little town of Riverdale is turned upside down after it is struck with the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, a popular high school student and member of the most powerful family in town. Archie and his friends explore the struggles of everyday life in a small town while taking on the haunting case of Jason Blossom. But in order to solve this mystery, the rag tag group of friends must first unlock the secrets that lie buried deep beneath the surface of their hometown. Riverdale may not be as innocent as it appears.
Source - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5420376/plotsummary?item=ps3319414 #blog #bloger #blogger #bloggers #bloggerswanted #blogg #blogpost #bloglife #blogspot #instablogger #indianblogger #blogsociety #series #tvseries #dark #collegelife #teenlife #archie #archieandrews #archiecomics #riverdale

Stronger quick movie review

Bolstered by an enthralling performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, Stronger is one emotionally harrowing yet inspiring film about maintaining the will to live in the face of adversity. It does fall into a lot of the “inspiring drama” clichés, and the pacing does drag sometimes, but, all in all, Stronger is still a decent enough movie that is both well-intentioned and treats its subject matter with respect.

The Jam Report's The Best Picture Project continues with the last film to win Best Picture and nothing else - 1935's epic production 'Mutiny on the Bounty.' Why did it win and did it deserve to? Click the link in my bio to find out!

It’s kind of scary how prescient this movie seems to be. This dark take on our future decides to explore what our world and society would be like if we succumb to stupidity and anti intellectualism. Although this film might exaggerate things for comedic effect, the beginnings of this dystopian world can be seen in our real world today. .
If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that The Great Dumbing Down is very, very possible. It was crazy seeing Idiocracy’s 🦅President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho🦅 and then going on Twitter and seeing the current #President irl being just as crazy. .
#MikeJudge is a comedic #genius. This film and Office Space had me literally Lol 😂😂😂😂 Hmmm, 🤔 these emojis would fit right into the world of the movie, lol.

Idiocracy 8.25/10

#film #filmreview #filmreviews #movie #moviereview #cinephilecommunity #cinephile #cinema #movietime #Idiocracy #MAGA

A flawed, but enjoyable murder-mystery. The opening 15 minutes is a complete antithesis to how the movie is and throws the viewer off immediately, and while this is a great ensemble cast, no one really gets time to shine. Aside from Kenneth Branagh, who takes center stage on top of his directing duties. The film looks gorgeous and the cinematography is well used in the cramped setting. But the writing is sometimes iffy, the acting good but with not much to go on, and following Branagh's Poirot is either exciting by it feeling like you're taken through a great story, or you're completely left in the dust by his deductions and just end up having to accept it. That and the movie not helping you to remember the names of all the suspects really can take you out of it and then you feel uninvolved. In a murder-mystery that's a big slip up. Finally, the end reveal, while great, leads to a resolution that doesn't fit with how the movie is set up at the beginning. It's a bit choppy, uneven and sometimes a tad boring but the final act is the real highlight, and along with the brisk runtime, it saves this movie from complete mediocrity. Worth a Netflix watch and a cheap buy on Blu-Ray, but not a must see or own.

#CinemAddiction #CinemAddictionReviews #Film #FilmReview #MovieReview #MurderOnTheOrientExpress #KennethBranagh #PenelopeCruz #WillemDafoe #JudieDench #JohnnyDepp #TomBateman #JoshGad #DerekJacobi #DaisyRidley #MichellePfeiffer #LeslieOdomJr #SergeiPolunin #LucyBoynton #HerculePoirot #AgathaChristie

There's a brand new trailer and poster for Ready Player One. And I must say, the trailer was amazing! This is definitely one of my most anticipated movies of 2018. Are you excited for Ready Player One? What did you think of the trailer? Let me know down below.
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IN TIME (2011): A horrific film that didn't know what it wanted to be – Logan's Run, Bonnie and Clyde or Robin Hood? EVERY EXECUTIVE THAT WORKED ON THIS FILM SHOULD BE FIRED AND SHOT! The tone was constantly flat; it never seemed to build up to any kind of conclusion. THE RUNDOWN: You live until you are 25 years old, then your clock on your arm starts to tick down for one year then you die…but if you are clever enough you can buy time or steal it from others – I still have no fucking idea or TIME to know why these actors read this script and thought it was gonna be good. The forced "steampunk"; the semi blade runner type score and the use of any kind of "Time" reference is enough to make you douse yourself in gasoline, set yourself on fire and jump of a bridge. Example: THUGS are called Minutemen – oh joy – you get this crap all the "TIME". This is a perfect example on how not to write a script, how not to raise the stakes, how not to put your characters in jeopardy. This is a complete waste of "TIME". You can't afford the "SECONDS" it would take to watch this…IT IS "TIME" FOR A HOLLYWOOD HANGING … *1 STAR* (and the fucking finger in everyone's face who is connected to this movie)

I absolutely LOVED this film! One of my top films of 2017 for sure! I laughed so hard, and honestly it gave me a new respect for The Room. Who knew a movie about the greatest worst movie ever made would hit my feels and make me cry. 10/10 for sure, James and Dave Franco knocked it out of the park! #TheDisasterArtist #TheRoom #JamesFranco #TommyWiseau #DaveFranco #GregSestero #OhHaiMark #YouAreTearingMeApartLisa #FilmReview

Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope

Directed by: George Lucas
Starring: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford

Farm boy Luke Skywalker meets Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi and is drawn into a galactic civil war between the evil empire and the rebel alliance. A New Hope, (or Star Wars as it was originally known) encompasses a very simple hero origin story within a very large and complex world. Right from the opening shot we are given as much detail and exposition as we need. Lucas is a master at visual story-telling, in one frame he is able to set up the entire film and begin world-building around a simple yet effective conflict. The now iconic score facilitates epic introductions to characters, scenes and locations, and through the use of visual effects, props and models the locations appear to be real and lived-in. The cast are strong and deliver some incredible performances, in particular Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin makes an intimidating and quietly brilliant villain and Harrison Ford as Han Solo is instantly loveable and both have incredible lines of dialogue that in themselves provide so much information about their character without having to literally spell it all out. The film also gives Luke Skywalker (Hamill) a lot of character development and a defined arc. There are clear moments where his character changes, grows into someone wiser and stronger, and certain shots within the film parallel each other in order to achieve this. The result is a symmetry throughout the cinematography that by the third act it emphasises the journey the protagonists have taken to reach this point. The pacing of the film is well thought-out as it builds up tension and spectacle well; the action sequences are well established, in that they are very relevant to plot and not just simply thrown in to keep bums on seats. Overall a well-crafted sci-fi epic that tells a simple yet endearing story through ground-breaking effect and design.


"The new tough guy in movies is on duty." "Frank Grillo is here."~@latimes Get to know more about #BeyondSkyline's leading man, @frankgrillo1 & catch him on Friday when BEYOND SKYLINE lands in theaters and on demand.
Full article: (link in bio) http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-ca-mn-frank-grillo-wheelman-action-20171208-story.html

Film #5 in the 25 Days of Christmas is Die Hard 2 also known as Die Hard 2: Die Harder, a 1990 American action film and the second entry in the Die Hard film series. It's directed by Renny Harlin with a screenplay by Steven E. de Souza and Doug Richardson based on the novel 58 Minutes by Walter Wager and based on characters by Roderick Thorpe.

John McClane attempts to avert disaster as rogue military operatives seize control of Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.

While i do admit this is far less of a Christmas movie like what the first film was, it does still take place during Christmas time and for that reason alone i feel is worth watching back to back for Christmas. As i watch this i have Kevin McCallister words from Home Alone 2 in my head "another Christmas in the trenches" because that is kind of how this is. Another Christmas where McClane is trying to stop a bad guy and save his wife. Sequels very rarely ever live up to what the first film was, but this is one of the few times that the sequel was just as good, so i give Die Hard 2 another 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄/5 Christmas trees this year.
#DieHard #DieHard2 #DieHard2DieHarder #RennyHarlin #BruceWillis #Christmas #ChristmasMovie #25DaysOfChristmas #SantaClause #Movie #Film #Review #MovieReview #FilmReview #MovieCritic #FilmCritic #Cinephile #CinephileCommunity #InstaMovie #InstaFilm #InstaReview #MovieEnthusiast #MovieLover #MovieAddict #MovieGeek #MovieBuff

The Holiday (2006) ----- Rating: 4.75/10

Somewhat entertaining. Can someone explain to me why this is a go-to for Christmas?

There’s no doubt that Del Toro is a visionary director, and I truly appreciated this film on a technical level, but I just could not connect with the story.

*If you have seen ‘The Room.’ — Your enjoyment of this comedy, depicting the making of the ‘worst movie ever,’ is entirely dependent on if you’ve actually seen said movie.

I am ready to risk it all for that fine ass amphibi-man.
#theshapeofwater #guillermodeltoro #film #filmreview

Our next article for today's slate is the Horror short; Elly The film is Directed and Written by Jeff Seemann.

Currently in Film Festival Circulation Elly is kicking ass and taking names, check out the Latest awards; Elly Received Ten (10) awards,
Three (3) for Best Horror Short at:
Canton Film Festival in Canton, Ohio,
Creeper Film Festival in San Antonio
The KCT Indie Horror Festival in Indianapolis). Read Our Film Review penned by David Teixeira, DecayMag Content Contributor @davidemmanuelt

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Happiness REVIEW (1998)

I've always considered A Serbian Film the most depraved piece of cinema I've ever seen. But parts of Happiness are pretty damn close...
The best way I can describe this as is: an even darker and twisted version of American Beauty. Tom Solondz's film digs deep into the perverted dirty laundry of middle-class, 90's white America and drops us into an interconnected world of sexual frustration, obsession, loneliness, and even pedophilia.
To say Happiness is an uncomfortable film would be the understatement of the year. The film is even more excruciating with its runtime of over two hours, which is quite unnecessary. Other than two shocking story lines, the rest of the characters and subplots are benign and throwaway at best.
Do any characters change? Not really. I'll be the first person to say characters don't need arcs if they're compelling enough or if the story in question is a character study. But in a film as devastatingly sordid and nauseating as Happiness, would a character arc be asking too much?
Needless to say, the acting is disquietingly realistic and genuine. I even forgot I was watching Philip Seymour Hoffman who plays the living embodiment of sweat and anxiety.
Solondz's script is also, aside from a couple fantastical moments, cringe-inducingly realistic (in the best way?). His camerawork and direction excellently capture the pain and emotions that run rampant across his characters' miserable faces.
Overall, Happiness is...well, it's a film that's frankly hard to talk about. It's shocking and will make you continually shift in your seat for sure. The technical aspects are superb. But was it worth it? Does Solondz expose the human condition in a worthwhile way? Are the characters worth empathizing with? To be honest-- I'm not sure it's worth it.

#IngridGoesWest: 7/10

Ingrid Goes West explores the darker side of the social media spectrum and then some. Ingrid is an unhinged, reckless individual, desperate for the affections of others. And yet, you feel strangely compelled to root for her by the end, which is a testament to Plaza, who beams in the role.

You're well aware Ingrid's BFF relationship with her new obsession Taylor Sloane, played by the accomplished Elizabeth Olsen, will never end well. But the ride in which you are taken on is too risqué to want to get off. O'Shea Jackson Jr. is another welcome addition to the fold, as the trusting landlord and part-time boyfriend; the Batman jokes proving particularly entertaining.

Ingrid Goes West will surely resonate with many as it perfectly summarises everything that is alarming about the social media infused lives of today, such as the superficial accounts of people on apps like Instagram, whom constantly look for recognition from others by appearing to be leading perfect lives, when in truth their lives are anything but perfection underneath.

It's a story of stalking, obsession, the desperation of wanting to be part of that cool social group, and the complete hollowness of today's celebrity. And though we felt the film perhaps should have ended a scene before it did, Ingrid Goes West is a fascinating watch.

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The Independent Critic calls #LibraryHours “[a] romantic, kinky gem of a film.”💋
Full review: theindependentcritic.com/library_hours

#Textos “Las dos Fridas”, sobre Estiu 1993 (2017), de Carla Simón.
Por Rocío Molina Biasone:
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The disaster artist review: retrospectively speaking, I didn't watch "the room" before the visual consumption of the disaster artist; but I was intertwined with its many memes, so really I guess I was relatively ready for "the disaster artist"? From the genesis of the film's story, we are introduced to the film's two main characters- Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sistero; which are two juxtaposing characters, due to their traits and characteristics. Even though, they both don't seem right for one another (friendship wise), their mcguffin is each other; as they both need each other to continue in their journey, really accentuating a tumultuous friendship throughout. In which, we, the audience get some character development from them both, but not solely that ; we see their struggles, we feel their pain and we laugh with them, as these characters are masterfully written, as throughout the film we empathise with these characters; due to their: unwavering, deluded, naive and hysterical passion for this film.Additionally, the acting, mainly from Franco is really truly great, as all of Tommy's mannerisms are seem to incapsulated here; as to which, it really gives some laugh-aloud moments - again due to the chemistry combination of franco's script and his hysterical but heartfelt performance, giving a chemical reaction of greatness and rapid pace. As this film is seemingly an eruption of happenings, incapsulated with a nice and woven script - thus creating a fast paced, but ironically detailed exploration of the enigma that is Tommy Wiseau and his cult film "the room". Therefore, "the disaster artist" gets an 8.5/10 #thedisasterartist #jamesfranco #davefranco #theroom #tommywiseau #gregsistero #funny #a24 #heartfelt #dramatic #fastpaced #review #filmreview #moviereview #goodmovie #movierating #oscars #writing #sethrogen #greatacting #oscarworthy #bestfilms #bestfilms2017 #mustwatch #greatwriting #thehypeisreal #cinemaexperience #bestpicture #cinematography

****Film/Movie Review****
Bad Santa (2003) 🌟🌟🌟
A Christmas film definitely for adults. With tons of swearing, bad habits and a few sex scenes, this film is not for children's eyes.
This film follows an anti-social alcoholic thief who, along with his dwarf partner, robs big department stores every Christmas. By dressing up as Santa Claus and an elf, they both plan and execute the perfect robbery year after year.
I found this film completely over-the-top and outrageously amusing. It's very comical funny but more shock humour because its so over the top, rude and rather shocking in places.
It's the emotional scenes that make this movie watchable however as we see a struggling alcoholic who obviously had a tough upbringing who forms an unlikely bond with an overweight child. Their bond is both dysfunctional yet gripping to watch.
The acting is great, storyline is semi-interesting, over the top rude humour - this movie is definitely not for everyone. A lot different then your average Christmas film but I think its worth a watch at least once. You'll either enjoy it or hate it.
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The trial of trading places will be uploaded tomorrow. It was a jury special which meant that there was quite a lot more content to get rid of....some good clips for my blackmail folder though.... #podcast #editingwoes #filmreview #courtroom #filmsontrial #eddiemurphy #danackroyd

🍿 ATOMIC BLONDE - Review🍿 From Writer, Actor, Director, Producer, Stunts coordinator, David Leitch, comes his latest Directorial feature Atomic Blonde. The action-spy flick takes place in Berlin during the late 80s and stars Charlize Theron, James Macavoy, John Goodman & Sofia Boutella. Charlize Theron has made a trademark of herself by playing bad ass bitches (Snow White & The Huntsman, Aeon Flux, Mad Max Fury Road) & Atomic Blonde is no exception. She makes her character Lorraine Broughton smart, clever and sexy but above all an incredible fighter. David Leitch has been involved in countless action films (Mr & Mrs. Smith, Captain America: Civil War, John Wick 1&2) so the man knows style & has a vision for incredible fight sequences but also for lighting and technique behind the camera. So every action sequence here is breathtaking and Charlize helps deliver the goods! The music choices and score are just as much of a character in the film. You get alot of 80s Euro new wave hits (Depeche Mode, Siouxsie & The Banshees) as well as covers (Marilyn Manson, Health) that all grooves to the cinematography, the fashions and the action stunts. Its just a pleasure to watch everything come together on screen. Just simply amazing! Only complaint i have is the interrogation scenes. Although every actor is great in their roles, however these scenes ran at a much slower pace. Not that it was bad but it did take you out of fast pace of the film. But aside from the action, my favorite scenes was the interaction between Sofia & Charlize. Their chemistry was sultry and allowed Lorraine to show her softer sensual side oppose to her tougher, much edgier persona. Overall the film was entertaining. I geeked out to the music choices, the visuals, the cinematography & cast. And in the world of girl power, if we were to get a female James Bond or John Wick, This would be the best and most welcoming representation of that kind of character as Atomic Blonde oozes with attitude. 💥🔫 👠 RATING: B+ #atomicblonde #charlizetheron #jamesmacavoy #Johngoodman #sofiaboutella #action #thriller #spy #80s #80smusic #newwave #punk #postpunk #europop #synthpop #electro #filmcritic #filmreview #fanart

Movie Review Below ⬇️
🎞 "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" (2016)
Starring ⭐️: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Jiang Wen, Forest Whitaker, Riz Ahmed, and James Earl Jones
Director 🎥: Gareth Edwards
Distributor ✏️: Walt Disney Studios
Duration ⏱: 133 Minutes
MPAA Rating ✅: PG-13
IMDB Score 🏆: 7.8 / 10
Rotten Tomatoes 🍅: 85%
The Star Wars franchise is something very close to my heart. No matter how great or how disappointing the films are, there’s no doubt that each film make me excited, happy, and even sad at times. But there had to be something new. A film that would detach itself from the others. One that would tell it’s own story to fill in the gaps between others. Well guys, this film was the case. This is my favorite movie of all time. I’ve watched this film many times and I can proudly say that it’s perfect. There’s no scene, character, or even a line of dialogue out of place in this science fiction masterpiece. Filled with dazzling and mind blowing visuals and special effects, fantastic characters, as well hilarious moments, this is film left me in state where I couldn’t think of anything else but it. I remember laughing, smiling, and even crying during this adventure at the theater. Felicity Jones and Diego Luna (Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor) were so great in this film, but Alan Tudyk character, K2-SO, will go down as one of the best Star Wars characters in a long time. Though I do wish Darth Vader had more screen time, the primary antagonist Director Krennic, portrayed incredibly by Ben Mendelsohn stole the show with his perfectly over-the-top personality. With a phenomenal score, great acting, witty humor, fantastic and astonishing action sequences, and thrilling moments, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is destined to become a classic, and is my favorite film of all time. By the way, that Darth Vader scene at the end is my all time favorite scene in a film. ☄️
===================================== My Overall Grade ❗️: A+ (100%)
Rewatch Factor 🔄: ABSOLUTELY

Being chaperoned by these five boys really😵 press preview of Finding Your feet. Starring Imelda Staunton. #photoftheday #filmreview #dailylook #dailypost #instapic #instalook #londonlife #luxurylife #fashionista #stylist #mystyle #exclusive #londongirlwanders #photoftheday #repost #nofilter #luxurylife

The Movie Maestro's Reviews: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) dir. George Lucas

The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy sheds a harsh light not only on the backstory of the series most famous character, but also on the ugly truth about its creator, George Lucas. By all accounts, on the first film, Lucas struggled to connect with his actors and coach them toward believable performances, preferring them to stick to his increasingly absurd concept of dialogue. This film, his first in the big chair since that groundbreaking opening entry, drops that little nugget of trivia back into the spotlight like an Acme anvil.

Episode I plays not like an actual Star Wars film, but more like an audio book version of it, written by John Simon and read by Ben Stein. Unlike the controlled chaos of the first film, Lucas is unrestrained and unfettered by dissenting opinions or crushing deadlines, indulging in his fantasies of creating bold new alien vistas that he could never have done in the OT--and then forgetting to populate these planets with any interesting characters. Neeson, Portman, and MacGregor are all critically-acclaimed actors, so why in the hell do they slog through this installment like groggy teenagers forced to take Theater 101? It's because their director was more enamored with the green-screen wasteland around them.

Which is a shame, because there is a worthwhile story present: while TPM gets a lot of flack as a piece bristling with unneeded politics, the original Star Wars was just as political, being a thinly-veiled jab at Nixon's America. Again, the problem here is with how it is told, in a plodding, excruciating 2 hours of questionably-racist alien caricatures and sub-par performances.
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Magicians (2007)
As a huge fan of David Mitchell and Robert Webb's work, its hard to approach this film without a certain amount of bias but considering this films intention is purely just light entertainment it probably doesn't matter. Webb & Mitchell play a couple of ex magicians, who reunite 4 years after a horrific accident to face each other in a magic competition. Magicians seems to have fallen under the radar, maybe due to its boring title or the fact that it really isn't anything special. I would have loved to see more rapport between Mitchell & Webb although the array of zany and enjoyable side characters played by some of Britains best modern comedic actors more than makes up for it. As a film its mediocre and disjointed, as if their were several scenes that didn't make it to final cut leaving it a short sweet mess. However, criticism aside, it heavily appeals to my sense of humour and I can't help but be won over by the charm of its Britishness and hilarious performances.

Rating: 7/10
For fans of: Peep Show, Keeping Mum, Inbetweeners Movie, Alpha Papa

#magicians #2007 #peepshow #davidmitchell #robertwebb #filmreview #britishcomedy

#JustGettingStarted. "As soon as it's underway, you wonder when it will be over" @nytimes | "Dramatically and comically impotent" @theavc

Finally! A new #film from the #master #director himself, #StevenSpielberg! Releasing next year, #ReadyPlayerOne takes place in 2045, where people log on to the virtual world of #TheOasis to become whoever and whatever they want. The film centers around Wade Watts, who logs on to the Oasis to escape our somewhat fallen society. And when the game’s creator dies, he leaves one final message to all players, that whoever finds the hidden #EasterEgg in the virtual world will inherit his fortune and total control of the Oasis. This sets off a hunt that will change lives forever! And I just can’t wait to see this (what seems like a) graphical masterpiece. And I love the references to Spielbergs previous films. Make sure to watch the full trailer! 👍🏼🎬

Geostorm (2017) Movie Review! 🌀🌪🌊
Directed by: Dean Devlin
Plot: A stubborn but charming satellite designer has to work together with his estranged brother to save the world from a man-made storm of epic proportions. A trip into space follows, while on Earth a plot to assassinate the president begins to unfold.
Review: A huge mess. Geostorm is okay for the most part, being a little fresh in the "disaster genre" by including an actual plot. Sure it's generic, but thank goodness it isn't aliens dropping down from the sky (Independence Day) or just random weather (Day After Tomorrow) going batshit crazy. The plot is divided into two settings: Space and Earth. The space portion of the movie has Gerard Butler, an eccentric scientist who built the Geostorm space station, and it's surprisingly more boring than the Earth portion with the president attempted assassination. The Earth portion somehow got me semi-interested in what was going to happen to the president, played by Andy García. However I didn't relate to any character nonetheless, I waited for most of them to perish in the ongoing storm. The movie has thinly written characters, and the performances are either overacted or decent. Gerard Butler isn't believable as a smart scientist. I expect him more to be the rugged warrior (which he does throw a few punches if nobody agrees with him). Jim Sturgess seems like he's trying all his best to act in the movie, and his brotherhood friendship with Gerard Butler isn't believable either. Butler looks more like his father, I couldn't deduce that they were supposed to be brothers. Abbie Cornish is awful here, giving a wooden performance as a secret service agent with no motivation. Ed Harris is fine as this rogue agent out to get the president (oops spoiler alert), Daniel Wu is wasted in his small role as a scientist, and Zazie Beetz (can't wait to see her in Deadpool 2) was good as the techy computer geek.
Verdict: ⭐️⭐️ #Geostorm #gerardbutler #disaster #moviereview #movie #filmreview #film

#Filmreview No Good Deed ★★★ Bad guy stalker chases lady around various houses with conviction. Idris Elba does a great job of physically menacing acting. Disappointed that no boy scouts were harmed during the making of this movie.
#movie #review #film #moviereview #thriller #nogooddeed #idriselba #action #scouts #boyScouts #flowers

A Bite-sized Follow Up - Justice League/Batfleck - It's been bothering me since BvS as to why I just don't like the current version of Batman. And it's not because of the actor. We've seen Affleck do some great work. I truly think it's the script. In the past we've had West's campy Batman, Keaton's slightly unhinged badass Batman, Kilmer's unflappable Batman, uhhh Clooney . . . . moving on, Bale's ninja Batman, and now Batfleck. I liked all previous versions (except Clooney, for obvious reasons). Ever since I was a kid, Batman was the superhero I wanted to be. He was smart, rich, and motivated. But now I'd rather be any superhero except Batman. This Batman kills people and is forever using guns. Batman was against guns. It was a defining characteristic, likely because his parents were gunned down in front of him. But this Batman is trigger happy. Even in Justice League, aside from the artillery mounted on every single one of his vehicles, he even steals a gun from a parademon during the big fight and just stands there and shoots stuff. Bale's Batman would have decimated those parademons in hand to hand combat. Batfleck is clunky when he moves around, barely able to leap on a 2 foot ledge at the beginning of the movie. He threw a batarang once! One time! At Flash!? As a true fan of Batman, I just can't get onboard with this one. Here's hoping they fix it with Flashpoint . . . What are your opinions on Batfleck?
#batman #movie #moviereview #review #reviews #film #filmreview #reviews #justiceleague #dcu #batfleck

** CHRISTMAS MOVIE ALERT ** With Christmas only a few sleeps away I have decided to review only Christmas movies from now until then. This will give you loads of options to choose from. Because lets face it who doesn't like Christmas movies. Hope you enjoy!! 🎅❄☃

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