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Poster for a short film being crowdfunded over on Indiegogo. The film centres on the relationship between a young girl called Charlie and her father Joe, who is losing his job as a B movie monster.
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After his Oscar nomination for #MyNephewEmmett director Kevin Wilson, Jr. is now tackling his first feature film and I had the honor of creating the official poster for the revenge film #ArmettaGeorge. #kevinwilsonjr #filmmaker #keyart #movieposter #movieposters #filmposter #movieart #movie #design #graphicdesign #illustration #poster #posterdesign #photoshop #instaartist #artistsofinstagram

Messiah (William Klein, 1998)
Damn, it really stings that William Klein decides to end his cinematic career (And along with it this little retrospective) with what just might be his magnum opus. Still, I guess if you’re going to bow out, you might as well finish with a bang right? Klein’s feature-length montage film is in essence, a recording of the legendary Baroque composer’s “Messiah” oratorio (A concert piece about the life of Jesus Christ) set to contemporary and historical images that relate to modern-day and medieval religion, conflict and society. It’s evidently meant to be a critique of turn-of-the-century living, as we see the sanctity of Handel’s music sharply contrast with new-age religious cults, conflicts in Africa and and the Middle East, and the rampant consumerism and greed present in society (One need only look at the amount of times Casinos are shown on-screen). Whilst this is a far more mature Klein than the one who made the unapologetically biting Mister Freedom, it gladdens me to see that this artistic maturity hasn’t come at the cost of the director’s sense of political critique. This is the concluding chapter of a filmography that sought to highlight the hypocrisies and cruelty of our modern world, and Messiah is the perfect endpoint to such a journey. #film #cinema #movie #cultfilm #cultclassic #filmblog #filmcollection #filmoftheday #filmmaking #filmreview #filmposter #filmtime #messiah #williamklein #1998 #artfilm #experimental #montage #music #concert #handel #baroque

Check out our new Night Shadows Film Poster! Credit: @bethquarmby16 #shortfilm #illustration #filmposter

This wasn't on my list of to-see movies. The trailer didn't leave a positive impression but I had to see it because some of my dear followers requested I do a review.
So after TOMB RAIDER entertained me, I went in to see Mummy dearest hoping that she would keep me entertained too. I was soon in for a rude awakening.

This brings me to my questions... Why was there a sequel.... Why did the film have a wedding scene (am I the only one tired of wedding movies)... Why was Uti in this film....Why did Chijoke's uncle have a wrapper tied to his waist like a village man when he lived in a big house with a polished wife. Why was the story all over the place.... Why such uninteresting, flat dialogue. My WHYs are endless. But I will stop here .
Chijoke gets transferred to Port Harcourt for work, guess what? His mum lives there. He refuses to move into the mum's house & instead rents an apartment. And in comes his girlfriend from Abuja who moves in with him . He thinks it's time to propose but his mum will have none of that. So mummy dearest cooks up plans to move in with her son out of jealousy . This puts a strain on her son's relationship, plus ex girlfriend wahala. At the end Chijoke has to make a choice.

The above synopsis makes sense because I arranged it, if only the film did that and put me out of my misery early enough.
To be honest, there were scenes that made me laugh. And the annoying wedding set was nicely done. The set designer did a good job. DKD as Chijoke was alright because brother tried his best carrying the weight of the film on his back. The ex- girlfriend coming to the wedding in a North Pole coat & pulling a flower out of said coat made me want to slap the director(Really)
If you ask me this should have been a TV movie not for the big cinema screen. Someone needs to refund me .
I was actually embarrassed on their behalf.I mean we can do better Naija.
RATING : 3/10

Vengadores: Infinity War (2018).

🔛Paso a paso... Aquí tenéis el cartel de SYRIA (enlace: en mi bio ). // 🔛Step by step... Here you have the poster of SYRIA (link: in my bio ). //

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