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omg how frustrating 😫😂➜ @uhohmarty (w/ @sarahfasha)

The best of the week has arrived. Enjoy the weekend 💨⚡💨⚡

Where is your favorite place to watch the sunset? 🌅

@bretcurry with our PeeWee Series Dolly in Los Angeles. Sweet silhouette! 🤘😎

Rhino Slider Evo doing what it does best: creating stories with smooth camera movement 👍🏼 #RhinoCG

C300 is a nice camera! Working on a promo piece for California Community Colleges.


About that time again! I'm pretty stoked to be headed back NAB this April! Let me know if your going!! #nab2017 #filmmakers #contentcreators #lasvegas

Tú eres la casualidad más hermosa que me trajo el cielo, quien dijo que yo estoy despierto sino paro de soñar.

@yucedv Te Amo, niña linda💘💞😊

Do you know, WE are making history!? WE are possibly the first American FAMILY to visit ALL 50 States! Regardless of race, WE THA JACKSONS will be an icon in American history! Without financing, wealth or sponsorship, upon completion WE will stand as the model for American families traveling. nationwide!
#history #iconic #Americans #travel #familybrand #historic #documentary #travelfree #settingthebar #television #network #writers #filmmakers #producers #AmericanHistory

Today is the 45th Anniversary of The Godfather.

To celebrate the occasion I'm posting a still from the upcoming short film, "Cinderello." Follow @youmeandus5 and subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch this film when it is released. You don't want to miss it!

Behind the scenes from today. 🎥 Visited my friends/producer @thabomalmen and @bruce_tpx_tp_ida on the set of "Once We Were Kings" - the pilot. The concept is about graffiti culture which is the culture I lived in for many years as an former graffiti writer. Growing up in the suburb where most of my friends from an early age started doing drugs or crime, I instead chose to start hanging out w/t the graffiti people making art and looking back- it probably saved my life. Many of my former friends from my old block are either dead or in jail today. My goal as a graffiti writer was to one day paint together w/t the best graffiti writers- especially the writers that inspired me to start painting. I achieved that goal and I´m still alive and kicking and today I keep on doing art but I do it through making movies..and btw..I probably have to admit it..I just don´t run as fast as I used to do when I was younger. 😉 @peterviitanen @erikbolin @elinlanto

Today's the 45th Anniversary of The Godfather.

To celebrate it, we're posting a still from our upcoming short film "Cinderello"

Here's an offer you can't refuse::
Follow us, subscribe to our YouTube channel and you'll get a notification when we release our film. You don't want to miss this one!

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