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"We went to high school together. I'm pretty sure I bought weed from him. He was a year older than me....I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails."
Cameron Diaz on Snoop Dogg.

Issue Three of The Negative Feedback Magazine is now out! Check out our bio for the link to the store. Cover image by @cianobasmith #filmisnotdead #negativefb

Earthly little nymph // @timothyjameskay

Just got a final case of FP-100C SILK yesterday; 02/2018 expiration. Our suppliers say this is the last they'll ever have. An incredibly special, beautiful, and rare pack film. Scroll through the other images in this post to see it compared to standard FP-100C. Notably, it has a thick matte finish and a cooler-toned color palette. We're running a 24-hr special on this last batch, just $30/pack until 4:00pm EST tomorrow. You can order through our web store (link in profile). Stock up now while you can. Enjoy! #FP100CSilk #FP100C

Peachy keen

「或る日 日常」
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Preparing to go back to England has been hell. I had to find a sitter for my dogs - fortunately the amazing vegan dog whisperer Debbie stepped in. I had to find someone to sublet my home and watch my cat and deal with the Airbnb people. I had to find a place to stay in London before i go to Wales. It's always been tough - being transcontinental - but for several years I earned really good money and money - it helps. A lot. Life has been nonstop stress since 2013. The least stressful aspect of my life is being a mom. I'm not one of those people who thinks things happen for a reason, but I wonder if this has made me value our relationship more than anyone who doesn't have it threatened every day. Anyway, I've been experimenting with different films recently and really love the warm tones of #rolleicr200 - it's a slide film and definitely not for everyday use but for golden hour I'm a definite convert. #shootfilm #istillshootfilm #shootfilmstaybroke #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #divorce #custody #beastproject #beast

Goodbye Soleil

The question I get asked a lot at meets or over messages is if I do my own make up/face paint. A lot of people don't believe me when I say yes. Especially since I haven't had specialized training in beauty or FX make up. I'm always learning something new, trying to improve with what I can learn from YouTube tutorials. But most often, I just let my fingers take the lead. I escape reality and just blend into the colors. I try to personify an emotion or thought I have in the day, and the outcome is what I see in the mirror, and what gets frozen in time in these photos. Never in a million years did I think I was going to be doing this, but I love it. It's my form of therapy. So to those who are clouded by self doubt, I encourage you to take a chance and create the vision in your mind. .
(Behind the scenes 🎥, thanks to @jxpaz )
(Horror film sequel coming soon! 🎬, Keep a look out on his page!)
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你說別太死板 不如預支一半
如果必須決定 不能由別人決定
雖然你啊 很容易分心

你當然也狂放 但也有些牽絆
感性是鐵釘碰上 柔軟的心
生命必須 保持清醒 也混沌不明
📷 canon ae¹
🎞 lomography F² 400 / #chingchifilm


só pra avisar que vou ficar sem celular de novo pq vida de pobre é isso ai, a gente arruma num canto pra foder no outro
quem precisar falar comigo pega com deus

#filmisnotdead #vidalixo

One more shot of my Mom here in LA outside Milo and Olive. Dig that purple tree in the background. Mamiya 7ii, 120 format Kodak Portra 400.

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